Moon Marked

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A young woman confronts her past to protect her future.

Submitted: February 25, 2015

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Submitted: February 25, 2015



There was a sense of peace in the darkness.  Rhiannon felt it as the shadows crept along her bare arms, her glyphs emitting a soft blue light.  The symbols swirled and danced over her tanned skin, like sunlight reflecting off water.  Her eyes followed the words that spelled out her lineage in a language recognizable by only her kind.  When a frigid wind breezed through the yard, she pulled up her plaid scarf until it covered her nose.  She breathed in the scent of jasmine, letting its calming effect work its way through her system.

The lights from the trailer spilled across the dead grass, stealing the beauty of the night.  Propped on the hood of her car, Rhia gazed up at the full moon hoping its light would give her courage.  She felt the kiss of winter air on her cheeks and tucked her hands in her coat pocket for warmth.  Once again, she soulfully looked upon the home, seeing people milling about through the windows.  Music heavy with bass could be heard from where she stood, and while her heart longed to enter, her mind told her it was a bad idea.  Her phone vibrated.

She took the device out grudgingly, the light bright.  It was him.  He wanted to know if she was there yet.  Rhia cringed, but of course, it was his face that now peered from the window.  She tried not to feel guilty as his face brightened with excitement.  It was five seconds before the front door opened.  The music grew louder, her night sight dimmer.  She tried not to growl as her eyes adjusted to the artificial light. 

“Wade,” she greeted, stiffly returning his hug.  She patted his back, trying not to admire his muscles, and plastered a smile on her face.  “It’s good to see you.”

She tugged down the sleeve of her jacket, though she knew he couldn’t see her marks.  Only Lunars and Sols could see them. 

“You must be freezing,” his voice scraped on her nerves, his words slurred and sluggish.  She tried to remember why exactly she had come, but as she met his blue eyes, she couldn’t recall.  “Come inside.”

She didn’t refuse his hand when he took it, even wrapping her hand tightly around his.  She tried to convince herself she truly wanted to be there, and very nearly turned back for her car.  “So what have you been up to?”

She was horrible at small talk, but didn’t know how else to start a conversation.  She hadn’t seen him in five years, and she was far from the love-struck teenagers she used to be.  She hoped he knew that, and wasn’t expecting her to fawn over him as she once did.  Though the warmth of the house urged her to shed her coat, she kept it on, preferring to keep her personal items and weapons close at hand. There were a lot of people.

Men sprawled across the lone couch with women in their laps, yelling at the TV as a football player shot across the field.  Rhia quickly got out of the way, scrunching her nose at the smell of booze and cigarettes.  Sometime between crossing the threshold and moving from in front of the game, Wade had left her stranded, standing awkwardly beside the kitchen table.  She picked at her scarf, trying to see what had changed since her last visit.  They wall between the kitchen and living room had been removed, leaving a counter and two support columns to open up the area.  Hard wood spread though out, dirty with mud and dried grass.  People she thought she knew milled about in cliques, some glancing at her curiously while a few women gave her dirty looks.  Obviously she didn’t belong there, and wasn’t wanted.

Turning to find Wade, she stumbled headlong into a broad back.  Sputtering an apology, she pushed her hair behind her ear and looked up.  Her blood turned to ice in her veins, her glyphs burning.  Staring down at her from a chiseled face was a pair of eyes, the irises so light a brown the color may have well been gold.  Her feet backed her up into a chair, her body tensing. 

“Rhia, what’s wrong.”  Uncaring of the beer that sloshed everywhere, she pulled Wade closer, pressing herself against his side.  Though a human was no match for a Sol, she knew Wade wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she murmured in her ear, watching from the corner of her eye as the man turned away.  “Just a little overwhelmed.  You know I’m not much of a people person, and I didn’t know there’d be so many people here.”

Laughing, she went when Wade tugged her towards a door.  She knew that door, how you could open it from the outside, but had hell trying to get it open from the inside.  How many times had she been pressed up against it in the throes of passion, or slammed it in anger?  She wasn’t sure.

