Dinner for one in July

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just me trying to get over my first love. she cheated on me after dating for 2 years. I'm depressed you could say...and the dinner for one in July thing, is because my birthday is in July and we always go out to dinner, but i'ts just dumb 18 year old drama i guess...

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013




I don't want to say goodbye,
But there is nothing left inside.
Nothing left to consider you an ally,
Nothing left for me to standby,
Nothing left but a sigh.....
All I do is wonder why.... 
why him, that guy.
But I guess you'll move on and ill still cry,
And that is no lie.
I will defy my thoughts to die,
I will deny my urges to get high.
I guess this means its going to be dinner for one in July...
As I try to get over you many tears will pry themselves from my eye.
I'll wipe them away so they can re-dry. 
I only wish you never could lie,
Because i knew the whole time. 
All that's left for me is to outcry to the sky and ask for strength in God's biggest supply.
But as for you and me I give you a very shy goodbye....

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