Jack and Jill - Conversation on forgiveness

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Jill was not only angry but hurt and confused over her last relationship as she is trying to regain her normal self, and is struggling to forgive.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



Jack:  You are seriously speechless, aren’t you?

Jill: Yea

Jack:I chhas te ho an dam em? :-P

Jill:Dam ang chu ka ti

Jack:  Ti ngei ah...

Jill: Nia lom. Nang I chhas te ho an dam em?

Jack:  Dam e... Ka ck kual chhuak leh vek tawh... Bial hlui ka fang a...

Jill: Ewwww

Jack:  Hahahaha! Nuam alawm khawvel hi zeplo cuan…

Jill: Nia. Have you seen my relation?

Jack:  Nope. Facebook pangngai khawih khat lutuk... Luh pawhin message tam tawk reply char char a, notification check a, chhuak hmek zel...

Jill: Hmmmmm.. Overrrrrrr

Jack:  Nialuam! Chat keuh zel... Hit ber...

Jill: Me very zolo che. You very sual tawh

Jack:  Huhu!

Jill: Huhu

Jack: Me new life very naughtyful! Me very serial kisser! :-*

Jill: Yes. Me not like. Ewww me scared of a serial killer

Jack:  Me no serial killer... Me eswas Serial KISSER...

Jill: Ewww

Jack:  Huhu!

Jill:Hahhaha! Then I prefer the killer. Hahhahaa

Jack:  The amount of hurt in my heart account is full... This time I give hurt... My turn to all the beautiful liars... Huhui!



Jack:  ;-)

Jill: Me like

Do you want to know how I feel right now?

Jack:  Yep. Shoot!

Jill:I hate me. Not me

Jack:  What do you mean?

Jill: Like I hate the fact that I thought I was in love. Or I was

Jack:  You’re having identity crisis?

Jill:With my love! How could I let myself fall for some such bad ass? How? I’m like hate myself for falling for him. Oh I hate him so much

Jack:  We make mistakes, all the time... Don’t blame yourself... You’re not wrong to love... But you'll be wrong to hate... So tread carefully...

Jill: Why?

Jack:  Why what?

Jill: You’ll be wrong to hate?

Jack:  Hate is a bad thing... Action led by hatred is always regretful... Plus, we were born to love, we just compromise hurt with hatred...

Jill: Yea. True. But I still hate him

Jack:  That’s okay; no one can blame you for hating an asshole or a bitch... But I hope someday somehow you'll find forgiveness…

Jill: Yea

Jack:Wanna hear about forgiveness?

Jill: But still.. Wait, before that… I hate him coz he took advantage of me, of my innocence. He took my love for granted, like something that he could easily have. I know they are rich and they can have anything that they want. But love is not like that. It’s something you have to earn, and he took..... Aarrrghhh! Wanna kill him. Hehe, Am I too much?

Jack: Okay... Heard you... But you should know that we are not animals, but human... We don’t act rashly, we think before we act... We have highly functioning brain. No you’re not too much dear... Anger is emotion, emotion is human...

Jill: So, Yeah. Mipa hi an inang vek an tia.. Most of it is true. But I know one guy who is different. But, I let him go. Sad!

Jack:  If I got hurt over a girl... And they'd say 'hmeichhia te chu an inang vek alawm'... Do you think it's fair?

Jill:I don’t know. But boys and girls are not same. Hmeichhia te chu kan nunnem a

Jack:  I’m not comparing boys and girls... It was like 'all boys are same' and 'all girls are same'... Question was: do you think it’s fair for either gender?

Jill: For boys it’s true. And for girls it’s also true. Hheheh. It’s like that

Jack:  So if you meet an asshole, then all boys are assholes; and if I meet a bitch, all girls are bitches… Is that it?

Jill: Not exactly

Jack:  So, that means it’s not true...

Jill: I don’t know. It depends upon the person affected

Jack:  Well! That means all girls/boys are not same! It depends on each individual...

Jill: That’s what I mean. Hhaha

Jack:  So I guess I can say that you can’t judge another guy because your ex-boyfriend is an asshole, right?

Jill: Yep

Jack:  So here, in a very mysterious way, comes forgiveness, followed by what you call 'moving on'... Wanna hear about it or your too sleepy?

Jill: Wanna hear it

Jack:  Okay... You see, if you don’t forgive him, you’re gonna hold on to that grudge and that will not allow you to move forward...

Jill: I will move on without forgiving him

Jack:  That’s new... How will you do that?

Jill:Coz he don’t deserve my forgiveness

Jack:  Did you know that Jesus taught us how to pray saying 'forgive our sins AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO...'? And I bet you say that at least once a week.

Jill: He don’t deserve anything from me. He ruined the little innocent me. Like I don’t know. But he sure do broke my heart. He didn’t just simply break it... He just tore it... Ripped it off

Jack:  If that one person who randomly happened to you could break your heart so much, then can you imagine how often would you break God's heart?

Jill: Oi. Tikhan ti suh

Jack:  C’mon! Listen to me, and listen to yourself!

Jill: I know I’m a sinner

Jack:  Then?

