My man.

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He was a simple carpenter for 30 years. A story of this man, who feeds the hungry, heals the sick, cleans the dirty, forgive sins. About this man who heals me.

Submitted: June 19, 2012

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Submitted: June 19, 2012



There was once a man, walking on the crust of this earth like we did today, on two feet. His story is just amazing, freaky at times.

No one ever knew with whom his mother spent the night with in his making, but one man dreamt about something and became his so-called biological father (actually he's not). A certain king tried to kill him since he was born, and many has tried that since then. Quite awesome eh? And here's the best past, he's still alive!

He was a simple carpenter for 30 years, the first 30 years of his life. But something happened from that on. After he got baptized, he was shaking the world! No, he doesn't have big strong arms to shake literally, no he wasn't extraordinarily handsome, no he was not a well-known singer or model or actor, no he didn't go for the American Idol or any other talent shows.

Actually he simply put on some sandals with simple clothings. In fact, he has no features that would even remotely bear any physical attraction. But let me tell you this: he has grace, like no one else have; he has love, like no one else have; he has peace, of which no one has the slightest idea! A woman just heals when she touched his clothing tip, he just have 'words', and death is reversed! He touches, and lepers got cleansed; he whispers, demons flee in fear!

He suffered the most brutal, inhuman torture. He was nailed to a wooden cross with limbs outstretched, he could not even shoo away the flies that bear upon his wounds. No one, not even one came up to stand for him! Where were all those people he healed? Hasn't he brought the dead to live? Where are all those 'clean' people now? What happened to that guy who was ready to did with him?! WHY?

Everyone thought he was dead. Is it finished? Yes, this has gone far enough. There is always a limit to everything. The wooden cross, seemed endlessly heavy, endlessly painful, seemed unlimited! But yes, this is quite enough. Those in the hiding started to come out, those who value him showed their faces. It's the public's turn to stand amazed.

That rich guy? He’s one of them? That man is respectable! Filthy rich! And he followed this crucified guy? Yes! And a whole lot of them did! Surprise!!

Crucified as a notorious criminal; the crowds crying “Crucify him!” You’ve got to be kidding me! He got a first class tomb, with a big circular block, yes think one – I wouldn’t think of moving it myself. And you think the government is so tough eh? They kept some soldiers guarding the tomb. As if!

And this is the best news I’ve ever heard in history – He is risen! Okay, so he sure died on that wooden criss-cross right? Yeah, that soldier made sure of that; poked his lungs out! Then he was all covered in some cloth right, I mean in the tomb?

Let me tell you a story of this man, who feeds the hungry, heals the sick, cleans the dirty, forgive sins. Let me tell you about this man who heals me. I love him. My Lord. My Savior. Jesus Christ.


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