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I have put down Romance as I feel the story drops into this catogory but not in the normal sence of the word. It is a short saddish story with a happy endind. A situation that every mother dreads.

Submitted: July 21, 2008

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Submitted: July 21, 2008




Mary looked at her new poster, it was big. The second biggest she had. She looked at her wall, and held the poster up. It was going to take some arranging, but she was sure it would go on the wall without loosing one of her other posters. She laid it on the bed, her little table was just not big enough to be able to lay it flat. she just stood and gazed at it. It had cost her nearly two weeks pocket money, but it was worth it. The big round orb, all red and orange, and there, just above centre was the swirling storm that had been there ever since the planet Jupiter had been discovered. This would make her collection of the planets complete. Mary sat and studied the wall, if I move that there and that over here, and bunched those up just a little bit, maybe, just maybe they would all fit on. “Mary, tea’s ready.” she heard her Mum shout from down stairs. We’ll try it after tea, she thought and feeling quite good with herself, trotted down stairs to tea.

“Have you started your homework yet.” her Mum asked “Not yet.” she replied. “Make sure it’s done before you do anything else.” said her Mum. She new what her daughter was like with her hobby, once she got into it nothing else seemed to matter. “ Alright Mum.” she answered. Mary only had ten sums to do, and she was quite good at arithmetic so she new it would not take her long. Her Dad came in just as dinner was being served, Mum always seemed to time it just right, Mums are clever like that she thought. Mmmm!. Stew and dumplings Mary’s mouth started watering, it was her favourite meal, she would eat it every day if her Mum would let her. She took her plate with a polite thank you and started eating. “You know my telescope Daddy.” “Yes.” he said slowly. “Well the tripod is very loose and it makes the telescope very wobbly I think I need a new one.” “Oh I don’t think it’s that bad , I’ll have a look at it for you, I’m sure I’ll be able to fix it.” Said her father. “It’s really very, very wobbly.” she repeated.” “Your father is very good at fixing things, now finish your tea and go get your homework done.” That didn’t go according to plan, she thought to herself I’ll have to think of some thing else.

Her homework didn’t take long at all, she tidied up and put her school things away ready for tomorrow and looked at the wall again. Now what did she say went where. After several attempts everything was on the wall. She stood back and admired her handy work. It looks pretty good, she thought to herself. She looked at the clock and rushed to the window, the moon would be high in the sky now. Kneeling on her bed she looked out the window at the moon. Out of all the things Mary could see in the sky the moon was the thing she loved the most. Even with her little telescope the detail on the surface was incredible. Mary gazed a long while, Oh I do hope I can get a new telescope for my birthday, especially the one in the shop window on the high street. Five hundred times magnification, it would be a dream come true. Then Mary thought of her first attempt at dropping hints at tea time, not very successful were they. Still time to work on her Mum and Dad there was still a week till her birthday on Wednesday. Maybe she could get her friend Sarah to help. They would hatch up a plan at school tomorrow.

During dinner time they made their plan. Sarah would come over about half six to borrow one of Mary’s books and while Mary went up stairs to get it Sarah would tell Mary’s Mum about the telescope in the shop window. “ What should I say.?” Asked Sarah. “ Eh, I don’t know.” Mary replied just make something up. The rest of the school day passed quite quickly and as they walked home they went over their plan again. “Now don’t forget, half past six.” said Mary. “I won’t.” replied Sarah smiling, plots and plans always appealed to Sarah, she was going to enjoy this. Mary was looking at the chart of the moon, it took up nearly a whole wall, when the door bell rang. “It’s for you Mary.” Her Mum shouted up the stairs, Mary went down to see her friend. “Can I borrow one of your books.” Sarah said. “Which one.” Said Mary. “What.” said Sarah. “Which book.” Mary said in a low whisper. “Eh, Oh the one about horses.” Sarah said hurriedly. “I’ll just go and get it for you.” She told Sarah. “I’ll just be a moment, have a talk with mummy while I’m gone.” She added.

