The Defender's Rumble

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This is my first short story that features my main kaiju, Monsturra, taking on two extraterrestrial monstrosities.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



 The New York streets were overrun by the human stampede as a mixture of men, women, and children fled from the approaching extraterrestrial terrors. They were recently alerted of these two terrible beasts a few days ago, however one of them was arriving came faster than previously predicted before the city could be properly evacuated. On it’s massive bat-like wings, the monster flew upward in the sky, then came crashing down onto the roof of a high-rise hotel. The combination of it’s mass and velocity caused several floors of the building to cave in on impact. Broken glass from the hotel’s shattered windows and other debris rained down to the streets below and severely injuring the panicking masses.

  Their screams reached the ears of the hundred twenty-foot-tall gargoyle-like creature, who moved it’s long toned, yet lanky barbed arms to his sides, and flexed it’s three fingered clawed hands with the palms facing upwards to the sky. It’s four lavender eyes looked down to the streets below, and it licked it’s cow-like lips. The kaiju’s flat three finned rudder like tail moved like a cat’s, swaying upward with a mixture of hunger and excitement. Craning it’s head upwards, the beast released a loud ear-splitting scream, which easily caused more windows of nearby buildings to crack and shatter. Spreading it’s coppered colored leathery chiropteran wings, the brown skinned beast floated off the ruined high-rise with a single beat of it’s wings, and slowly glided down to the streets below.

 Terror sprung through the minds of the horrified masses as the giant winged monstrosity slowly glided towards them. People started to run into one another, creating fear charged fist fights, cowardly shoves, and other acts of violence usually created during a hopeless disaster. Everyone who could not find shelter fast enough ran around in circles, trying in vain to find protection from the hundred plus foot tall predator that landed on the ground with enough force to knock everyone onto their backs. They looked up to only screamed as they saw multiple shark-like teeth heading towards them, which was quickly followed by complete utter darkness and a wet feeling.

The Gargoyle gulped down it’s human prey, some of which were still alive, as it started to march through the streets like a winged monkey. It and it’s partner, a six-limbed lizard-like beast called Hexapedrah came to Earth via a transportation device left over from their long dead masters. Their self-appointed mission was simple, to cause mass destruction to the human world, and leave it in complete ruins.  So far, they were only met with resistance from conventional military arsenals, which proved to be a mild annoyance to the space beasts. Both the Gargoyle and Hexapedrah felt that they had no challenge to their mayhem, and they would reign supreme.

However, they were both wrong!


 New York Harbor

 The two hundred-fifteen-foot-tall dinosaurian beast walked on it’s hind legs through the abandoned warehouses and fishing markets. It’s three toed elephant-like feet stomped on with barely a care.  Red eyes with slit crocodilian-like pupils scanned down to see a few homeless humans scurry away like scared insects. Personally, the four-armed beast could care less about their fears, for all they were to it’s brain were mere pests and tasty morsels for it and it’s partner, The Gargoyle, to subjugate. Feeling a bit of a rumble in it’s stomach, the alien kaiju slowly bent down, reach out it’s top right arm, and scooped a group of screaming men into it’s three clawed hand. It lifted the hand to his mouth, shoved the doomed people inside, snapped it’s jaw closed, then swallowed them alive.

 It tilted it’s head upward and let loose a loud, deep bellow, as it still felt hungry despite just devouring a few dozen humans. That was the problem with having prey smaller than itself, it thought, as they were not very fulfilling, despite their delicious taste. The monster, named by the military as Hexapedrah due to his six limbs, looked over towards a nearby warehouse, and slowly marched over to the building. Using all four of it’s arms, the alien creature ripped off the roof, exposing the terrified crowd within. Hexapedrah started to salivate as it lowered it’s brow-horned cranium down into the hole it created.

Suddenly, Hexapedrah stopped, raised it’s head upwards, and turned towards New York Bay. It could sense something that was emerging quickly.  

 The water of the bay started to bulge and foam, as something large was breaking it’s surface. A long crocodilian-like tail emerged from beneath the waves. At the end of it was a slanted triangular fluke, that was covered with long triangular spikes. The tail slammed back into the water, as five rows of shark-like scutes started emerging from under the foam, followed by a short muscular neck, and a horned head. On the neck were three shark-like gills that were protected by bony plates.

