Light and Darkness: A story of the young world

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Light and Darkness, a story of a young world.

Submitted: August 27, 2009

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Submitted: August 27, 2009



Long ago when man and the world were young, there were a pair of brothers, Light, and Darkness. Light, the older brother, gave humans warmth, health, and happiness, making his little brother Darkness very jealous and bitter. Even at night! they praised his brother for the moon! Did no one care about him at all? Darkness sulked, but his brother, ever kind, took his hand and comforted him.

"Do not be so, brother for there are those who praise you as well." Light said, showing him a man who sat peacefully under a tree. "See that man, he is grateful for the cool shade you give on this hot day."

True to Lights words, the man was very thankful for the shade. Darkness huffed, "But every day you earn more love from Man than I!"

The sun set, and the world was turned to night, Light told Darkness, "look up there, little brother." And pointed to the velvet night sky, "I see only the stars." Darkness groaned, tired of his brothers pity. "Look between them, see the dark of the heavens, could my starts be kept in the sky if not for you holding them there always for me?" Light said with a smile. "I am thankful brother, for every night that you keep my stars in the sky." At these words, Darkness wept. His own brother thanked him! He felt more joy than if all the world had worshipped him.

To this day, Darkness performs his duties with pride, knowing he is important, knowing he is loved.

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