A breif look at fantasy

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The look beyond a boy's mind

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Charlie stood at the behind his wooden door. Beyond his brutal step-father was pounding, whinch in a way sound like lightning. He cried and cried for his step-father

was drunk. His mother trying to rasie money for the family by her storeclerk job. He hated it all. Goerge, his step-father was like a hungry lion trying to feed upon Charlie.

Looking to hurt him and scare him, but Charlie was a intelligent boy. He was kind, and neat. Never disobeyed anyone, but George. He was tired, but he didn't want George

to stop pounding. It made him feel safe, ironbic isn't it he felt safe becuase George was making noise not letting evil thoughts occur in his mind.

Then it came to him. He imagined himself in a sky flying and running. He was an angel. Yet the deep soung of thunder scared away the rest of the angels. He was

the bravest of them all. Loved by The Lord. He flew giving good news such as a baby's arrival or a sick one healed. Everyone adored him and his angelic face. Then the

deep balck clouds tumbled to the hill tops. A loud growling voice cried, " You little angel in the sky, I'll turn your soul to coal."

A man dressed in deep black horns bigger than a bull. The devil rose. Or in other ways it was George. Whom only Charlie feared he ran to the heavans and ran, but

George was too fast for him. He cuaght him and strung him to the tallest of oaks. He brought his mother and bit into her neck.

Charlie rose fear in his mind. He was home again and scared even more. What if George was the devil it seemed likly for he was evil and cruel. No he couldn't be

could he. Now Charlie landed upon a boat he was a young fisherman and was rowing across the sea. A storm was out, but Charlie manned all the ropes his crew were

pirates, but noble ones. He called to the sky a very old song. His crew joined in and they were happy. Then rose a dark blue whale. Its eyes were blood red and fierce. There

again George came. But little Charlie pulled his harpoon gun and fired. It rebounded off the whales skin and sunk Charlies boat. He fell into the murky black water.

Again Charlie stood in his room. His mother opened the door and was smiling to him. Geroge was no longer there. "He's gone honey I kicked him out. No more mean


Epilouge: Charlie became a famous writer and made lots of money, but he always went to church and was very gernorous.

Be like Charlie not a George.

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