Bucky Vs, The Black Hole

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 20, 2019

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Submitted: February 20, 2019



Bucky Vs. The Black Hole

It was an ordinary day it seemed, as Bucky fed his chickens a handful of feed as per his morning routine. 

As he admired his favorite Hen, Marcy, 
he wondered if he too would ever know true love the way she did. Bucky's Rooster Glen had recently taken to courting Marcy, with more than successful results. The two had in fact become practically inseparable over the last two weeks.

" Ugh... Get a room you two..." Bucky sighed at the pair. 

" Bok Bok!" the couple crowed.

Bucky sneered and spit out chewing tobacco scornfully onto the ground. 

As nightfall descended on the ranch and with his chores all done, Bucky slowly began to make his long walk back towards the farm house from the stable.
" G'night Sabrina!" he said as he parted from his horse. 
" Now don't you go fallin' in love too, you ol' poop!" He chuckled to himself. 

Though, unbeknownst to Bucky, Sabrina had indeed fallen head over heels for 
Dr. Weeler, who was debatably the best physician in the entire rural county. You see, Doc Weeler, (before he moved to town a few years back), had served in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the war of '85 and was more than capable of patching up even the most serious of life threatening injuries. 

Though these days, he mainly took to combing his grandson's hair every night for six to seven hours. Which made many folks around town often question as to why he ever took to performing this odd and time consuming nightly ritual. 

And when prodded about it, Doc Weeler would simply state, " If I knew I would tell ya, but I don't, so I won't. Deal?" 

This response was usually good enough for most people to simply drop the entire subject and awkwardly shift into another one, possibly about the Weather or another broad subject related to small town goings ons.

Though perhaps somewhat mysterious, Sabrina had never felt so in love with someone as she did with old Doctor Weeler. Sadly, he of course would likely never discover this fact, as Sabrina was unable to properly communicate her deep affection for him as she was merely a simple horse, and he a rural small town Doctor.

When Bucky had finished washing the dishes from supper,
he crawled into his comfy feather bed, pulled a blanket across his lower half, and finished his glass of warm milk.
He then turned off the lamp on his bedside table and let out a world
weary sigh. A sigh that was all to familiar for share cropper's after a long day in the sun kissed fields of wheat. 

" Hmm... Wonder if 'em old egg head Scientist fellers ever closed that black hole over yonder by Pluto." Bucky pondered to himself.

Recently the whole world had stood in fear of their mortality as only a month ago a gargantuan sized black hole in space had appeared out of nowhere. 

This cosmic anomaly quickly sparked a world wide panic, and acted as an almost prophetic ominous sign or omen in the minds of many of mankind's radical religious groups and doomsday fringe cults.

One month had passed since the black hole surfaced. Though all of mankind still stood, holding onto the hope everything would be all right and life as everyone knew it would carry on and survive, there was still a looming feeling of dread and paranoia that brewed under the surface of everyone's subconscious. The tension that the giant black hole had stirred,
needless to say, was palpable. 

Bucky itched his head a few times, pondered once more on his planets fate, and then drifted off to sleep. 

As Bucky slept soundly in his bed, the latch to his front door began to jiggle. It then creaked open revealing the silhouette of a shadowy intruder that stealthily crept into the old farm house.
Bucky snored loudly and let out a cough that made the figure stop in its tracks. The intruder waited until it knew Bucky had slipped back into sleep before moving again.

Suddenly, a cacophonous racket erupted from the kitchen in the form of pots and pans falling from Bucky's dish rack that spooked him awake from his once peaceful slumber. 

" What in the fuck!" Bucky hollered in a fright. He sprang from his bed and lunged for his double barrel shotgun that was propped up against the wall in the corner of his bedroom. 

He nervously tip toed through the darkness of the house and made his way towards the kitchen, cautiously scanning each room he entered. His hand shook sporadically from the adrenaline of the situation, but managed to finally flip the light switch in the dining room providing him with enough light to see what was amiss. 

He looked down at where his pots and pans laid and amongst the clutter and mess of broken dishes he saw none other, than the esteemed, Doctor Weeler.

" Shit Doc, is that you?! The hell are you doin' skulkin' round my house in the middle of the night like 'iss?!" Bucky interrogated. 

" Well, it's rather silly you see. I uh, I hope you don't think me daft my dear Buckwalter, but I was under the impression that this was indeed your horse, Sabrina's, room." Doc Weeler said calmly.

" Sabrina's a horse! She ain't got a fuckin' room!" Bucky screamed, still clutching his shotgun.

" I understand, Buckwalter. Please forgive me. I was being foolish, and I am dearly sorry if I frightened you." Doc Weeler lamented.

Suddenly a blinding green light cloaked the farm house with an eerie glow for just a nano second, before all matter, and form of life in the known galaxy was swallowed by the vacuum the enormous black hole had created. Leaving only an empty void. 

And the winner is?

Bucky vs. The Black Hole.

© Copyright 2020 Jacob Boyd Quesenberry. All rights reserved.

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