Modernity 2.1

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I dated a beautiful and very troubled who had problems with eating and 'fitting in'. She is now an award winning actress.

This was written as a lighthouse.

Submitted: January 08, 2013

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Submitted: January 08, 2013



I was re-ignighted by the eyes of this Righted deep blonde girl,

The ships in the harbour are still blowing their horns

The games you play to claim it's your day,

are dated and fated moreover belated

and quelling your truth.


Do you keep your teeth by the fire?

Ask everyone to admire...

The quagmire of pain

your trainers maintain must be crossed time and again?


Did you learn at young age the truth of the sage and thus leaf the page,

the rages of ages and people in cages

So Proper

they dropped the ladder?

Nice bastardised souls

never married to truth though,

their teeth will fall out with their snouts in the air.

Because now they don't  care

But they breathe the same air.


With their graces,

and races,

and genetic mutaces

that mutated the wants, not for a harmony,

but for a gratuity

and a headlong dash for cash to pass down and still they all frown

because their children will drown

in the tears they've ignored

and the ships are still moored,

their horns have been calling with cargoes of future cures and past knowledge.


Peace my brothers.

Peace my sisters.


Can't we just do what we know we're supposed to?

Can't we glue back the tiles

and run through the miles and give you adults

smiles to alkaline the bile mornings...

when all the falsehoods are dawning

like an intrusive sun through the curtain

and the baby needs burping,

but you're eating and slurping and surfing the advertising

disguising the fraternising

the malignancy


and poisionous content.



not needed or called for, but soon you will want more

When you do

they'll call you.


"hey, today, you work for us for pay,

so you can buy fun, and even a


'cos they'll take it away those who don't play our game"


Maybe they should be ashamed.


With their 36 channels





crossbows..." and their,


"re-design your own nose

to make more cash

feel  more comfortable, have more fun

in our world of multiplicity"

but what stands the reasoning

behind this treasoning of my humanity?


than to subvert,

I wish I was a berk.

Because truisms, well they hurt and money doesn't buy you Love.


Love coes from the inside like compassionate eyes

and reality bites
but don't fright



it's your night.


I would like to say I'm happy and I am.


But a grandpappy who's seen dawns of unity

and families of towns

who understands frowns



old ears

now hears what would never be said out loud.


He is probably turning in his grave

banging his head against box walls attempting to call to us

to say

"don't fuss, dont fight."

"Day and night is going to call us all back and forth and dust we trusted is going to be us all.

there is no failing,

no bewailing or trailing,

your path can't be followed or written,

the grit on the road was once part of a toad's house,

then a mouse hole, 

then a tornado,

and nature,

she said



and so it fell to my mind

that's basically all I am,

My name's Jackson, I may as well be Sam

or a can of ham or


Because quietly I'm going to cram my days

with quality experience,

and love myself for doing it,

Because when I tell my children it,

I won't tell them their dreams can be sold or abused

I'll tell them they are from a mould that nature has used,

and she breast fed them, 


and saying,

"In this life,

you're gonna get quested and tested by eloquent vanity,

but don't ever forget the lessons you learned from

the milk

and from me,

are peace




and harmony"


that's how we build eternity.



© Copyright 2017 Jackson Fife. All rights reserved.

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