“You’ll never guess what I saw on the high street the other day.” Sarah began, “ One of the best telescope’s I’ve ever seen.” the voices tailed away as Mary went into her room to get the book. The book wasn’t where she thought it was so it took her a few minuets longer to find it. She hoped Sarah hadn’t gone overboard with the story. As Mary walked down the stairs she could hear Sarah again.” I bet the moon would look lovely through it.” “Here’s the book Sarah.” Mary said. ”I hope you enjoy it.” “ Oh I have, I mean, I will.” She gave Mary a big wink. Oh boy thought Mary what has she been saying. Mary said goodbye to her friend and closed the door. “ Talking about telescopes,” Mary’s Dad said.” let’s go and have a look at your’s and see if we can mend it.” Mary’ s heart sank, what did she have to do to get her Mum and dad to take notice. She followed her Dad upstairs and got out her telescope, it did not take her Dad long to tighten up the legs. “ There you are good as new.” He said, when he had finished.” Plenty of good viewing in that yet.” He added, and gave it back to Mary. “Thank you Dad.” she said but all the time hoping it would fall to pieces. Her Dad went back down stairs, Mary went and knelt on her bed and looked out the window, it was still day light but he moon had just risen and you could see the silver shape just above the big oak tree. The sun was very low and the moon was just beginning to turn yellow. Didn’t it look just beautiful. Mary watched as the sky darkened and the moon really started to glow, She got her old trusty telescope and put it on the window sill. The light filter was still on the scope, but she always checked because even looking at the moon through a telescope could burn your eyes. She only took it off when she looked at the other planets and stars.

The moon had travelled right across the sky when her Mum came and told her it was bed time. Mary put things away and got ready for bed. Before she settled down she had one last look at the moon, If there really is a man in the moon” she said, “will you get me a bigger telescope please.” Mary lay down and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Saturday came, Mary went shopping with her Mum. As they passed the shop with the telescope in it Mary stopped and just looked, for what seemed ages she stood and looked at the telescope, then she heard her Mum. “Come along Mary no time for day dreaming, we have a lot of shopping to do.” Mary reluctantly walked away from the window, Oh well she thought she had tried her best, maybe they had already bought her present. She would be pleased with what ever she got but what a lovely telescope that was.

Monday, past and Tuesday came, Mary had searched all over the house to see if she could find her present, but to no avail. She knelt at the window, the moon was quite big now, It would be full on Friday, that would cheer her up, she loved the full moon. Mary took a long time to get to sleep that night, although there was no sign of the telescope she was still excited about her birthday. Mary woke bright and early, got washed and ready for school. Mary’s Mum met her as she went into the Kitchen. “ happy birthday,” she said. Mary’s Dad had already gone to work, Mary was busily opening her birthday card so did not see the big square parcel wrapped in birthday wrapping paper until she had sat down. Her eyes opened wide, her mind began to race. The parcel did not look big enough for the telescope, but maybe it was the next size down. If it was it would still be a lot better than her old one. “ can I open it.” she asked earnestly. “Not till tonight when your Dad is home.” Her Mum replied. Mary knew she would have to wait. Mary ate her breakfast in silence just looking at the parcel and hoping. At half past eight Mary set off to collect Sarah on the way to school, once she was out of the gate she ran all the way to Sarah’s, she couldn’t wait to tell her. Sarah was just as exited about the parcel as Mary was as she loved a good mystery, and when they met at play times and dinner it was all they could talk about. Come over after you’ve finished your homework and see what I’ve got. Mary hurried home eager to see what she had gotten for her birthday. As she walked into the kitchen she looked at the table, the box was gone. Mary’s heart skipped a beat, but then she saw it, against the wall, by the other door. She couldn’t wait till her father came in, then all the suspense would be over. Tea was on the table, but Dad wasn’t home yet, don’t say he was going to be late, not tonight. Then she heard his car pull up outside, she smiled and waited for him to come in. They were all sitting have tea, for once Mary was very quiet, she couldn’t keep her eyes of the big box. Her Mum and Dad were chatting talking about the day, would tea ever finish. Finally, Mum cleared the table, Mary ran over, picked up the box and struggled to the table. “What about your homework.” Mary’s mum said, Mary stopped and looked at her Mum then her Dad then her Mum again. “ Oh, all right.” Her mum said. “ but you do your home work before you play with it.” Mary nodded quickly and started ripping the paper off. The front piece came off in one large lump, Mary stopped, mouth open, it was the big telescope from the shop. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” she cried and ran over and gave her Mum a big hug. “Hey, what about me.” her Dad said. Mary ran over and hugged her Dad and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.” I think you’re the best Dad in the whole world.” She said. “And what are you going to do now?” Her Mum said, looking at her sternly. “My homework.” said Mary and ran over ,picked her school bag up and scurried up stairs. Although Mary was exited she did not rush her homework, She had sums to do, but that did not take long, but the history she had to learn took a bit longer, she had a test to sit tomorrow and she liked to do well. Finally she felt she had studied enough to pass the test and packed her books away ready for school tomorrow. Mary went down and got the big box and took it up stairs and put it on her bed. She cleared a big space on the floor and put the box on the floor. She loosed the lid and lifted it off. No wonder the box didn’t look big enough, it looked like the telescope was in a hundred pieces. “ Dad.” Mary shouted in despair. “Help,” Mary’s Dad had been waiting ready, he new the telescope would need to be put together and already had two screwdriver’s and a small set of spanner’s ready. He went upstairs to help his daughter.

