The Wizard Who Would Be Great

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While battling the dark wizard Malkior, Eranus finds himself remembering the days at his old magic school and how he came to be where he was.

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011




Eranus stared into the black face of the evil wizard Malkior. His large horns seemed to erupt from each side of his head. The dark wizard’s mouth roared with laughter, exposing sharp teeth and the flames burning inside his head.

“So,” Malkior yelled condescendingly. “The old man sent this little weakling to challenge me. I fear he’s been losing his wits.”

“The old man is as wise as he ever was,” shouted Eranus. “And I know I have the power to defeat you.”

Malkior’s laughter became even louder. “I see he has infected your mind as well. Very well.” The evil wizard then spread his muscled arms wide. “Take your best shot.”

Eranus was taken aback by this, but only hesitated for a second. Summoning the power of wind and rock, he fired his strongest boulder whirlwind at Malkior. The boulders hit the dark wizard’s body with explosive force, filling the entire cave with dust.

The young wizard breathed heavily from the effort, but then relaxed his combat stance. He knew he had done a good job.

More of that angering laughter greeted him as the dust settled. Malkior stood there without a scratch.

“That tickled,” mocked the dark wizard. “I guess I should teach you a thing or two about wind and rock.”

Malkior held his arms up toward the ceiling as the entire cave began to shake. Chunks of rock twice Eranus’s size dislodged themselves from the ceiling and were thrown in his direction. The young wizard managed to avoid the first three, but he never even saw the fourth one coming. It ploughed into him and everything turned black.


Eranus watched the other students in the training yard. They were all standing stiff at attention, waiting for Grandorf to instruct them on their next lesson. Elanis and Terbert had smug looks on their faces.

The old wizard stepped out into the green, open field. His white hair flowed over his shoulders and his goatee showed signs of meticulous grooming. Grandorf was wearing his usual blue lace robes.

“All right, children,” he began. “Today we are going to learn how to harness the power of wind and rock. Now I want you all to concentrate on the ground beneath you. Use the power of far-seeing to see the rock that lies beneath. Now, reach out with your mind to that rock, and change the flow of air around it to dislodge it from the earth and make it rise out of the ground.”

“Easy,” murmured Elanis smugly.

Eranus ignored that comment and focused all his energy on the ground. He could see the brown bedrock beneath, but he had trouble altering the flow of air. Cracks in the rock began to appear at the top and bottom, but his wind was not strong enough to lift it upwards.

A small pop issued from his right. Elanis had taken out a small diamond-shaped piece of rock.

“Well done, Elanis,” Grandorf replied.

Another pop. This time Terbert had removed a round piece of the bedrock from the ground.

Eranus pushed the rock up with all his might, but it wouldn’t budge.

“What’s wrong, Eranus?” teased Elanis. “Your wind too weak? Maybe you should go back to Dirty Lagoon Academy, where you came from.”

It was Black Lagoon Academy, you jerk, he muttered inside his head.

“That’s enough, Elanis,” Grandorf snapped. “All right, Eranus, just focus on lifting it up.”

“I’m trying,” he groaned. “It just won’t come out.”

“That’s all right. You can try it again tomorrow.”

As they left for their Runes class, Eranus could hear Elanis whisper, “What a doofus. Can’t even cast a simple wind spell.”

Eranus’ prison of boulders was opened up with a resounding crash. Malkior looked down upon him from the hole that he had created.

“Pathetic,” he roared. “I wasn’t even trying. You are not a true wizard by far. The old man was nothing but a delusional fool.”

“Take that back!” yelled Eranus, summoning the power of fire to unleash a twirling ribbon of flame at Malkior.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the dark wizard muttered. He then filled his right hand with fire and launched the flaming ribbon back at Eranus with ten times the strength.

No, thought Eranus, panic flowing into his mind. I have to stop it.

He called upon the power of wind again to disperse the flames. The ribbon was discharged, but the effort left him devoid of energy. A terrible gust of wind then hit him and he went rolling until he hit the wall.


It was night time. The field was pitch black, but Eranus could see the bedrock clearly. He focused his mind with all his might, but he still could not get the stone to lift.

