Homeward bound (by JO)

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Homeward bound is a short story I wrote about 6 years ago. The main focus was inner turmoil and longing for a release from some of the hardships of life.

Submitted: October 24, 2009

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Submitted: October 24, 2009



Jade made her way through the dark narrow dirt road. A moonless sky showing faint traces of light projected from a million glittering stars guided her. The sky was slowly filling up with numerous dark clouds and even the faint light, which was essential for keeping on the road, was being sucked from the already dark path. Jade was not a stranger to the dark, but her fear grew with every passing moment. A muffled noise could be heard under the stronger growing wind. Jade did not feel alive; it felt like she was six feet under with no air to breathe and no space to move. The deserted dirt road, and the darkness biting at her soul, started to set in. The muffled noise grew louder and Jade’s courage grew smaller. This was no place for a sixteen-year old girl to be. Jade was short for her age and she had a very slight build. Her dark hair and dark eyes almost completely blended in with the night surrounding her. Jade was an orphan and she never knew happiness. Life taught her to be hard and to never show any emotion, but the tears was starting to creep up on her and she felt completely alone. No one knew where she was and no one cared. She had more than ten kilometers to walk before she reached the deserted farmhouse where she lived. Traces of lightning started to show followed by soft cracks of thunder. Jade was cold, but most of the coldness came from within. She had nothing to live for and no one to live for. The muffled sound continued droning and she noticed that it did not come from behind the huge trees surrounding her, but from within.  Rain started to pour from the dark sky and Jade knew this would be the last time she walked home to an empty lonely house. The thought had been with her for some time, but she never really decided until now. Jade finally recognised the noise, it was the voice of someone familiar calling her home, but she knew she didn’t really have a home. The voice had a loving and caring tone to it and Jade was convinced she knew the person to whom the voice belonged. Tears started to run down her sun-tanned face in sympathy with the unforgiving rain.

Jade finally reached the deserted farmhouse. Drenched from the rain she stepped into the dark and clammy house which was no more than a shelter. After lighting a few candles she undressed and put on some dry clothes, but even now she felt cold. The storm grew worse, but Jade did not give much attention to the flashing lighting or the hard thunder following it. She was not afraid any more. She opened a little cupboard next to her bed, which was no more than two blankets and a pillow, and withdrew an old dagger she found in the house when she moved in. Lying on the old wooden floor she slit her left wrist. The blood flowed from the self-inflicted wound and poured onto the old wooden floor. After cutting her right wrist she started to feel light headed. She heard the voice again, calling her home. The coldness within her started to fade as her life drained from her. Jade had no fear and no regrets, and she felt calm while she was slowly dying. Moments later she blacked out, but this was a calm, warm sleep. Her heart slowed down and finally she gave her last breath, and left the world which never cared for her.



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