A pair of greenish yellow eyes with rounded pupils stared ahead from this new creature’s skull before blinking, and his brow assumed a determined angry scowl. The monster curled his lips on his boxy, wolf-like snout, revealing the full length of his front fang like tusks. Then, he roared with incredible audio power, his voice being heard for miles. Closing his mouth, the monster tilted his head down slightly, hulking out his shoulders, which were protected by a series of flat armored-like scales, and lifted his four clawed hands upward while they faced towards his alien foe. He walked out of the bay’s waters, his four-clawed webbed crocodilian-like foot slamming onto the ground with extreme authority.

 Hexapedrah looked at the new arrival with complete shock, which quickly turned into anger. How dare this newcomer come ruin it and Gargoyle’s fun, it thought. The extraterrestrial kaiju lifted it’s short tail off the ground, and started to sway it back and forth. It let loose a raging bellow from it’s mouth, lips twisting over it’s exposed teeth, and revealing it’s tongue less lower jaw. Hunching over, the four-armed monster spread it’s arms outward in an aggressive display, then started to charge towards it’s new foe.

Seeing his enemy rushing towards him, the Earth behemoth started to pick up his own pace, and was soon running to meet Hexapedrah. The two beasts collide with enough force that it shook the ground for a few minutes. They started making low growls as they push their bodies forcefully into each other. Lowering his head, the terrestrial creature slammed the small rhinoceros like horn on his snout into his alien counterpart’s body. Hexapedrah let loose a pained whine from his mouth, as orange blood flowed from it’s wound after it’s foe removed the sharp facial spike from the monster’s dark brown skin. Raising his head quickly, the two-hundred-foot dragon-like beast balled up his hands, moved back slightly, and gave Hexapedrah a football player-style tackle.

With a massive thud that cracked the pavement from the force of the impact, the alien monster was on it’s back, and wide open for a beating. Seeing that his foe was down, the Earth kaiju sprang into action, and jumped on top of his fallen foe. He pinned the larger beast with his thirty-thousand-ton body, and started raining down fast furious punches like a crazed mixed martial artist. The ground and pound was too much for Hexapedrah, who was quickly knocked out by his enemy’s fierce attack. Despite this, the navy blue and grey underbelly colored kaiju continued to hammer at his foe, knowing full well that relenting his attack of this monster would allow it to relax and regenerate, which would mean the death of many more who he cared to protect.

Meanwhile, the mass of people who seek shelter in the warehouse slowly started to exit the front door of their ruined hiding spot. Some of them continued to head towards better shelters, while a few continued to watch as the heroic Earth monster continued to pummel at his unconscious foe. Several of them, made up of young adults, teenagers, and children, started to cheer for their defender, knowing that their cheers would be heard by the elephant-like frilled ears that he process. Their cheering grew louder with each blow he made.

 “Monsturra!” they yelled repeatedly with joy and optimism. That was until something literally flew right into him!



 While it was eating it’s latest meal of the panicking humans it chased earlier, the Gargoyle could hear something to it’s west. It sounded like it’s fellow alien terror and another beast it did not recognize were in a fearsome battle. Lifting it’s body to an upright stance, the Gargoyle used it’s lanky spiked arms to walked towards a nearby skyscraper. It’s claws dug through a mixture of brick, stone, and windows as it scaled the building, it’s fifteen-thousand-ton form causing the high-rise to sway a bit from the extra weight. As the winged alien beast reached the top of the building, it spread out the bat-like wings, and took flight with one massive flap. The gust of forceful downward winds shattered the cracked windows of the building it just climbed, as it started to crumble. As dust formed behind it, the Gargoyle locked it’s eyes toward the city’s harbor.

 After a while, it saw that it’s ally was on it’s back, and being pummeled by a slightly smaller, but longer monster that sat on top of it’s fellow extraterrestrial monstrosity. Gargoyle squinted all four of it’s lavender eyes, curled up it’s lips, and released a fearsome scream. This caught the Earth behemoth’s attention as Gargoyle divebomb him as he rose on his feet. The impact knocked mankind’s defenders off the unconscious Hexapedrah.

 Monsturra quickly steadied himself against his smaller and lighter foe, and threw him off with a strong shove. Gargoyle landed on it’s feet in front of him, and took in a deep breath. It then released a focus sound wave-type of energy towards Monsturra, which struck him in the head. The Earth defender let loose a low yelp as his foe struck him again with it’s supersonic attack, before crouching down again. With a powerful jump, the winged monster took to the air, and flew behind the dazed protector. Just as Monsturra regained his bearings, the Gargoyle slammed into his back, and started to dig it’s claws into his scaly flesh.

