World War II Brothers

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A short story i have written for a Language Arts Assignment.

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



WW2 Brothers


I ran as fast as I could, bullets ripping up the ground around my feet. I had been on a surveillance mission on my own and a Nazi squad showed up seemingly out of nowhere. I managed to dive behind a destroyed building and was forced to head back to camp.


I came in through the back entrance to see my squad getting dressed for battle and preparing their weapons, “What’s going on Sergeant Lugo”, I said, “We don’t leave base till orders have been received on our next move”. “Captain Walker this is different” Lugo reported, “Remember Squad 407? They have been found at a Nazi torture camp about 2 miles east of our camp.” I was paralyzed for a second. “My brother was on that squad”, I said quietly. I turned to look at my men. “We are the 33rd battalion and we are going to find and rescue these men”, I shouted, “We are going to kill every Nazi that stands in our way!” The men cheered and we headed off.


We reached the outskirts of the camp in an hour. Me and Lugo, my right hand man, split into two groups and surrounded the main walls. Our best snipers took out the watch guards and we broke down the main door. We kept clearing rooms but surprisingly there wasn’t many soldiers just a few sleeping which we took out quietly. We came to a large main speaking hall, it looked like, all 300 of the 33rd and suddenly we were peppered with assault rifle shots. We ducked under some tables but at least 20 of us were shot down. I grabbed a few frag grenades and whipped them out into the enemy. When they blew we pushed forward shooting everyone in sight. We killed them all and started tending to our wounded. Me, Lugo and a few of my best troops kept heading through until we found them all chained up. A couple of them were too weak to move but we saved at least 60 men that day, my brother included. We lost 10 of our own men but they died for a good cause.


3 Years Later


Me and my brother Adam were sitting at my house getting ready for a Thanksgiving supper, both our families together for the first time since the war. I was awarded a Medal of Honor for saving those troops and so was Sergeant Lugo. The war was over and everything was going to be alright.

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World War II Brothers

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