the legend of urn and the oge-mai valley

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i used the image of the giant tambo.

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Submitted: November 02, 2016



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Long ago before the rain kissed the land of the Oge-mai Valley, before the sun warmed the surface, and the moon calmed its creatures, there lived only the rejects of the underworld itself. The days and nights were fiercely cold, Food was scarce and it left these creatures to do horrid cannibalistic deeds. In these times there was no communication or bonding, no camps or clans, in fact it was such a lonely time that sound itself seemed non-existent

It was this way for many years, that is until a creature by the name of Urn found his way to the valley. Urn was unlike any of the creatures, he towered high above the stars, and was so heavy the land itself struggled to support him. The creatures feared for days the horror and death that he may bring to the already desolate valley as the land trembled with each approaching footstep. However what Differed urn from the creatures the most was his ability to have a voice.

When urn arrived to the Oge Mai Valley he could see the creatures attempting to hide, He let out a booming laugh that dried out the only watering hole in the land.

He asked the creature why they fear him, why they felt they had to hide from his gaze. He heard no reply, so he boomed again friends why do none of you wish to speak with me i am lonely please do not be afraid. Urn pleaded for four days, until the giant Tambo itself was finally awakened from its thousand year hibernation.

The giant tambo, was a selfish creature who also had the ability to communicate and could easily manipulate others to act in his favor. The giant tombo boomed back Urn! Why do you stand here disturbing me in my slumber!.Urn replied that he was sorry, and all he wished for was friendship, but all the other creatures were afraid. The Tambo rolled his eyes, and knew that he must deceive Urn if he was ever going to go back into hibernation.

The giant tambo was very tired, and only wished to silence the creature named Urn. So the Tambo came up with a selfish plan. Urn I will be your friend... the Tambo said at last, But before he could finish the giant was already shaking the valley apart with heavy leaps of joy. The tambo knew he must act quickly so he boomed as loud as he could But first Urn you must do me a favor, i am very tired and cold pull the light from the stars and warm the valley. Urn worked hard pulling light from the stars themselves, while the tambo slept.  Four days later he was tired and woke the tambo again mister tambo i am tired and the land is warm may i stop and be your friend?. The tambo was furious, but he knew that he could easily deceive urn again in order to continue hibernation.The tambo replied yes you may, but when the ground grows cold you must begin again, and only then will i be your friend. So urn continued when the ground grew cold and sweated for four days giving water to the once dry valley. However water began to rise to high awakening the tambo once more. Urn the tambo boomed, you must also hold this bolder in the sky called a moon and it will control the water you have created. Urn was growing impatient, but he did as the tambo said. For  four days he warmed the land, and held the boulder in the sky as it cooled.

He grew impatient and boomed Mister tambo when will you talk to me as friends do? Shaking the tambo out of his slumber. The Tambo replied Urn don't you understand this it what friends do they give to each other and do not complain one bit! Now never awake me again or i will never be your friend! The tambo feel into a deep slumber once more and left urn as lonely as ever. Urn decided that he would leave the valley in search of other friends. When he began to leave he heard small voices, but continued to walk. It wasn't until he heard a booming crowd shouted the name URN in unison that he stopped.

The crowd of creatures said Urn mister tambo may not enjoy your company but we do! Please urn don't ever stop warming and cooling the land and we will talk to you everyday! Urn could not believe his eyes, the creatures who were once so afraid and quiet, where together now for him. But there was one thing urn couldn't understand so he asked Creatures you are so tiny and i can only hear you when you all shout the same words.

The creatures thought long and hard, and came up with a solution, for the first time since the beginning of time all of the creatures worked together, to build the greatest temple in the Oge-Mai Valley. This temple had a funnel that could pass the small voices of the creatures, all the way up to Urns ears.Once again Urn jumped for joy but this did not make the creatures happy, he shook down their homes and destroyed new trees and plants. So the pleaded Urn please have a seat in the temple and warm the land and hold the moon gently, and we promise, we will always speak to you.

So once again he pulled light into the valley from the comfort of his new temple, and held the moon up as it cooled the land, and wept tears of joy to give water to the creatures. Urn was thanked everyday, by each of his friends that lived in the valley. Along with the creatures, the Giant Tambo, also thanks urn when he awakes every thousand years from hibernation. To this day urn still works hard for his friends in the Oge-mia Valley and lang after we are gone he will continue to work hard day and night for his new friends, who come to live in this now beautiful land.

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