Girl's YUKK! or How Charlie met Brian

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The first in a series of stories about a young boy and his mate and the adventures they have.

Submitted: July 13, 2008

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Submitted: July 13, 2008




or How Charlie met Brian

Charlie slurped the last of his tea. “I’m off” he shouted to his Mum as he headed for the door.

“Don’t be too late or you’ll miss the baking.” His Mum shouted after him. I’ll not be late Charlie thought to himself, he liked blackberry pie too much for that. He grabbed his plastic bucket as he went out the door. A remnant from his early days at the sea side, it had come in handy for so many things. Picking blackberries being one of them. Out the gate and down the lane towards bluebell woods he went, walking briskly, he was determined he wasn’t going to miss the oven.

The blackberries were already full and ripe at this end of the woods as it faced nearly south so he only had a few hundred yards to walk. Charlie loved blackberries and often came home from the woods with purple fingers and a purple smudges around his mouth which were sometimes still there when he went to school on Monday. No one used to laugh though as purple fingers and lips on a Monday morning at school was quite a common site, especially as a lot of the children had to pass blackberry bushes on the way to school.

Charlie started his usual berry picking routine, one for the bucket two for his mouth, this soon dropped to one for the mouth then none. Lovely as blackberries were you could only eat so many. The berries were quite large and juicy and the bucket filled up quickly. Charlie looked at the berries and thought of the pie his Mum would make. He set off back home even more briskly than when he came, his mouth starting to water as he thought of blackberry pie and custard.

He had only walked a short way back along the lane when he saw the car outside the house next to his. Blimey, he thought, some one must be moving in. He broke into a trot, sure enough, it looked like some one was finally moving in next door. As he got to the gate a man and woman came out of the house. Locked the door and walked down to the gate, turning around they took a long look at the house and smiled at each other. As they turned to walk out the gate the man got hold of the for sale sign and pulled it out of the ground. “That’s not needed anymore.” He said and threw it on the ground next to the hedge. They smiled at one another again and closing the gate after them walked over to their car, got in and drove off.

Charlie ran the rest of the way to the kitchen. He burst in shouting. “Mum, Mum some one has bought the house next door, somebody is moving in.”

“Slow down, slow down or you’ll spill the blackberries.” his Mum said.

Charlie put the blackberries safely on the table. “Do you think they will have children.” He almost whispered.

“Well that’s a big house next door.” Charlie’s Mum said, “I should think that they will have some children.”

Charlie smiled, “ that will be absolutely great.” Charlie said and ran into to the garden quite a happy chappy. Blackberry pie and custard and some one moving in next door again nothing could be better.

Charlie’s Mum watched him go out the door and smiled. She hadn’t seen him this happy many times since Eric and Peter the two lads who used to live next door had moved away. Their father had been made redundant and the new job he had gotten meant they had to move as commuting would have been impossible. Their moving had upset him quite a lot. Charlie played often with friends from school, but did not have a special friend, not like Eric and Peter had been. Oh dear she suddenly thought, I hope the people who move in have a little boy, Charlie still hadn’t reached the age where he thought girls were any use at all.

Two weeks went past then, on the Friday afternoon just as Charlie got to the end of the lane he lived on a furniture wagon came out. Charlie broke into a run, he ran past his own gate and very cheekily looked over the fence. Sure enough the people he had seen were carrying in the last two or three small boxes into the house. Charlie doubled back to his own house. “they’re here, they’re.” he cried.

“Who” said his Mum.

“The people next door, they have arrived, I’ve just seen them.” He blurted out. “I’ll have to go round and see them after tea.” he followed, jumping up and down with excitement.

“You will do no such thing.” Charlie’s Mum said.

Mum was using that ‘Or Else’ tone in her voice so Charlie calmed down and listened.

“ The people next door have just moved in, they will be very, very busy. I don’t want you going around and making think even more hectic for them, OK.” Charlie opened his mouth to protest but the stern look on his Mum’s face meant no arguing. “ Tell you what,” she said, looking at the disappointed look on her sons face. “Tomorrow morning you go and pick some more blackberries and I’ll bake another pie, then on Sunday afternoon we can take it around and introduce ourselves. How’s that.” She said, tilting up her sons chin with her fingers and smiling.