“I see you are very determined,” came a familiar voice.

Eranus stopped what he was doing and turned around, frightened. “Professor Grandorf, sir,” he began. “I’m sorry. I know it’s past curfew.”

“Don’t worry, child,” soothed the old man, walking toward him. “It always fills me with joy to see one of my students taking their work so seriously.”

“Yes, but, I’m still not able to get it.”

“It’ll come with time, child, you shouldn’t rush it.”

“But Elanis and Terbert are so much better than me.”

“Oh, is that what’s bothering you, eh? Elanis and Terbert went to a more advanced school and were therefore able to acquire more knowledge. That’s why they’re so ahead of you.”

“I know, but most of the students here seem to be like that. In my old school, I was among the best. Here, I’m not even average.”

“You are much smarter than you think you are.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, I mean it. I see great potential in you. Even greater than in Elanis and Terbert.”

“Really? But I still haven’t even mastered the power of wind and rock.”

“You learn more slowly than more students, that is true. But, as I have noticed, once you learn something, you really learn it. You are a master of it, and understand it on a much deeper level than the other students.”

“Yeah, well, there isn’t much time, though, is there?”

“There is more time than you think there is. Just continue doing what you’re doing, and you’ll be fine.”

“You think I’ll actually have a shot at Malkior?”

“Not only do I think you can match him. I believe you can beat him.”

“Really? Me? A lowly kid from the Black Lagoon?”

“You should really give yourself more credit.”

“I just don’t feel like I can go up to Elanis’ level.”

“Oh, really? Why don’t I prove that to you?”

“How will you do that?”

Grandorf now turned to face him. “I will be giving you private lessons, starting now.”

“Really? Professor, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say nothing. Words are wasted. Now, assume fighting stance.”

Eranus did what he was told, bending his knees and holding up his hands.“Now,” the professor began. “I will fire a ribbon of flames at you and I want you to disperse it using the power of wind.”

“Professor,” replied the young wizard doubtfully. “That is terribly advanced.”

“Don’t talk back. Just do.”

“Yes, professor.”

The ribbon of flames shot out from Grandorf’s hand in a vortex. Eranus began to create a shield of wind in front of him, but the flames were too strong. They shattered the shield and coiled toward him. He could feel their intense heat, but before they touched him, they retracted.

“Try again,” the professor murmured.

“But, professor,” protested Eranus.

“Try again.”

“All right.”


Eranus opened his eyes to find Malkior’s face right in front of him. The dark wizard picked him up by his neck.

“I see the old man has taught you some things,” he muttered. “But I am still without a scratch, whereas you seem to be severely weakened. Now, I’m feeling generous today, so I’ll give you one final choice: surrender to me and I will let you live.”

“Never,” murmured Eranus through the tight grip on his neck.

“Then die!” Malkior then threw him over his head like a rag doll.

Eranus knew he was going to hit the opposite wall and hit it hard. However, he had one more trick up his sleeve. Spreading out all ten of his fingers, he fired the strongest bolts of blue lightning he could muster. A resounding crackle assured him that they had hit their target. That was the first time he heard Malkior scream out in pain.

And then he hit the rock wall and blacked out again.


It had been three weeks. Eranus could tell he had greatly improved, but his professor’s private lessons were accelerating and it was hard to keep up.

Flames and gusts of wind erupted toward him as the young wizard attempted to dodge each one by teleporting.

“You have great talents, Eranus,” cried out Grandorf, as he continued to fire spells of flame and wind at him. “And you are a hard worker. But you lack one thing that the others have: confidence! You need to be more confident in your abilities!”

The young wizard barely escaped the last funnel of flame. It managed to singe the side of his left arm.

“Stop running away and fight, dammit,” yelled out Grandorf. “Believe that you can do this!”

Eranus then appeared right in front of his professor. It was enough to throw Grandorf off for half a second, and that half a second was all he needed. Blue lightning bolts shot out of his fingers, throwing his professor into the air. Once in the air, however, Grandorf was able to use the power of wind to land safely.