They were still assembling it when Sarah arrived, Mary’s Mum let her in and Sarah looked at her, “ yes she got the telescope and yes you can go upstairs.” Mary’s Mum said smiling. Sarah grinned sheepishly and ran off up stairs. She burst through the doors just as Mary’s Dad was putting the telescope on it’s try pod. Mary stood back , Sarah walked up beside her, they both stared for a long time. It looked beautiful, even bigger than in the shop window. Mary couldn’t wait till Friday night when the Moon was full, it would feel like she was actually standing on the surface. They sat down beside the telescope, there was a lot of information with it and a beautiful new great big star chart for her wall. They both studied the books and bit of paper, and talked about the telescope. “You have just go to come over on Friday, ask your Mum if you can stay.” Brilliant.” said Sarah, getting wrapped up in the excitement that was building up. They sat and planned Friday evening sure that their Mums would allow them to stay together.

Time passed very quickly, and all to soon it was time for Sarah to go home. “See you tomorrow for school.” Mary said as her friend walked down the footpath. “See you tomorrow.” Replied Sarah, Giving her friend a wave.

At the breakfast table in the morning, Mary’s Dad said he would move her bed over to another wall then the telescope would be able to stand beside the window. Mary’s face beamed that would be just perfect she thought and once again gave the best Dad in the world a big kiss. Her Dad left for work and shortly after Mary left to go to school very full of excitement. Mary told every one she new at school about her new telescope, She and Sarah talked about nothing else.

About ten in the morning Mary’s Mum got a phone call from the school, the tone in the headmaster’s voice started her worrying. “ there’s nothing to worry about,” said the headmaster. “ Mary is alright but she had taken a tumble down the last four steps on her way to another classroom, she had been to see the nurse at school and had been examined thoroughly. She had been made to lie down for an hour and there had been no signs of anything untoward. They would obviously be keeping an eye on her but they did not think there was anything to worry about. After a few more enquiries about her daughter Mary’s Mum thanked the headmaster for his call and hung up the phone but even after all the assurances she still could not stop worrying about her daughter. Mary’s Mum had just come in from shopping when the phone rang, even as she picked it up she new it was about Mary. It was the headmaster, Mary had lapsed into unconsciousness during an afternoon lesson and had been taken to the Queens hospital, it was some thing she had been dreading, getting a phone call telling her something was seriously wrong with her daughter. She hardly heard anymore of the message, her mind had gone num. She absently thanked the headmaster and put the phone down. It was a few minuets before she got her thoughts together enough to think what to do, She hurriedly phoned her husband and told him what had happened and told him to go straight to the hospital, she would get a taxi if her friend Sheila next door was not in. She was sure that she would run her to the hospital. Mary’s Dad worked just the other side of the hospital and her Mum new that he could get to the hospital quite quickly.