Charlie’s face broke into a smile. “Smashing,” he said. Charlie’s Mum ruffled his hair. “Now go and get washed and changed, tea won’t be long.

As usual his Dad got home with just enough time to get a wash before tea was on the table. They had hardly sat down before Charlie blurted out the news, “Wont it be great to have some one to play with next door. He said excitedly.

“We will have to hope we get on well with them.” His father said, Charlie looked at his father. “ Maybe they’re murderers and they have had to move from their old house because their other garden is already full of dead bodies.”

Charlie’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head, but then he saw the big grin on his father’s face and new he was only joking.

“Ha Ha very funny.” Charlie said and smiled. But deep down he was thinking, I haven’t seen any kids yet.

“You shouldn’t say things like that,” said Charlie’s Mum, chiding her husband, “I’m sure they are very nice people. Take no notice of him Charlie.”

They finished tea and after helping to clear the table Charlie went up to his room to do his home work. He liked to get it all done on Friday if he could as this meant he did not have to worry about it all weekend. Even though there was not much to do, getting it done took longer than usual. The excitement of having people next door again making it hard to concentrate, but finally he got it all done. He looked at the clock, it was just after seven o’clock. Doctor WHO had just started, it was one of his favourite programs. Luckily it was also one of his Dads, He would watch that then go to bed, he had to be up early in the morning.

Despite the excitement Charlie overslept slightly and woke up to the smell of toast being a little overdone. He got up, washed quickly. He sorted out his play clothes to go picking blackberries in and dressed quickly. He ate his breakfast a bit too fast and got a telling of for that from his Mum. “If I get a lot of blackberries will you make two pies?” He asked pleadingly. He really did like blackberry pie.

“I suppose I could,” said his Mum, trying to sound hard done to. “Now go and get the berries and don’t push you’re luck any further.”

Picking up his bucket and a carrier bag he set of down the garden. Halfway down he stopped, he was sure he had heard voices, there they were again. He pulled an old box over to the fence, his Mum wouldn’t mind if he had a look, after all, he wasn’t going around there was he. Standing on the box Charlie could just see over the fence. What he saw really made his face drop. GIRLS two girls that’s all he could see, no matter how hard he looked, that’s all he could see. He waited awhile hoping a boy would come out but no, not a sign of a boy. Charlie stepped down and sat on the box, his back up against the fence. Girls, new neighbours move in and they got girls, what rotten luck, What rotten, rotten luck. Charlie didn’t know how long he was sat for, but he heard his mother shouting. “Hurry up and get those blackberries or I won’t have time to cook the pies.”

Charlie got up and set of to get the blackberries just plodding along, all of a sudden all the joy had gone out of life. He filled the bucket, half the carrier bag and unfortunately his stomach, but even blackberries couldn’t cheer him up, and to top it all he didn’t feel all that good. The walk back which took just as long as the walk there settled his stomach a bit but did nothing to cheer him up. As he walked up the garden he looked at the fence. “ Girls Yuk!!.” he said to himself and walked into the house. He gave his Mum the blackberries.

“ What’s up,?” asked his Mum you look a bit down in the face.

“Oh nothing,” he said, “I’ve probably eaten too many blackberries, I think I’ll go for a bike ride and work them off.”

“Trust you to do something like that, you never could resist blackberries, well off you go, but don’ go too far dinner won’t be long.”

Charlie got his bike out of the shed, as he closed the shed door he could still hear the two girls next door. Charlie stopped at the gate, making sure there were no cars coming he set off down to the village. Passing the post office he spotted two of the lads from school and stopped to talk to them. He told them about his new neighbours. They both agreed it was really bad luck. They set off towards the park together and cycled around the woods that were close to it. “Well I had better be off, dinner should be just about ready, Mum said I had to be back.”

“See you tomorrow if your down here, or at school Monday” his friend said.

“Yeah be seeing you.” and set of home.

As he got nearer and nearer to home all he could think of was the two girls next door so when the rabbit jumped out in front of him as he turned into the lane it took him completely by surprise. He swerved quickly to avoid it but couldn’t stop himself from going into the ditch. He put on his brakes but this made things worse as he went straight over the handle bars and the bike landed on top of him. When things had stopped moving Charlie tried to lift the bike off him but the pain in his leg hurt too much every time he moved so he just lay there and shouted for help, trying very hard not to cry.