But as Wade pushed it open, shooing out the lovers who had been making use of his floor, Rhiannon was grateful for the solid barrier between her and the Sol.  Something about him, the cold look in his otherwise warm colored eyes, scared her.  She suddenly wished she had told Fallon where she was.

She was about to ask Wade about the gold-eyed stranger when she saw the look on his face.  His eyes glittered, though she was sure it was from the alcohol, but the smile she recognized.  She’d spent many a night seeing it as they lain about beneath the covers.  He stepped towards her, enveloping her in his arms before she could back away.  She felt herself giving in, resting her head on his shoulder.  How easy it was to return to the old days, when nothing mattered but the love between them.

She marveled in the difference between boy and man.  Then, he had been leaner with a mop of unruly brown hair.  The man before her now kept his hair high and tight, and the bulk of muscle was undeniably new.  She felt her more primal nature respond, but forced her thoughts to cleaner areas.  She tried to focus on her breathing, on her own heartbeat instead of his against her chest.  She balled her fist against his back, biting her lip as he tightened his grip.

“I missed you.”  Those three words, spoken in a hushed whisper, broke her.  She buried her face against his neck, drawing in his familiar scent of Dial soap and laundry detergent.  His thumb rubbed circled against her ribs, and she was heating up beneath her jacket.  She didn’t want to move, scared she’d break the spell between them. When his hands dipped lower to the waist band of her jeans, she felt her control waver.  She tensed, waiting for that skin on skin contact.  She felt her glyphs respond in kind, racing as if he were running his fingers over them.

“Wade,” she breathed, nuzzling his neck.  His breathing hitched to match hers.  He lifted his head, and she knew he was going to kiss her.  She wanted it.  Craved it. 

She let him tilt her head back, searching the depths of his eyes.  She felt like she could see into him; see his every want and desire, even the secrets he hid.  His face inched closer, his breath skirting across her lips.  Drunken as she was by his attention and the remnants of a long forgotten desire, she didn’t feel the change in the air.  Neither of them heard the furious yelling from the living room or the sound of glass breaking.  They were lost to each other, in a world all their own, until the bedroom door slammed open.

The doorknob found the hole in the plaster, propping itself open.  Rhia wiped around so quickly, she lost her footing.  Wade’s hands on her hips steadied her, and she felt the blood flush on her face.  She was way too hot as she began shucking her jacket, careful to keep the inside concealed.  She was only half way paying attention to the heated conversation between brothers when a familiar voice reached her ears.

Fallon’s deep bass of a voice rumbled through the open door, his accent sharp as he demanded to know where she was.  Fear crept down her spine.  Her betrothed was already intimidating on a daily basis.  He was like something from a nightmare when he was pissed.  Throwing her head back, accepting her defeat, she folded her jacket over her arms.  With a tight smile and gritted teeth, she left an open mouthed Wade in his bedroom.  Micah gave her a wide berth, pressing himself against the opposite door.  Accepting her punishment, she leveled her head, making sure her eyes would be as cold as possible when Fallon saw them.  She stepped around the corner, and for the second time that night, stopped dead in her tracks.

It was light against dark.  Fallon stood face to face with the Sol, fury evident in both male’s racing glyphs.  Though they didn’t glow like her own, they bled with color, Fallon’s indigo to match the Sol’s crimson.  The scent of freshly turned earth flooded Rhia’s senses, to the point where she even tasted it on her tongue.  Her lover didn’t look at her, but he knew she was there.  She felt her own heartbeat speed up to meet his.

Uncaring of the staring humans, she was reminded of her place.  They were open mouthed, some with cell phones at the ready.  Cell phones were dangerous, for both alien races.  The heated males cared not, letting their tempers get the better of them as they shared words.  She heard enough to know she was thankful they spoke in the shared language of the Advena.  She felt Wade as he stopped beside her, could sense the tension rise.  She understood.  This was his house, his party, and they were making a mockery of him.  When the Sol shoved Fallon, Wade pulled her behind him.  She had once sought protection from him, but she would not look a fool in front of her prince.  The Sol could think what he wanted.