When Mary’s mum got to the hospital her husband was sitting beside the bed Mary was lying in the bed very still, breathing very slowly, Mary’s Mum sat down beside her husband feeling very helpless and started to cry. “She’ll be alright,” her husband whispered. “It’ll take more than this to keep our Mary down, she’d be up and running again before you know it.” He gave her a big reassuring hug and smiled. Mary’s Mum tried to smile back but failed when she saw the worry in her husband’s eye’s. They both new this could be serious. They sat, silently waiting, the doctor came into the room and they stood up. “How is she they both said at once.” “Well the scan looks quite promising,” the doctor said. “The knock on the head had caused swelling inside the skull, which had brought pressure to bear on her brain. This had caused her unconsciousness. It did not look too bad but until she regained consciousness they would not be able to tell if there was any permanent damage. Tears started to run down Mary’s Mum’s face again, her Dad held her close very close to breaking down himself. “ Why.” Mary’s mum said very quietly. Mary’ Dad just held her closer because he just did not have an answer. All they could do was wait and hope she would recover soon, they new the sooner she woke up the better the chances of everything being all right. Hours passed, the nurse came in and asked them if they would go out of the room for a short while as she had some test to do. They went to the cafeteria for a coffee. Both new they would eat nothing. They sat at the table looking at their coffee’s in silence, the shock of what had happened beginning to wear of leaving an empty feeling inside. Mary’ Dad reached over and took her Mum’s hand and said. “She is going to be all right.” Her Mum looked into his eyes and almost smiled, she squeezed his hand hard. At this moment she was very glad she had married John. The nurse came to the cafeteria and told them she had finished. They got up and went back to Mary’s room, their coffee’s untouched. They sat for hours besides Mary’s bed, talking in whispers, talking of the things they could do when Mary was up and about again. Both of them trying to stay positive, not daring to contemplate the event of Mary not being alright.

The hour’s passed, they dozed only when tiredness overcame them. Mary’s father took her Mum’s hand, “Let’s go and have a cup of tea.” Mary’s Mum hesitated, “Come on,” Her Dad insisted. “The nurse will tell us if there is any Change.” Mary’s Mum got up and followed her husband out the door, holding his hand. She looked back at Mary lying so still and gently closed the door holding back the tear’s that were once more welling up in her eyes. They walked slowly to the cafeteria, their shoulders showing the despair they were feeling. The cafeteria was closed but there was a tea machine in the corner. Mary’s dad fed the machine with coins. The tea was hot and the steam rose from the cups as they sat down on opposite on sides of the small table. They sat looking at one another, mentally holding onto each other’s strength. Their world was being turned upside down so quickly they could not even try to think what it could turn out like. They could only hope and pray.

A nurse approached the table, the relief Mary’s mum started to feel soon ebbed away when the nurse told them there was no change but that there was a room just along the corridor from Mary that they could use, It had a bed in it and coffee and tea making facilities. They would be more comfortable there and it would be a bit more private. They thanked the nurse but they still sat for a long while taking comfort from each other’s presence. Eventually they got up and went back to Mary’s room and sat quietly beside her bed. They were both exhausted and had frequently cat napped but neither had had any real sleep. ”We are doing no good here,” said Mary’s Dad. “We need to be our normal selves when Mary comes round, we won’t be any good to her if we are completely exhausted. Let’s go and see if we can get some sleep, I’m sure the nurse will come and get us if there is any change.” He stood up and looked at Mary’s Mum, she reluctantly got up and followed him, knowing he was right. The comfort of the bed enabled them in their tired state to get a little sleep and the hour’s slowly ticked by. Eight o’clock it had been three hours since she had seen the clock. “Good morning,” said Mary’s Dad who was already awake and was just finishing making a cup of tea. “There has been no change as yet,” he added “but she is no worse. Here drink this then we will go and get something to eat and we will go and see Mary. Half an hour won’t make any difference,” He said, anticipating his wife’s protests. “ So have a wash and we will pop down to the caf have breakfast and then we can sit with Mary without any interruptions. The day passed slowly, Mary did not move. They stayed by her bed side apart from when the nurse asked them to leave while she did some tests. They took these opportunities to have a cup of tea and to have a bun or some other snack to supplement the small amount they had managed to eat at breakfast. About two o’clock the nurse came and told them that the doctor would like to talk to them. They looked at each other, this did not sound very good. Getting more and more worried with each step they followed the nurse to a room of the next corridor and entered. Sit down please The doctor said. We are starting to get worried about Mary He said seriously Usually there are signs of improvement by now and although her condition was stable there should have been some indication that she was returning to a more conscious state. If there were no signs in the next twenty four hours they would have to start tests to find out why.” Mary’s Mum turned towards her husband tears welling up in her eyes. Mary’s Dad held her close. “How bad is it?” He asked. “ We won’t know until we have made some tests.” The doctor replied. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you any more, we can only wait and see what happens. They left the doctor and walked slowly back to Mary’s room.

