World War One: A Story

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Basically, it's some facts from World War One, but made into a soldiers eyes. I thought some readers may find this, something they may wish to read.

Submitted: October 20, 2014

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Submitted: October 20, 2014



World War One: A story

When the war started, we were all excited. There were massive lines at recruitment centers all over the country. We had all believed that we would be home for Christmas, I mean, we were told that after all, we thought and get to see our families again. What we had walked into, was different, different than any of us could have ever expected.

The war was so quiet. Lots of men around me would become crazy because it was so boring. We did however have the occasional deaths, which over time started happening daily. We started seeing five deaths a day, the ten, twenty, and up to even 100. At the time we had been putting bodies on the ground so we could see better, some guys put them above the trenches so the enemy wouldn’t see them scurrying in them. We had never been so scared in our lives, it was nothing like anyone could have thought.

After nearly a year of the war dragging on our leaders decided we would blow the Germans out of their trenches, so our Army had gathered as many artillery shells as we possibly could. The explosions and screams had been deafening to our ears and minds for an nonstop week, and when it had all ended, and the sounds of explosions had stopped and the smoke had cleared, our commanders led us all in a charge to take back what we had lost. But when we thought we had defeated them, we were ambushed. All I saw were our men dying, all of them. My friend and I tried to escape, but were found and taken prisoners of war by the Germans. About twenty percent of our troops from the charge were also captured, the rest lied dead among the charred trenches.

After maybe six harsh months, the Germans let us go. We had no idea why they had. They left us on a German border where some of our troops had brought us back to Manchester.

When we got home, we learned the few of us who survived had a short while to recuperate, but then would be headed straight back to the frontlines. The friend I told you about, the one that made it out with me. He killed himself, he couldn’t go back, the terrors of the the war scarred into his brain to much. It had been about three more years of all the same thing, every family had lost someone, a father, a brother, a son, a neighbor, and most of their friends.

At this time we had gained a new ally, the Americans. They had really helped a lot, we had been weakened so greatly, we didn't think we had anyone to recruit anymore. During the waning hours of the war, Germany had made a final strike attempt to conquer Russia once and for all, but had finally failed. The keizer had surrendered, and the war was over. Afterwards, when the treaty was signed, the keizer had been exiled from Germany, and a peace, looming with the shadows of tragedy had been brokered.




Hill, Jackson

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