Space Station Zebra Episode 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Corporal Eli has been stationed on a remote space station, and must deal with the unique and possibly humorous complications presented.


Space station Zebra:
Episode 1 "Pilot"
A young man with a look of optomism and anxiety sits impatiently inside a futuristic transport. He's wearing a military uniform and is staring outside a window at an object that is growing larger. It looks like a cylinder with spherical ends, and four smaller cylinders on the outside that are curved and are connected to both spheres
Eli: Is that it?
The man points out the window.
An older, more distraught, man acknowledged.
Old man:I guess so. So what did you do?
Eli:Do? I didn't do anything. Why?
 The youth becomes more concerned.
Old man:Everybody who ends up here has done something to deserve it. 
Eli:Really, what did you do?
Old man:Oh you don't recognize me? I'm suprised. It was all over the news.
The old mans is disturbingly upbeat about this. an awkward silence engulfs the transport. 
Herbert the pilot: Zebra this is personnel shuttle 822 in bound from earth central command we need a dock
Radio: roger that, shuttle 883, stand by.
the ship approaches the station
Herbert: Zebra! seriously those docking doors need to open right now!
radio: Roger that, shuttle 883, stand by.
Eli: What's going on.
The ship gets disturbingly close to the closed docking bay doors.
Herbert: ZEBRA, are you fucking with me right now! Open the fucking doors or I'm gonna make my own entrance!
radio:roger that
Herbert: Alright donkey fuckers! you wanna dance! This is three lives in your hands Zebra! You gonna leave'em charred on your fucking hull!
Eli:Maybe we could-
Herbert: Shut up! Alright let's do this, you wanna play chicken! Yeehaw! 
The doors sluggishly open and Herbert turns the ship 90 degrees to fit inside the hanger.
Herbert: Hey guys, we made it, you have a good one.
Eli: What the hell was that!
Herbert: These guys, they like to joke around.
The airlock doors to the spacestation open and the two men enter. They look back and forth taking in the relatively dissapointing science fiction background. Bare wires are sparking in the background, the lights are dim and blinking, and monitors across the station are broken. There's a man curled up sleeping in a ball.
Bob:Welcome to SSZ Kareem nebula, mission force, defense force platform.
The two newcomers gazes wander to a expressionless, this young man with thick glasses delivering a speech in a monotone and unenthusiastic voice.
Bob:I'm Sgt. Bob, I'll be your mentor/advisor/suicide watch for the next 24 hours.
Eli:Suicide watch?
Although the older man seems completely unsuprised by this. Eli is noticably worried.
Bob:34% of Zebra station suicides happen within the first 24 hours. As a precaution we assign a suicide watch to reduce the suicide chance to 17% in between one and six months onboard.
Bob:Just give me your belt and any sharp metallic items you might have on your person.
The young man surrenders all his possessions.
Bob:I'm gonna need your watch too.
Eli: How I could possibly kill myself with my watch? It's digital!
Bob: It's been done.
Eli:Seriously, can you just let this slide? I promise I won't kill myself with my watch.
Bob:Okay, but you better not screw me, if another guy dies on me Chief's gonna have my ass.
Eli:I'm sure I won't kill myself, this place doesn't seem that bad.
Bob:Hey where's the other guy?
Eli and bob look over to see the older man lighting himself on fire.
Bob:OH GOD DAMMIT! Bob's demeanor changes from listless to enraged.
the old man screams and rolls on the deck.
-opening sequence-
The two men walk through the broken down space station.
Bob: So I'm gonna use your initial 24 hours to show you around.
 Bob has devolved back to his ordinary downbeat temperment.
Eli:okay, when do I get my stuff back?
Bob:Well typically we like to wait a couple years until we think you probably won't kill yourself with something as simple as one of your personal possessions.
Bob:You new guys are so full of questions. Typically after the two year point suicides are far more elaborate and have a touch of showmanship. I guess setting yourself on fire is out of the question, nobody likes a copycat.
Bob:You really need to learn to hold up your end of the conversation. If I were you I'd wait till a boring week. Some guy last week really broke up the monotony of a wednesday, with a little piano wire and superglue.
Eli: Why do we have piano wire on a space station? is there a piano here?
Bob:No whenever we order parts the order passes through like six bureacrats and a couple of retarded supply clerks and is then encrypted and decrypted by 400 year old machines. By the time it gets back to us it's usually unrecognizable as the original order. We once ordered 1600 gallons of silicon grease and it came back as six tons of staples.
Eli:What did you do with them?
Bob:Hull repairs mostly.
 the young man's concerned appearence deepens to a poorly masked horror.