“Fallon,” her voice echoed above the din of the crowd.  They were hungry for blood, like savage beasts.  All eyes turned towards her, drawn by the power that thickened her Advena accent.  She stepped around Wade, whose eyes narrowed.  “That is enough.”

“Rhiannon, foris est.”  Stay out of this.  Those words sparked her anger.  Though he was betrothed to her, she was heir apparent to the Lunar throne.  It was she who told him what to do, and until the day they were formally mated, that would not change.

“Nolite iterum dicam.”  Do not make me tell you again.  She put enough force behind her words that a bit of her power leaked out.  The floor beneath them vibrated and thunder boomed overhead.  She didn’t have to glance out the window to know that lightning answered to her mood.  It had been an otherwise clear night.  Now, she hoped everyone’s windows were rolled up.

“You are trespassing.”  The Sol switched to English, perhaps in an effort to draw in the humans.  While the Sols might not mind letting humans know of their existence, Rhiannon preferred to keep their alien existence a secret.  The humans were merciless in their quest to quench their curiosity, and she would not submit her people to their “hospitality”. 

“Then we will leave,” she answered, drawing on her coat.  She did not miss the way his eyes narrowed, or the way Fallon’s face brightened with admiration.  They all had seen her glint of blades.  Wade gaped at her, a strange and unknown expression on his face while his numerous friends backed away.  Finally, they were realizing that this altercation stretched far beyond their amusement.

“Fallon, how did you get here?”  She made a show of buttoning the four buttons, turning to face Wade.  Fear. That was the expression.  Her heart ached, and he looked as if he wanted to say something, but she shook her head curtly.  “I am not the girl you know.  Let us leave it at that.”

Something in her ripped a piece of her soul that fell into an abyss.  Feeling almost hallow, she raised her brows towards her fiancé, waiting an answer.  His smirk was all male, all dominant.  His pride rang in his voice, “the usual way.  Allow me.”

With one last sneer towards his almost opponent, the black haired man walked to the door.  Rhian watched his movements with a different kind of desire.  While her passion for Wade was like a wild fire, her desire towards Fallon was more subtle, like a dip in a midnight spring.

“Goodbye, Wade.”  With no other remark, she turned her back, knowing for sure that this would be the last time she would see him.  Halfway to the door, with her lifemate watching intently, she faced her enemy. 

His honey gaze was alive with anger and battle lust.  She stepped towards him, and he was so surprised by the gesture, he didn’t move.  “Altera conveniemus, erit in acie.”

His laughter was confirmation enough.  She marched out, her boots clicking dominantly on the floor.  She felt the stares of thirty-sum people on her back, one hotter than the others.  She ignored it, taking Fallon’s offered arm. 

Through the thunderstorm, they walked to her car.  No rain dared to mar their perfect appearance, and for a brief moment when lightning flashed, Rhiannon could see the light of blue glyphs in the woods.  She laughed.

“What did you tell him,” Fallon rumbled a question as he opened the passenger door of the challenger.  She slid in effortlessly, staring up as he leaned in. 

“My brave hero,” she whispered.  Violet eyes flashed with fire.  She glanced at the window, saw the reflection there.  Making sure Wade was watching, she lingered over her kiss with Fallon.  Her mission was done, and painful though it was, it was a success.  Her ex-fiancé, her first love and high school sweetheart, was working for the Sol Empire, her sworn enemy.  “I told that light-loving bastard that the next time we met, it would be on the battlefield.”

The thunderous laugh that erupted from her lifemate was like a balm on her bleeding wound.  She strapped her seatbelt on as he shut the door.  As he started the car and put it in reverse, she dared one last look at the window.  Wade was gone.  Instead, the Sol warrior observed her, his eyes reflecting the light of the headlights.  He laughed, saluting her with his beer.

© Copyright 2018 Dixie L Carnley. All rights reserved.

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