Luckily Mrs. Wilkinson had seen what had happened out of her kitchen window and ran out to help. She lifted the bike off Charlie. “Are you alright.?” she asked Charlie

“My leg really hurts a lot,” Charlie replied. “ is my bike alright.”

“Never mind about your bike, it’ll be OK” said Mrs. Wilkinson

“Is he alright.?” asked Mr Wilkinson

“I think his leg is broken.” she said quietly so Charlie couldn’t hear. “Run down and get his Mum and phone an ambulance.

Charlie’s worried Mum ran up the lane, leaving Mr. Wilkinson to phone the ambulance, and, bless him, to take the pies out of the oven in twenty minuets. Mrs. Wilkinson went back to her house to get something to keep Charlie warm. She new it would be better not to move him unless it was absolutely necessary. That will do she thought picking up the dogs blanket. It had just been washed so it was quite clean. She took it back to Charlie and they made him as comfortable as they could. It was twenty minuets before the ambulance came, they were very efficient and in no time at all they were on there way to hospital. Charlie’s leg was broken, just above the ankle. Charlie’s Mum phoned his Dad and after a lengthy discussion it was decided that he would see them at home. Three hrs. after getting to the hospital, Charlie complete with plaster cast was being wheeled up his garden path. His bike was leaning against the fence, the handle bars had twisted round but otherwise it looked OK. The hospital had loaned them the wheelchair so that Charlie would be able to get around a bit, He was under strict instructions not to walk on his bad leg for more than a couple of minuets. His Mum had said that he was house bound for at least two weeks unless he was in the wheel chair. What could happen next Charlie thought, Girls next door, house bound unless you are being pushed around like a doll in a pram. Life could be really cruel to a young boy at times.

The pain in Charlie’s leg was mostly gone so the worried look on his Dad’s face soon disappeared when he saw the smile on his sons face. A broken leg was bad enough but that would mend, it could have been a lot worse. After tea his Dad checked the bike over, the front wheel had also been buckled slightly but that could be fixed and the handle bars only needed putting back into position. Charlie was watching television when he suddenly realised he had neither helped with clearing the table or the washing up, maybe having a broken leg had some good points after all.

Sunday morning came, Charlie’s Mum brought his breakfast upstairs to him. “You can have your breakfast up here.” she said. “I’ll cut a leg short on a pair of your old trousers so you can get them on over the plaster then you can get dressed.”

Charlie had his breakfast then hobbled to the bathroom and had a wash, he heard his Mum coming back upstairs as he sat on his bed. He managed to get the trousers on OK. But had to admit it looked pretty funny. But if looking a bit funny was the price he had to pay to get outside then it was worth it. He went down stairs making sure he held on tightly to the banister. He could still remember the pain from yesterday, he didn’t want that again.

He was sitting quietly reading a book when the door bell rang, it rang another twice before his Mum got to the door. Wiping her hand on her apron Charlie’s Mum opened the door. “Hello,” Charlie heard a young girls voice say,” My name is Sarah I’ve just moved in next door.”

“Pleased to meet you,” said Charlie’s Mum. “What can I do for you.”

“Well,” said the young girl, “My sister Mary and I saw your boy come home from the hospital yesterday in a wheel chair. We were wondering if he would like to show us the park. We could push him down there and bring him back.”

“I’m sure he would love to.” Charlie heard his Mum say.

Charlie must have turned white, How could his mum do this to him. A poor defenceless, injured little boy, Being pushed around by a girl. He would never live this down at school,

His Mum came into the sitting room and got the wheel chair out from behind the door and looked at Charlie who was shaking his head vigorously. “Come on Charlie into the chair, you wanted to meet the neighbours, well they have kindly come to take you out so you can show them the park, so out you go and no sulking.”

Charlie reluctantly got into the chair and his Mum helped Sarah get him down the step. “Enjoy yourselves, but try not to be too long.” Charlie’s Mum shouted down the path after them. Of course we will thought Charlie sarcastically.