 Hexapedrah slowly opened his eyes and moved it’s head up. It placed one of it’s four hands on it’s head, as it was having a splitting headache, but any damage that Monsturra’s ground and pound attack did was already regenerated by his body’s genetic structure. Still, it was a bit pissed off at the attack, and wanted some payback. Slitted pupils caught sight of Monsturra struggling while it’s winged ally continued slashing away at it his back. Seeing that it’s enemy was preoccupied and weakened, Hexapedrah got back on his feet, bellowed, and charged forward towards them both.

  Trying to shrug off the savage Gargoyle, Monsturra only caught sight of the other enemy alien monster as it rushed towards him. Hexapedrah slammed into Monsturra, digging the largest middle talons of each of it’s four hands into Monsturra’s alligator scaled-like torso. Mankind’s guardian painfully screamed as his blood oozed out of the wounds. Hexapedrah made a low chuckle-like sound as it started to repeatedly stab and slash at Monsturra’s chest and stomach.

 The Gargoyle produced it’s own sadistic laugh, took in a deep breath, and screamed into one of Monsturra’s frilled ears. This caused Monsturra to yell in misery, but Gargoyle would not relent. The Earth behemoth collapsed to his knees, the palms of his hands resting on the cold concrete, as his enemies continued to assault him with a array of slashing claws, punches, kicks, and deafening screams. His human audience wondered both to themselves and each other if this was the end of their protector.

 Monsturra started to take a deep breath as the thrashing continued, closed his eyes, and cleared his mind. He knew that he needed to protect the humans, and he would do anything to stop these two sadistic extraterrestrial predators. The two-hundred-foot-tall monster snapped his eyes open, which were glowing green to the point that his pupils were no longer visible. Thinking quickly, Monsturra blocked a downward slash from Hexapedrah’s top pair of hands, and slowly started to get up. Gargoyle launched another supersonic scream directly into his ears, but Monsturra’s hearing had already been deafen enough that it lost it’s effect on him.

 Curling his lips and revealing all his teeth, Monsturra let loose a powerful, rage-fueled roar towards his foes. The force of the roar caused Hexapedrah to step back a bit in shock, and frightened his winged ally. Focusing onto Hexapedrah, Monsturra open his mouth slightly, then a bit wider, as a greenish yellow glow started to form at the back of his throat. The three pairs of shark-like gills opened, venting out some of the excess energy. Monsturra than braced himself, vomiting forth a stream of forceful ionized gas turned yellow-greenish plasma flames at the four-armed alien.

 Hexapedrah screamed loudly as the superheated fire burnt at his smooth amphibian like skin, which started to blacken as the intense heat broke the skin, and cauterized the wounds the flame created. The force of the attack knocked the alien beast on it’s back again, and the creature started shake with a mixture of shock and fear as the flame attack continued. Soon, however, the oral attack started to weaken and eventually died out. Despite this, the extraterrestrial monster continued to seizure under the intense pain caused by it’s burns.

 As Hexapedrah was on it’s back and continued to struggle in agony, Gargoyle jumped off Monsturra’s back, and started to fly a few twenty-feet away from his terrestrial foe in hopes in performing another divebomb. However, Monsturra, having regain his hearing due to his own healing factor, could hear his foe’s approach, and with a swipe of his crocodilian-like tail, knocked the winged alien off it’s course. The flying beast quickly regains it’s bearings mid-air, and headed towards Monsturra from his left.  Monsturra took a big gulp of air, and spun towards it at the last minute. He spat forward a green-yellowish plasma fireball at the Gargoyle, which exploded on contact, causing it to crash onto the ground, and smashing several buildings under it’s weight.

 Seeing it’s ally down and out, Hexapedrah scrambled back onto it’s feet, let loose a furious scream at Monsturra, and mindlessly rushed towards him. However, Monsturra reacted quickly and calmly, bringing up his right hand, and rammed his scute covered fist into the right side of Hexapedrah’s head. The front tip of the alien kaiju’s top jaw bent under the force of the blow, snapping to the side with a loud crack, as teeth flew out of his mouth, and the small brow-horns over Hexapedrah’s eye shattered into pieces of splintered bone. The extraterrestrial monster staggered after this destructive blow, allowing Monsturra to followed up with a fury of punches to his body. Then, green fire-like plasma energy surrounded his left fist, and Monsturra finished his foe with a massive uppercut. Hexapedrah’s front teeth on it’s bottom exploded under the force as the extraterrestrial’s head snapped back, and it landed on it’s back, where it laid motionless.