They sat in silence for a while then talked quietly to each other, talking about everything and nothing. Just talking, just trying to be normal, trying to make everything the same as it was. They continued talking to Mary, telling her about her friend Sarah. Telling her about her new telescope and reminding her about the full moon tonight. The weatherman had said there would be a clear sky tonight. The time past, the nurse came in to make some more checks so they went for a cup of tea in the room, neither felt like going to the caf They sat, not talking just staring at the walls. It wasn’t till the nurse knocked and told them she had finished that they realised they had not made a cup of tea. Mary’s Dad got up and put the kettle on. “We can take it to Mary’s room with us.” He said. “Maybe the rattle of the tea cup will wake her up.” He tried to smile but for the first time since the accident a tear ran down from Mary’s Dad’s eye. Mary’s Mum stood up and walked over to her husband and gave him a hug. Neither spoke, their embrace telling each other more than any words, ever could. They walked back to Mary’s room with a new positive feeling knowing they could lean on each other and no matter what happened they would see it through, together. They sipped at their tea and started talking again, started planning a holiday for later in the year. The clock ticked the hours away, it started getting dark. Mary’s Mum walked to the door and put the light on then went to the window to draw the curtains. As she approached the window she noticed the moon had jus started to rise above the houses at the end of the street. She turned towards her daughter.” the moons coming up Mary and he’s just as big as ever.” She paused, looking at her daughter willing her t wake up but she did not stir. She turned back to the window and looked at the moon. “ Please help. “ She said desperately and ever so quietly, then drew the curtains. She returned to Mary’s bedside and sat down. She leaned her head on her husbands shoulder and only after a few minuets started dozing. “Come on, “ He said. “I’ll go and get a couple of bars of chocolate from the machine at the caf You go and make a cup of tea. Then we will try and get some sleep ready for what ever happens tomorrow. Mary’s Mum got up, tiredness making her a little unsteady, He took her arm and led her to the room. “I’ll be back in a moment.” He said as he opened the door for her. When he got back the tea was just about ready, only the milk left to go in. He gave his wife the choice of bars but he new she would take the mint aero, it was her favourite. They managed to eat half the chocolate before their appetites disappeared and then sat and finished their tea. Mary’s Mum stood up. “ I’ll go and open Mary’s curtains, it’ll be nice for her to see the Moon if she wakes up.” She said and off she went. We can only hope, thought Mary’s Dad to himself.

Mary’s Mum quietly opened the door to Mary’s room, why she did not know. AS the door opened the light from the corridor shone over Mary’ bed. It took a second for it to register, but Mary wasn’t there. The worst scenario possible sprang in to her mind, No, it’s not possible. Her hand sprang to the light switch. The room flooded with light. Then Mary’s Mum saw them two little legs on top of two slipper less feet sticking out from under the curtains. She slowly walked over and slipped under the curtain beside her daughter, her arm slid around her daughter’s shoulder and she pulled her in towards her. “Isn’t he just beautiful Mum.” her Daughter said. Her Mum just cried silently, Looked at the moon and whispered thank you.

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