14 Cousins

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Mee Cuzzes!! aka My cousins... I love 'em. And because I love em, I wrote a poem about all 14 of them. Okay, some of it is good and other parts are just plain corny and random! I admit it! Don't kill me!

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



The youngest one, Megan

She's only 'bout two.

Some may call her 'angel',

But she's the loudest of the crew.


Megan's brother Aiden,

Three is where he's at.

He's such a little gentleman,

You really can't laugh at that.


Next in line is Tyler,

Who comes in at 3.

He loves to play soccer,

And he can certainly outrun me.


Then comes little miss Rachel,

Who's proud to say she's three.

We call her miss sunshine,

Yet she can only reach my knee.


Here comes Rachel's brother Drew,

Who stomps the yard six.

Despite his bright qualities,

He can find himself in a fix.


Drew's sister Shannon,

Who's almost a decade old.

Lacrosse is what she loves,

And she's anything but cold.


Shannon's bigger bro Brendan,

Is 11 years young.

We call him Mr. Sporty,

He's never ever high strung.


The middle man, Patrick.

He's almost reached his teens.

The street hockey captain,

And he loves his blue jeans.


Next in line is Emma,

13 is where she's at,

She loves her turtle, Lucky,

And at the moment, she doesn't know where it's at!


Leah is Emma's sister,

Coming in at 14.

When it comes to sports,

She isn't all that too keen.


Daniel is one of the oldest,

Coming in at 17,

Golf is his life; his life is golf.

And he's definitely not at all mean.


Benjamin is Dan's bro.

18 is where he's at.

He'll be off to college,

In a year or something like that.


Justin is Leah's and Em's brother,

He's almost 20.

He wants to be a police man,

And he says laughter is key.


The oldest of the crew, Alex

Comes in at 24.

May is her graduation,

Her cousins does she adore.


So, these are my cousins.

From 2 to 24 years old.

I love them so dearly,

And our laughs will never get old!

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