 Monsturra, lightly panting, started to suck in more air as he prepared to release another torrent of plasma fire onto his downed foe to finish the extraterrestrial gargantuan salamander quickly, but he heard Gargoyle’s screech from behind him. Spinning his body as fast as he could, Monsturra spat out another green-yellowish fireball at his flying foe, who managed to dodge this attack, then proceeded to divebomb into Monsturra again. This action caused both to tumble into the New York Bay, where they disappeared under the waves. Suddenly, the water started to foam and the Gargoyle emerged from beneath it, and flew upwards as fast as it could. It was about fifty-feet in the air, hoping that it was safe from it’s enemy’s might.

 However, like a crocodile jumping out of river to catch a perched bird, Monsturra launched himself upwards from the waters of the New York Bay. His jaws latched onto Gargoyle’s right foot, dragging it back down, and towards Monsturra’s powerful, muscular arms. Grasping onto one of the struggling alien’s wings, Monsturra jerked at it violently, forcefully ripping the limb from his foe’s body, and throwing it aside into the bay. Gargoyle screamed and clawed at Monsturra, as dark yellow blood sprayed from the area it’s wing previously occupied. Mankind’s guardian, disgusted by this weak creature, grabbed hold of his enemy monster in a bear hug, crushing his body, as he moved towards the shore of the harbor, and slammed into the ground when he reached solid land. The Gargoyle painfully gurgled as Monsturra lifted his heavier bulk off his smaller foe.


 In a way, Monsturra took no satisfaction at conquering this weaker creature, as he felt it was beneath him, but he also knew he needed to end it to protect mankind at any cost, even if he personally did not care for what he was about to do. As the severely wounded Gargoyle rolled on it’s stomach and desperately tried to crawl away, Monsturra stomped hard on it’s back, which caused it to scream again. Monsturra growled regretfully as he lifted that foot off the creature’s back, placing it on the back of the monster’s head, and started to press down. A loud creaking noise filled the monster’s cat-like ears as the intense pressure started to crack it’s skull. The Gargoyle knew what it’s foe’s intentions were and started to struggle in vain. However, it knew it was no use, and it’s death was immediate.

Waking back up after being recently knocked out again, a revised Hexapedrah opened it’s eyes, where they locked onto Monsturra as he smashed Gargoyle’s entire head into the ground, killing it instantly. This action, at first, shocked the space monster, but that emotion was quickly replaced by anger and hate. Deep down, the extraterrestrial beast knew that this foe would stop at nothing to protect humanity, and it had just murdered a friend and close ally. Rage built in the creature’s mind as the monster’s eyes started to glow with a menacing power, before two reddish white beams shot forth from them. With surprising force, the twin optic lasers struck one of Monsturra’s gills, where it exploded on contact. Monsturra let loose a pained moan as he quickly spun his head towards Hexapedrah’s location. Already, the enemy beast was going to release another pair of destructive eye rays.

 Monsturra stood his ground as he was struck in the face by another optic blast. He staggered a bit from the blow, but he started to suck in tons of air into his lungs and closed his eyes. Focusing his inner plasma energies, Monsturra snapped his jaws shut as he contained the power within. Every inch of Monsturra’s normally navy blue and gray body started to glow an eerily green, including his dark brown dorsal plates and claws. As the glow reached his head, the guardian beast slowly started to open his eyelids. His eyes blazed like a flame as they burn with immense power. His mouth opened slightly, as some of the now yellow-green ionized gas release from his maw like smoke from a campfire.

Hexapedrah noticed that Monsturra was charging up his own attack, so the space kaiju decided to hit him with a full-strength optic blast. Opening it’s eyes wide, the beast’s normally crocodilian-like slit pupils started to explain as a reddish glow emit from them. The lamination started to emerge from underneath the skin below the eyes, until the head was glowing under the immense power. Hexapedrah’s head started to pulse in pain under the extreme power it was producing. Slowly, the energy was pushed back out the eyes, releasing twin cone-like jets that, which while stuck in place, were threating to escape their confines as soon as the mental command to fire was made.

 Monsturra curled up his lips, again showing off the true size of his front two fang-like tusks. His glowing eyes squint in concentration and determination as he observes his foe’s own building attack. Some of the green flames burst from his opened mouth, ready to be released. Monsturra’s feet dug into the ground, followed by his tail which smashed through pavement with a powerful slam. Mankind’s defender leans his upper forward, until his body was nearly slouching, as he prepared himself to release his barely contained plasma energy.

