The Cosmonaut

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Cosmos: order, harmony, world

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013



The Cosmonaut


Cosmos: order, harmony, world


I saw the dying stars, and I tried to reach out to them. I wanted to touch them. To comfort them. To resuscitate her.



Katerina Leben was born special. Most people saw her uniqueness as a point of weakness. Lee Kardia thought she was incredibly strong. Unwavering courage in the face of her traitorous self.


It is a strange thing to be constantly at war with your body, but she does it with such zeal. She does it for no one but herself. The way she just is—it's so glorious that Lee fell before she knew she was falling. Nothing alleviates an awkwardly sloppy college party like an intelligent woman.



“I'm not normal,” Katerina whispered after their fourth date.


Lee raises an amused eyebrow. “Are you a serial killer?”


“No,” Katerina chuckled.


Lee looked pensive for a second. “Are you planning to do something to someone without their consent?”


Katerina snorted at this. Not a graceful sound, but it is so damned beautiful. “No.”


Lee kissed her forehead and spoke softly, “Then we have nothing to worry about.”



Katerina studied the human body. Lee studied the universe. They just fit. They both enjoyed sharing with each other new, exciting revelations from their respective fields of work. The similarities between the two were surprisingly many. It was definitely meant to be.



I was swimming through nebulae when I was suddenly enveloped by the light from a nearby supernova. The last hurrah of a celestial body.



Humans have such a strange way of beholding time. Somewhere in the back of her mind, this thought plagued Lee Kardia as she sat there, helplessly watching. She'd known that this was a possibility since their eighth date. It worried her, of course, but she had hoped. Sometimes, she would even pray to whatever was out there. As their eighth date became their fifteenth, which became a relationship, which became a shared life, she'd prayed that this time, entropy would be on their side.



When it happened, she grew spiteful of everything. That the universe could create a life so magnificent only to take it away so soon was unacceptable. She just wanted Katerina to open her eyes. It seemed like such a simple request. She just wanted to gaze into those eyes as Katerina ranted and raved about her work—some new little thing of great significance.


It was then that she remembered a conversation they'd shared a few months previous. Brain wave visualization. Katerina had been so excited about the endless versatility of such a breakthrough.


“Imagine all the uses for it. Communication, medical, even art. Maybe.” She was utterly giddy, and so was Lee. Mental stimulation always led to other, more basic, excitements for Katerina, and Lee was more than happy to cooperate.



Now, there is only one need for Lee. To give Katerina back her life, fully functioning.



The device was uncomfortable to say the least; it was a prototype, after all. She did not mind, though. She would never mind if it could do what she asked. Rationally, she knew how insignificant everything was in the grand scheme of all existence. It did not change the fact that right now, the only existence that mattered was her.



I called for you, but received no answer. I kept trying to hold on to the stardust, but it would simply slip through my fingers like you did not care. The universe was crumbling but I would not be allowed to join in on the destruction. I wanted nothing more than to simply break apart and meld with the dying stars. With you. Yet, you embraced me one last time with your light and your warmth. I felt you one last time, and you held me so close before you let me go. You made me go and take leave of this universe for good.


And then there were no more stars to discover.



Katerina leaned in to give Lee a small peck on the lips before tugging playfully at her jacket lapel. “I have to admit, you took the first date stargazing thing to a whole new level. I've never had anyone try to explain the model of the universe to me over pudding before. Or ever, really.”


Lee smirked, “Is that good or bad?”


“We'll see,” Katerina shrugged, but her eyes shone brightly with amusement.


Lee grinned widely and returned the favor by tugging on Katerina's shirt collar. “You know what's the most exciting thing about the universe?”


Katerina gave Lee a challenging look and slowly shook her head.


“That there's always more to see.”


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