They reached the garden gate, Charlie’s head was bowed down, he desperately hoped no one from school would see him. They turned onto the path and sure enough there was her sister standing waiting with her back towards them. As they drew level Charlie saw another leg covered in plaster sticking out, In front of Sarah’s sister was another wheel chair with a boy sitting in it. “Hi.” He said, “My names Brian, you’ll be Charlie, pleased to meet you. Charlie was surprised to say the least, he could hardly get his words out. “ P, Pleased to meet you, what happened to you.” He said pointing at his leg. “ I fell out of the apple tree at our other house a week before we moved, bit of bad luck really, What happened to you.”

“Fell of my bike, well I swerved to avoid a rabbit and ended up in the ditch with my bike on top of me.”

“How’s the bike?” Brian said

“ The handle bars got twisted and the front wheel got slightly buckled but my Dad has fixed it up OK.”

Charlie had forgotten about the girls but then he heard Sarah say. “Race you to the corner.” Charlie felt his wheel chair accelerate. Oh. Oh, he thought, faster and faster they went. Charlie could hear Mary’s feet pounding the pavement behind them. The corner got closer and closer, surely they were going to slow down. They hit the corner at full speed, the chair went up on two wheels, Charlie griped the arm rests. “Wheeee!” he shouted as they went round the corner, Charlie was beginning to enjoy this. The road they had to cross got closer and closer, surely they aren’t going to run straight over. Charlie sighed with relief as he felt Sarah slow down and Mary caught up. “That was good” said Charlie”

“Yes,” replied Brian, “They have these moments of madness but they’re quite harmless really.”

They crossed the road safely and they were off again. The girls were really quite good runners. It was quite a long stretch to the next corner and the girls had, had just about enough of running and stopped at the curb completely out of breath. As they stood for a moment they heard the familiar sound of the bing bongs of the ice cream van, it stopped just fifty yards up the road. “Come on.” Charlie said. “I’ve still got all my pocket money, I’ll buy us an ice cream.”

The girls managed to get a bit of speed from some where and they reached the van before it pulled away again. Quite embarrassingly the girls sat on Charlie’s and Brian’s knees. “Well there are no other seats around.” Mary said with a big grin on her face. They reached the Park in another ten minuets. Mary and Sarah went to have a go on the swings, Charlie and Brian sat and talked about what it was like here and what it was like where Brian came from and what he left behind. “Do you two want a go.” Charlie heard Sarah shout.

“What about our legs.” Charlie replied as he wasn’t completely without any commonsense, in times to come Brian would wonder about this.

“ You can walk enough to get on the swings, and we can push you.” relied Sarah.

“Great.” said Charlie and was halfway to the swings before Brian started moving.

With a bit of care they got onto the swings without hurting there legs any further and the girls started pushing.

“Bet you I can push Charlie higher than Brian.” Mary said

Charlie felt a harder push than usual. “ Brian,” Charlie shouted. “I think the girls are having another mad moment.”

They both hung on as best they could and surprisingly enjoyed another mad moment as the girls exhausted themselves once again at their expense.

Charlie and Brian, having survived the swings were content to sit and talk for awhile, while the girls enjoyed themselves on the other rides in the park. “Time to go.” they hear Mary say, As they were pushed forward, hadn’t heard the girls approach. Crikey the time had gone quick. The walk back was at a more leisurely pace, and on the other side of the road. As they passed the post office Mary popped in and got four drinks. They talked very little for the rest of the journey home, drinking their orange and feeling quite worn out. They reached Charlie’s gate. Charlie said his goodbyes to Mary and Brian. “See you tomorrow.” said Brian

Tomorrows school he thought, “Right.” he said with a big smile on his face as he suddenly remembered he wouldn’t be going to school for a couple of weeks neither. Sarah pushed Charlie up the path and Knocked on the door. “Hear he is all in one piece,” Sarah said when Charlie’s Mum answered the door. “Thank you for taking him out, we’ll see you later. “ said Charlie’s Mum smiling at the cheeky face that was looking up at her.

“ That’s OK, we’ll do it again, Bye.” Sarah said and turned to join her sister and brother.

Charlie’s Mum pushed him up the hallway.” Now that wasn’t to bad was it.” she said.

“No, it was really quite good.” He said

“Quite good.” his Mum replied, rather surprised at her sons change of heart.

“Yes,” Charlie continued, “Quite good indeed.” and maybe, just maybe girls weren’t too bad after all, well not all the time anyway.

© Copyright 2019 JACKSON THOMAS. All rights reserved.

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