To Have a Child's Perspective

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about how we can all use a little bit of a child's viewpoint on things

Submitted: December 01, 2013

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Submitted: December 01, 2013



A man ,a girl and a hyper little dog

walk side-by-side in the glum ,gloomy fog

They're searching for a place where they can be happy

I believe the name of the city is New Billasake


How long til we get there the little girl asked

we should be there shortly  the man said ,not trying to sound rash

Why are we leaving our old home ? asked she

so we can be happy in the place called New Billasake


We won't have to worry about our wants and our needs

they say there anything you want grows right on the trees.

But we have eachother and our little dog spot,

Im happy right now and here with the things that I've got.


“Don't be silly my daughter ,this can't be

the People here are mean and grumpy

,and the air smells like smoke ,

and the ground looks all broke.


The sky is dark and never blue

,and often all we have to eat is stew”

So the small party travelled through glum,gloomy fog

The man ,the girl ,and the hyper little dog


And reached a small forest in which they wanted to rest

The little girl asked her dad when his life was best

He thought and he thought and he finally concluded

“ I liked when I was a boy and things weren't so convuluted”


I was usually happy and never had worry

Things were simpler then ,we were never in a hurry”

“What is so different now”asked the girl

“You still have a family ,food ,and the world


How is life now so bad

you had all these things when you were a lad”

“You don't understand ,but will when you're older

right now you're a child and your vision is bolder”


But as the dog and girl slept he thought of her words

were things really as bad as his attitude affords

The next day they they woke early

The girl was all happy and the man was all surly


They walked and they walked until finally they saw

The city they thought they adored with awe

They entered the city and the man noticed clearly

This wasn't the place that he loved oh so dearly


The air smelled like smoke

and the ground was all broke

The people were rude

Most had bad attitudes

Trees grew normal fruit like their old home

The water there had the same bluish foam


“I'm sorry my child, I thought this was best

New Billasake being bad? I'd have never guessed”

“It's not that bad” she said with a smile

Then it finally hit him after all those miles


happiness isn't based on position

it is perspective that makes a situation

After seeing that girl and that dog

playing cheerfully in all the glum,gloomy fog


he realized all he needed was the perspective of a child

and realized his current attitude wasn't exaclty mild

we don't need a place to be happy” said he

as long as I have you and you have me


we'll go anywhere and do many things

scale many mountains sail many seas

bad situations come and they go

but if we keep a good head never will we slow


We can do anything you,I ,and Spot

We should be content with what we got

Many don't have all the things that we do

And should we have chance we should help them out too


Let's leave this old city and go out on our own

We don't need any objects, we don't need a loan.”

So they left the city they once thought was great

Maybe it was circumstance ,maybe it was fate


So now you may ask what happened to them?

They now live happily raising their hens

They now have a farm where they eat and they live

And when they find someone who needs it, they give


So let this be a lesson to you and to me

Its not our situations its our perspectives you see

If you can keep a good outlook when things are going bad

you can achieve things you'd never dream you would have


© Copyright 2020 Jacob WIlson. All rights reserved.

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