The Gladiator

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

For many years the good emperor of the land has led his people well. Then in a moment of important history, he disappears and a banished general takes his place only to plunge the empire into darkness. A boy is kidnapped from his home years before and imprisoned in an imperial prison, he doesn't know why. During his capture he was struck in the head and doesn't remember his name nor his family well. As he struggles to escape his captors and be free, he meets many new challenges. Now read on...

Note: this book is not wrote in chapters, but rather in breaks. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

Escape and Capture       I opened my eyes and stared across my cell. It had been three days since I had se... Read Chapter

Gil the Archer       I awoke to the sound of roaring in my ears, at first I thought it was from my headach... Read Chapter

Lower the Gates!     I pried my eyes open the next morning and sat up on my cot. It was still dark out but I heard ... Read Chapter

Victory       When the second gate closed behind me, I was in victory plaza. That instant a mailed fist pu... Read Chapter

Discussion       The next day Morgan and I met in the training area. Today we actually were able to snag s... Read Chapter

Theft         The next day I was in the training room. Everybody else was in position, Zan and Sk... Read Chapter