Sunset Kiss

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Two young adults having the best start of their lives.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



I had dreaded of this for a long time. I was overwhelmed of this wonderful surprise. I still can't believe it even though it was already 30 minutes ago. But I really dont care for how long it has passed.This feeling feels more stronger and magical than before.

I inhaled the fresh air passing through the deserted place. We drove to a quiet and peaceful area to take pictures just for the fun. We laughed, joked and played like there was no tomorrow like little kids.

Now it was getting late and we needed to get home before we spill the good news. I felt butterflies in my stomach flutter like it did when he first asked me out.

"Let's go babe.", he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer to him.

I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

We walked hand-in-hand towards my yellow old volkswagon.

"I'm so excited about all of this. I will cherish this forthe rest of my life."

I looked at him and he looked at the sun and turned to face me.

"I will too, cherish this. Adila, I can't imagine being inlove with someone else."

I stopped by the passenger side of the car and faced him. Before I could say something back he kissed so strong and passionately.

Could this day get any better.

He stopped to look at me.

"Isn't this romantic?"I asked.

"What mekissingyou?" Ian grinned.

I giggled. "No, kissing in the sunset."

He looked to his right watching the sun go down by every minute. Then he turned to face me with does gray sparkling attractive eyes.

I would never get tired of this buttlerflies.

"Our sunset kiss." he whispered and leanedagain to kiss me.

He wrapped his strongs arms aroud me by my waist.We kissed for some minutes now and he was about to pull away.


I pulled him in for another kiss. He chukled. Our parents can wait a few more hours.This sunset kiss is just some thing just as good as me engaged with him.

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