The day after drinking a 78 dollar bottle of Italian wine.

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Submitted: October 12, 2008

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Submitted: October 12, 2008



A expensive bottle of wine is a great treat. Every day I sip cheap wine I feel like I am loosing the race. Some inexpensive wine is good, most not.

The other day someone gave me a one hundred dollar bill, for no reason. I was walking into the Publix supermarket in south beach, and some old man around a hundred years old that was dressed in a red shirt, droopy blue shorts, and white socks up to his knees just gave me the 100 dollar bill and said, \" If you are hungry buy some food, if you are thirsty buy some water, if your flashlight needs batteries buy some, looks like a storm is coming, lights may go out\" he looked up into the sky, I did also, and saw blue, no storm I said.

He shook his head and said \"you never know when a storm is going to hit sonny, now take this dam one hundred dollar bill, I hate it!'

\"why do you hate it, it looks new, why do you want me to take it, did you steal it or something?\"

The old guy looked at me in disbelief. and said, \"you are a astute young man, yes, yes I did steal it\"

I knew this old person was not kidding me on this matter. He continued.

\"I stole it from your parents, your grand parents, you! I stole all my money\"

Holy shit, this guy is crazy I thought.

\" dude, I dont want any stolen money, give it to someone who needs it!'

\"you need it sonny, you like red wine correct?'

Correct? what the hell! he talked like the people I work with, corporate people.

' Yes I love red wine, I am here to buy a bottle for tonight's festivities, well a night alone in my hotel room \"

but how did he know I preferred red wine over beer or rum?

Never did find out, after that I just took the crisp one hundred dollar bill and said thank you and purchased a expensive bottle of Italian wine.

Thanks old dude!

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