Jill:But still I regret it. Then I want to be good

Jack:  I know you’re still mad as hell... But don’t be so bashful... You’re an adult now; think clearly and be very reasonable…

Jill:But he doesn’t even regret or even tried to be better

Jack:  That’s HIS problem! Let him be what he wants, it’s you that you got to deal with now…

Jill: Like I hate him so much that ill have peace only when he is dead

Jack:  Well he can be dead to you... If you forgive him and let go...

Jill: Hmmmm

Jack:  If you can’t forgive him, you'll always have a grudge and that will pester you and you will never have peace.

Jill: But I have to see him everyday like for another 3 years. It’s like torture

Jack:  Ooh! The more reason you need to forgive him!


Jack:  Now listen...

Jill: What? Spill it

Jack:  Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to be extra nice to him and all... It jus mean that you do not have any more anger against him for whatever hell he put you through and you are at peace...

Jill: How can I forgive someone who doesn’t even ask for it?

Jack:  How do you think God forgive you when you hardly ask for it?

Jill: I always ask for it

Jack:  C’mon! You didn’t even know that the moment you were born you’re sinful, and you didn’t even know you need a savior… But voila! 2000yrs ago He already sacrificed himself! You got forgiveness; it’s about time you give out some...

Jill: Hahahah! I sual

Jack:  But I’m saying the truth.

Jill: Yea. I know. But I’m no god

Jack:  And it’s a pity that he doesn’t even bother to ask for forgiveness, the more reason you ought to forgive him... Pathetic guy eh?

Jill: Right

Jack:  Oh but you are God's child and you are a Christian.

Jill: I know. Why is everything so hard?

Jack:  Because you’re too stubborn... And you’re angry... That’s all...

Jill: I should be

Jack:  That’s wrong... Sometimes when we're too stubborn, we tend to block out God... So it’s wrong...


Jack:  It’s a burden to carry a grudge isn’t it? Especially when you get to see his irritating face every day for like the next 3 years or so?

Jill:Yea. Whenever I see his face wanna punch him right in the face

Jack:  I understand that you don’t want to forgive him because you think that if you do, you might think it’s pathetic of you. Isn’t it?

Jill: Maybe, I will look more like a loser to him

Jack:  Yea, that’s what I was trying to say... Anyway, well you’re wrong. Did you know that its takes a whole lot strength to be able to forgive?

Jill: Yea! Like I have 2 give all my strength

Jack:  Well, that makes you better than him who doesn’t even know that he needs forgiveness!

Jill: Yea! Such an asshole

Jack:  Forgiveness doesn’t make you a loser. Instead it makes you a winner!

Jill: Like he think he’s so great

Jack:  But he's not.

Jill: But he’s nothing

Jack:  I know sweetie, I know...

Jill: :)

Jack:You see; forgiveness is not a loser's job...

Jill: Wait, where are you right now?

Jack:  Aizawl :-)

Jill: Okay, so did you drink? Tonight

Jack:  Nope...

Jill: ;)

Jack:  Improved! :-D

Jill: Wow. Good

Jack:  :-) Okay, back to topic? I'll wrap up forgiveness in a jiffy and tell you about moving on... Okay?

Jill: Kay

Jack:  I know that you can’t forgive him right now, right then... But I’m sure you’re gonna work on it...

Jill: Yea, I’ll try

Jack:  Coz you see, once you forgive him you'll realize that you don’t have that anger anymore and it's going to be such a relief for you!

Jill: Yea. Like a burden that goes away

Jack:  Whenever you see his face it won’t cause you anymore pain, and you'll just smile away... Not even bothered!

Jill: I wanna do that! Like not even to give a damn about him

Jack:  You won’t even think about him anymore and even if you do... It would be because he just popped up in your gossip and you would just laugh away...

Jill: That would be so great

Jack:  If you want to not give a damn about him... Forgive him, and forget your anger... Btw, it might take time for you... But I know you'll pull through...

Jill: Yea it takes a lot of time than I think

Jack:  And the best part will be... Someday, you’re gonna laugh at yourself for having felt this way! :-D

Jill: Like I thought I was over him, but I was just fooling myself

Jack:  That’s because you haven’t forgiven him... Work on forgiveness...

Jill: I want that day so badly, like the day I would laugh away

Jack:  Peace, girl. Be patient... Like I said, work on forgiveness...

Jill: Okay

Jack:  And one more thing, for you to feel good... I have been through this, so you’re not alone... Okay?

Jill: I know, thanks. You’re great

Jack:You’re welcome, Thanks to you too... The best is to forgive... Pull yourself together, and move on...

Jill: I will forgive him when I met my prince. Huhu

Jack:  Not gonna work... You’re trying to compromise...


Jack:  Moving on is like having a new life... Life is like a book... Moving on is turning a new page and leaving the old pages in the past...

Jill: So

Jack:  The best part is that when you move on, you become wiser... All the past hurts, they become lessons... We shouldn’t stay in the past... But we should learn from the past...

Jill: Good

Jack:  Anyway, work on forgiveness for now... It’s hard but the outcome is beautiful...

Jill: Okay I will give it a shot

Jack:  Pray much... Read your Bible...

Jill: I am. Thanks a lot

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