As the Years Go On

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is based fully on a true story, showing that fairy tales really do come true in real life...even if you are only 14 years old like me :) please comment if you like

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



4 years

4 years of loving without reason

4 years of placing a face to a name

4 years of waiting, hoping, praying

4 years of wondering if he felt the same

4 years of thinking of him and his bright smile

4 years of regretting never opening up to him truthfully

4 years since he moved away from me.


3 years of talking to him

3 years of falling for him again

3 years of laughter and jokes shared between us

3 years of reminiscing over the past

3 years of looking forward to hearing from him

3 years of hoping to open up

3 years of wishing I didn’t still love him

3 years of pain, love, and regretting


2 years of texting every week

2 years of helping each other through good and bad

2 years of becoming close friends again

2 years of wishing to see his face again

2 years of loving him even more

2 years of bonding over the littlest things in life

2 years of learning of each other and our passions in life

2 years of pure agony yet happiness


1 year of hope

1 year of possibility of seeing him again

1 year of laughter and smiles

1 year of trying to get together but not

1 year of realizing we would probably never see each other again

1 year of sadness

1 year of wishing he would have known


1 day

1 day he says before he moved he felt the same

1 day he laughs at how life works out

1 day I felt jitters

1 day I tell him of my feelings even after he moved

1 day he says he felt the same

1 day he says those feelings are still with him today

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