The human audience quickly ran for cover, as they knew how destructive this battle of energy would be. Some hid behind buildings, under nearby counters at the fishing markets, while others simply crouch down and brace themselves for the impact.

 Monsturra vomited forth a more powerful form of his normal plasma flame as he leaned completely forward, nearly taking a horizontal stance, while his tail and feet stayed anchored to the ground. The flame sped through the air at supersonic speeds, generating a powerful shockwave, which caused all the surrounding buildings to blow apart from the sheer force of the attack. The immense heat caused by the plasma caused the air around it to pop violently.

 The twin energy cones from Hexapedrah’s eyes launched forward with an equal amount of force. Like Monsturra, the beast from outer space dug it’s feet and tail into the ground. The supercharged attacks smashed into each other, creating a shockwave which knocked buildings, people, and anything else flat to the ground. The force it created was enough to form a small crater in the pavement. Between the battling energy beams, a white burst of light illuminated the evening sky.

 For a few minutes, the two kaiju continued to do their beam struggle. That was, until Monsturra, reaching deep inside the core of his very being, released the last amount of his energy into the attack, which exploded forward with tremendous force. The added burst of plasma overwhelmed Hexapedrah’s optic beams, as the supercharged flame plowed forward towards the extraterrestrial’s head. The fire struck Hexapedrah’s broken face with serious power, burning away it’s flesh instantly, and turning bone to ash. Within seconds, nothing remained of the alien monster’s skull, besides a smoldering hole on the tip of the extraterrestrial creature’s short neck. Monsturra slowly moved his head downwards, sweeping the flame over the deceased alien monster’s body, incinerating ever piece of it, until nothing remained except ash that floated in the air.

 Monsturra, seeing that his latest enemy and another threat to mankind had been annihilated, let loose a mighty, earth-shaking victory roar! However, as he stopped his showboating, and started to march back to New York Bay, mankind’s defender started to feel heavier with each step. Before he could reach the cool waters, Monsturra lost consciousness, tripped on his feet, and slammed hard on the ground belly first. He laid motionless for several hours, as the bloodied and worn down New York citizens started to regroup and crowd around their fallen savior. 

A few days later,

 Seemingly dead, Monsturra’s body was surrounded by a mixture of military and scientific tents, both of which were eager to study the heroic behemoth to check on his vitals as well as learn a bit more about his abilities. A six-foot-tall woman wearing a navy blue and gray military uniform stood in a military tent nearby to the fallen kaiju. This woman was Samantha Reese, a former Naval animal trainer and one of several people who helped raised Monsturra from his childhood, who came to check on her charge. Her face was mostly calmed in appearance, though there were hints of sadness and worry that flickered once and a while. She felt uneasy seeing Monsturra in this condition.

 “Ms. Reese”, a man’s voice rang into her ears, breaking her out of her haze. She turned around to see a man dressed in traditional US Army garb walking towards her.

 She quickly asked, “Yes, Sergeant?”

 “Do you think,” the man paused for a bit before continuing, “that he’s dead?”

 Sammy looked down a bit when he said that word.

“I’m not sure, but I’m proud of him either way. He saved the Earth from both Hexapedrah and the Gargoyle, so even if he died, he didn’t do it in vain.”

 Suddenly, Monsturra’s body started to shudder a bit, and the mixture of scientists and military crew member quickly back away from the stirring kaiju as he started to get up. Opening his green-yellow eyes, he locked onto Samantha, who smiled back at him, and waved towards the behemoth. Monsturra gave her a friendly nod, then started to stand up, and march towards the bay. A force of wind from his sweeping tail knocked some of make-shift tents off the ground, as gigantic defender headed back to the water.

Ms. Reese continued to smile as she saw him disappeared under the waves.

 “Well, he didn’t die in vain after all. In fact, after a much needed rest, I think he will keep fighting for us whenever we need him”, she said to the sergeant, before walking back to a nearby helicopter.

After getting into the aircraft and getting herself ready for takeoff, the pilot asked her via the headphones, “Where to, Ms. Reese?”

Sammy simply replied, “Home, pilot. His home!”

Taking off, the helicopter hovered off the ground, and headed towards the horizon as it chased after the bulging wave that was Monsturra, humankind’s monstrous defender! 

© Copyright 2019 Jacob M. Spencer. All rights reserved.

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