“I see you’ve been reading ahead,” the old wizard stated once he reached the ground.

“I was always fascinated by the power of lightning,” Eranus agreed.

“See? This is something I have not taught you yet, and you were able to use it perfectly against me. I told you you had potential. And I’m sure you can tell how much you improved. All you need to learn is to believe in yourself.”

“Yes, professor.”


Eranus was able to regain consciousness just in time to see the enraged Malkior pacing toward him.

“I see I have underestimated you,” muttered Malkior angrily, the scars from the lightning bolts clearly visibly on his chest. “You are much stronger than I first thought you were. But it ends here!”

Suddenly, Eranus began to feel invisible strings tugging at his legs, arms, and neck. Then, he was hoisted into the air as the grip of those strings began to tighten.

“No more Mr. Nice Guy,” Malkior whispered as he began to conjure the power of darkness with the hand not holding up Eranus. “This is one attack you will not survive.”

As the young wizard began slipping in and out of consciousness, he thought back to his match against Elanis.


Elanis sat opposite him in the duelling arena, wearing robes of finest silk. He was wearing his old, brown, tattered robes that had always served him well.

“This is the final battle of the tournament,” announced Grandorf to the cheering crowd in the stands. “This will decide which wizard will be worthy enough to face Malkior and free our lands of his terror. This match is between Elanis of Pearlwater Harbour and Eranus of the Black Lagoon. Assume battle stances.”

They both did so with lightning speed.

“Clear your minds, and…begin!”

Elanis began by ripping out round rocks from the ground and throwing them at him, but Eranus was ready. He ripped out larger boulder shields which absorbed the blow of each rock by shattering into a million pieces in front of him.

Eranus channelled the power of water and fired the wave straight at Elanis, but the young wizard used the power of wind to separate it into tiny droplets before it reached him. Elanis then used the power of fire to throw a ribbon of flame at Eranus, but this was also dispersed using the power of wind.

The power of earth was then channelled by Elanis, making the earth shake. Eranus suddenly lost his footing. He slipped and knocked his head on the stone floor, feeling warm blood covering the right side of his head. He had not been expecting this.

“You are not a real wizard, Eranus,” Elanis yelled. “I am! Now it’s time to finish you!”

As a gust of wind descended toward Eranus, one thought occurred to him.


“He’s right,” he murmured. “I’m not a real wizard. I’m just a joke.”

“I’m glad you agree,” replied Malkior, laughing. “Now, to finish you off!”

The strings holding his body released their grip, but Eranus had no time to be relieved. A giant ball of darkness hit him with the force of a sledgehammer and engulfed him in a pool of black.

The gust of wind was coming closer, and Eranus was ready to give up, when he remembered what the old man had told him. Believe you can do this!

He’s right, Eranus shouted in his mind. I can do this! I am worthy!

The young wizard then slowly got up and put up his hand to stop the gust of wind. It was easier than he thought. Elanis then stood there, jaw open so wide it seemed to touch the ground.

Eranus then spread his fingers and fired his blue bolts of lightning at his childhood nemesis. It knocked Elanis out of the ring.

“Winner, Eranus,” shouted Grandorf to the cheers of the crowd. “Well done child, I knew you could do it!”


That memory caused Eranus to open his eyes. Energy began flooding back into him. Only this energy was much stronger than anything he had ever experienced. He could feel electricity inside his body, and before he knew it, that electricity was released in the form of a shield of lightning. The shield of lightning dispersed the darkness and got Eranus back on his feet.

“What?” cried out Malkior. “Impossible!

“Oh, it is possible, Malkior,” cried out Eranus, the shield of lightning bolts twisting and turning around him in circles. “You just have to believe!

With that he spread his hands toward the ceiling and a giant bolt of lightning came crashing down upon Malkior. The dark wizard screamed in pain as his entire body began to disintegrate.

“Defeated by a youngster,” muttered Malkior.

“I am not just a youngster, Malkior,” Eranus roared. “I am a great wizard! Now, begone with you!

With that, Malkior disappeared, and the lowly kid from Black Lagoon managed to save the world.

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