The wrong end of a burning cigarette

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About life.

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012




Lighting a cigarette means taking it on your lips, let the free end burn with fire and suck on it so that it catches fire. While at the other end you suck and inhale the pleasures of nicotine, it is always at the expense of burning the free end to ashes. The more 'puffs' you take, the more tobacco you burn, the shorter the cigarette goes; until it is all burned up.

You usually get satisfaction of smoking after you burn the whole length of the cigarette.

Now, at the right end of the cigarette is the where you get bliss; but if you're at the wrong end, you end up with blisters.

Sometimes in life, it feels like we're at the wrong end of the burning cigarette. All the good things you have planned for disappeared just like that, all the bad things you have feared for just keep on coming, when you think things can't get any much worse, it just keep on getting worse until you are so confused that you can't even figure out the worst one among them! everything just turned to ashes, just like at the burning end of a cigarette.

All these shall pass, until then, I'd just hung on tight to whatever I'm holding and let the rain pour down on me. Perhaps someone might come up with an extra large umbrella. Even if not, I'm sure the dark clouds will quickly run dry, and the sun will shine again.

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