Mr. Blue Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The reading station

There is a kid called Chris who grew up in prison. He has always wanted to see the wonders of the outdoors, but he is stuck in prison.

Find out why and what he is going to do!


Mr. Blue Sky

The strong obedient silver bars grinded open while the 14 year old inmate, Chris had had his face stuck in between the window looking out at the sky finding purpose. Chris has lived most of his life in agony. Chris had lived a week in prison when he was born, he went to a strict and unfair foster home. Chris started of with stealing goods from the local store then he took it a bit too far by getting into a group of bad people that owned a few guns. Deborah (Chris' mother) had been pregnant with Chris when she got into prison, weeks after she started her sentence of 30 years she got rushed to the hospital to give birth. The reason Chris got to this prison is that he "Are you gonna take your slop!" The police guard mumbled loudly. Chris took the slop while looking at his poem called, 'Mr. Blue Sky'


The crystal blue sky,


I want to cry,


I wonder why.


Why are you hiding

from me mr. blue sky,


What is the purpose of 

you sky.


Magestic sky where are



I want to be with you. 



Submitted: September 12, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Jacob Drover. All rights reserved.

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Momina Khan

welldone. it's so adorable.
be happy :D

Sat, January 6th, 2018 3:17pm



Mon, January 8th, 2018 5:01am


everyone is entitled to dream

Tue, December 1st, 2020 1:22am

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