CO walks past
Bob: Sir this is the new guy.
CO: Right on man, I'm sure you'll like it here.
Eli: Has he taken the tour yet?
CO: I know at first this place really gets to you, but then you find ways to make it better.
Bob: Like what.
CO: I consistently torment my first officer with various mind games and pranks.
XO walks up. Bob nudges Eli and winks.
CO: Dammit Tom where's that montomery file!
XO: That what? You've never had any files.
CO: If it  isn't on  my desk in half an hour your getting flogged.
XO: You have a desk?
CO: That's it! Stand outside my office until I get there!
XO: Yes sir.
XO runs away.
CO: (laughs) In six or so hours I'm gonna come back and pretend like this conversation never happened.
Eli: Wow, that's cruel, and kind of awesome.
CO: See, son. It's just a matter of finding something to amuse yourself.
Eli: I really don't have any subordinates to antagonize.
CO: Just look around I'm sure you'll find something.
He walks off.
Eli: Thanks sir.
They stop, and with a half hearted wave Bob introduces the young man to his surroundings
Bob:These are the engineering spaces, this is where you'll work, ummm... What's your name?
Eli: (stands up straight)Lance Corporal Elijah Reynolds.
Bob:All right Eli, welcome to the place you will probably die. Feel free to acquant yourself with the newest technology your ancestors could build, provided they were the lowest bidder.This is the coffee maker.
Bob waves at a large tank that looks like a futuristic hot water heater.
Bob:and this is the urine tank.
He points to an identical tank to the left.
Eli:Why are they connected.
Bob:Recycling Eli, if your not part of the problem your part of the solution.
 Eli's face is one of horror and disgust.
Bob: (smiles) What haven't you ever seen waterworld?
 Bob's words do little to improve the corporal's mood.
They continue to walk through the spaces, various machines whir and spark.
they walk up to a man who's screaming at an open machine with exposed wires.
Joe: What's wrong with you! I fixed you, I rebuilt you! I ordered a new you! And you just won't work! You are all the proof I will ever need that God DOES NOT exist!
Eli:Who's he?
Bob: That's Joe, he's one of the maintenance techs
Eli:What's that?
Bob: Um, that's what you are.
Eli: I'm quite certain that it isn't
Bob:Oh, well, shit. What are you?
Eli: um, I'm a photographer.
Bob: Well not anymore.
Joe: You don't wanna work! You don't wanna work! I kill things that don't work!
Joe screams and starts beating the machine with a large axe.
he finishes, panting.
Joe: Go purify atmosphere in hell.
Bob: How you liking your future career?
Eli: We have a spare one of those right?
Bob: I sure hope so. Let's go down to the reactor space.
Eli: That sounds cool
Bob shakes his head slowly
Bob ushers him into an elevator
the doors close as an unfortunately upbeat tune starts
Bob: It's probably best if you don't spend to much time down here.
Eli:Because of radiation.
Bob:Yeah probably, but mostly people are really mean down here.
The doors open
Eli:Why's it so dark down here?
Bob: Reactor controls guys have basicly evolved into morlocks at this point. They can't really deal with light any more.
Eli: What happens when they go home?
Bob: I don't know, I don't think they're allowed to.
the doors shut behind them and the room turns pitch black.
Bob:Here we'll go to the Reactor control room. I'll introduce you to the guys.
Eli: I can't see anything.
Bob: Just follow my voice
Eli follows him with sounds of banging, falling, and screaming.
Eli:Bob! You aren't saying anything!
Bob: Here we are.
A door opens.
Bob:Hey guys, this is Eli he's new.
Reactor guy 1: You're ugly
RG2: you're fat
RG3: You're also going bald
Eli: N-no I'm not
RG1:You're mother's a whore, and she never loved you.
RG2: You're father loves you, but he can't afford your mother anymore, and she's cheap.
RG3: I hope you die and go to hell, and everyone you love is down there but you can't hang out or 
anything, instead, Satan makes you sit in seperate corners with people you hate.
Eli:Why? I've done nothing to you!
Bob:Hey assholes! I'm still on suicide watch. Don't fuck me over.
RG2: Maybe people wouldn't kill themselves if they didn't have to see your face.
Bob: Your powers have no affect on me, douchebag.
Eli: I hate this place.
Bob:C'mon Eli, let's get out of here before you go fetal.
RG1: No wait stay! We'll be nice
RG2: We're so lonely down here!
RG3: You suck and your religion is wrong!
the door opens again, they exit as the symphony of percussion and human agony leads them to the elevator
the door opens
Eli: Are there angry midgets hiding in there!
Bob smiles
Bob:I like you
the elevator goes up with the same unnerving song
the doors open, and a man being chased by a tiger runs to the elevator.
Bob hits a button and the door closes in front of the man
the audible screaming and thumping noises on the door fade and are eventually drowned out by the elevator music, as the elevator goes up.
it stops again and the doors open.
Bob:This is the engineering control room. 
about twently people sit lazily staring at random panels with a man sleeping in the center.
Bob:Oh wow, the officers not in PJs today, there must've been an inspection.
In the far corner there's a man frantically turning switches, he's thin, pale, with long unkempt hair and a long beard
Eli:Who's this? 
Bob:Oh that's Aaron. He's been standing watch for the last 7 months. Two years ago we lost the manuals on the control panel. We ordered new ones but the order came back as a ton and a half maraschino cherries.
Eli:So what did you do?
Bob:We ate an ass-whack of cherries. But anyway, since then no one has qualified to operate the panel. Honestly Aaron is the only guy who knows what it does.
Eli: What does it do?" Eli asked innocently.
Aaron: It-
Aaron is cut off immediatly.
The officer turns over and goes back to sleep.
Aaron lets out a panicked whimper and starts turning switches again.
Eli: So how does he eat?
Bob:You can't eat on watch
Eli:So what will happen when he starves to death?
Bob:We'll probably just unplug the thing.
Aaron whimpers again.
The officer sits up for a moment to point at Aaron, and then falls backward and curls up in a ball. 
They exit the control room.
Bob: He actually has a pretty sweet setup, new guys bring him coffee, and we installed catheter.
Eli:Why not just pee in the cup and drink it.
Bob:Well the brewing process takes some of the sourness out.
Eli:Is anything on this entire piece floating garbage worth living for?
Bob:Some people masturbate and drink a lot, every once in a while a cult pops up. but for the most part people usually just lose interest in everything. And actually we're not really floating, we're in a decaying orbit towards a red sun.Hope you have less that four years left on your contract.
Eli:Are you kidding me! Why am I here? Why are YOU here? This place only serves the purpose of destroying the lives and souls of men! Fucking coffee makers, and tigers, and assholes hiding in the dark (exasperated scream). Why don't we all just go the hell home and blow this place up, send it to hell from which it was born!
Bob:Wow, fourteen minutes to disgrunted, that's pretty good, you may live long enough to earn your belt back after all.
Eli:Has anyone killed themselves with cherries?
Bob:Not yet, a new order came out for manuals, so we should be getting more pretty soon.
A tortured cry comes from the control room.
The two stand back in the engineering spaces.
Bob: So you've had the tour of the workspace, how about I show you around the rest of the station.
Eli: I'll reserve my entusiasm
Bob: That's the spirit.
Eli: Great.(sounding disgruntled)
They walk through the corridors.
Bob: Try not to make eye contact with people you don't know, and keep your wallet in your front pocket.
Eli: I gave you my wallet.
Bob: See you're too naive, this place will eat you alive.
Bob and Eli walk to an office.
Eli: Okay, hit me. Where are we now?
Bob: This is the Chaplains office.
Eli: Cool, in the likely event of my death. I'd like to get a shot at going to heaven.
Chaplain walks out of the office.
Bob: Hey padre.
Chaplain: Hey guys, how's it going?.
Eli: So, what's wrong with you?
Chaplain: Excuse me?
Eli: Don't "excuse me" me. This place is too evil to have a normal chaplain. 
Chaplain: I wouldn't call myself normal exactly.
Eli: Of course you wouldn't! What do you do? Rape, sell drugs, kill puppies!
Chaplain: If I said yes to any of those things would this end our conversation.
Eli: Well there you go! Fuck this place and fuck you. Bob! Let's get the hell out of here!
Chaplain: Go in peace.
Chaplain goes back into his office and shuts his door.
Bob: Wow you're really getting the hang of this place
Eli: What? No! I just hate it, a lot.
Bob: Yes! Exactly, use that hate. 
Eli: Use it for what?
Bob: That's not important, as long as you still feel something.
Eli: Wow, that kinda makes sense. I feel a little better.
Bob: With the right state of mind, you'll find that Zebra has it's own quaint charms to offer.
In the CO's office
XO: ( holding a shotgun) I got your file right here you son of a bitch!
-Ending Credits-
Aaron fitfully turns switches then grabs his chest and falls on his panel
the officer grabs a syringe and sticks it in Aaron's back.
Aaron gasps and looks around desperately
Aaron:No! No!
Officer:Pay attention to your panel, and be quiet.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Jacob Townsend. All rights reserved.

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