The most dangerous thing in the universe

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A story about learning that there's two sides to everything.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



Muffled laughter and voices resonated dully into my ears, waking me up. I forced my heavy eyelids open, and then regretted it as a migraine erupted inside my head as soon as the light touched my eyes. I closed them again, finding solace in the cool darkness. Then I opened them once more, but this time; slowly.

What I saw made my thoughts spin even more than the migraine had. I was on a train, filled with raucous schoolkids.

The train carriage I was in was fairly large; about twenty pairs of seats bordered the purple carpeted aisle on each side. The seats were made from a deep brown pinewood, backed and seated with matching purple cushions sown into the wood. I felt like I was in a Sherlock Holmes episode, oh yeah, and then there were the high-school kids.

Every seat had been filled with them. Nearly every stereotype could be seen within the group: towards the back of the train carriage in front of me were a group of gossiping girls who giggled and flicked their hair every second moment, towards the middle were a bunch of burly guys who had somehow smuggled a small football onto the train and at the very front of the carriage were a group of awkward looking guys and girls who held either Gameboys or laptops. Then there was my area, which seemed to be a mixture of all three.

Before I had a chance to examine my fellow passengers more closely or say something; a door to my left burst open.

An ugly broad-shouldered woman walked in, she had matted orange hair pulled up into a frizzy bun atop her head, and she wore heavy eyeliner and cheap looking lipstick. In front of her she pushed a rusty metal food cart that was stacked with white Styrofoam containers. She wore a grubby white outfit and her face was twisted into what looked like a natural snarl. All in all she created an even sharper comparison to the fancy hardwood panelled train carriage than the high-schoolkids did, and that was saying something.

The woman’s mouth moved and it took me awhile to realise that the muffled words were meant for my ears, come to think of it, this train was way too quiet for a carriage of teenagers. In a panic I looked away and snatched at my ears, fearing that something was wrong with them. My fingers curled around a set of bulky headphones and I breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as the black plastic rims pulled away from around my ears, my sense of hearing was overloaded with noise. I turned to look at the brawny woman and almost jumped out of my skin. Her natural snarl had evolved into a full-on scowl and she was leaned in close enough for me to smell her damp breath, someone really needed to get this woman a tic-tac. Talk about troll-ey lady, this woman looked like she’d just jumped out from underneath the Three Billy Goat’s bridge.

“I said,” She hissed, “Do you want chicken, or beef?” She practically growled through clenched teeth.

“Ah, I’ll have the chicken please,” Even just the word beef was too relatable to the woman for me to stomach.

A Styrofoam container with a crude C written on it with permanent marker was practically thrown onto my lap.

“What about you, sweetie? Chicken or beef?” She said to the direct right of me, the way she said sweetie made her sound like a pirate talking to lass it had just captured.

“Hmm, I’ll have the same as him, chicken thanks,” A sing-song voice said, coming from the right of me.

I turned to see who had spoken while the hog of a woman asked everyone else in my area what they wanted.

It was teenage girl that looked as I she would be around my age. She had glossy black hair that was curled into thin ringlets, her eyes were a bright emerald and her skin was pale and flawless, except for small patch of light freckles on the bridge of her nose. After conversing with the grotesque hostess, this girl seemed like the prettiest thing in the world. The girl’s pink lips broke into a small smirk, well hello.

“You know you could take a picture, I hear it lasts longer,” She said lightly, her voice graced with an accent that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

“You might wanna get that drool there too,” She continued, pointing to a spot near my mouth.

I felt my cheeks grow intensely hot, as if someone had flicked on a furnace right in front of my face. I went to wipe my mouth, and then almost slapped myself in the process.

“I was joking Connor, why are you acting all serious tonight? It isn’t like you,” Her pretty emerald eyes darkened as her brow furrowed, I could tell she was worried, too bad I had no idea who she was; heck I was only just finding out that my own name was Connor.

She leaned forward from her seat and gave me a light kiss on my jawline. I was starting to like this girl.

“What the hell are you doing, are you trying to blow our cover? And why didn’t you take out the Shraba when you had the chance? Just act normal okay,” Each whisper was spit with ferocity, but her face stayed composed in a smitten look that fooled everyone watching.

My mind started spinning again, what on earth is a Shraba? And more importantly, why did it sound so familiar?

I let my head fall into my hands, wishing my past-self (whoever that was) had invested in some higher grade headphones, so that I wouldn’t have woken up on this bizarre train ride. The girl next to me had slouched back into her seat, sinking into the corner where the edge of the seat met the windowed wall.

I felt frustration build up inside of me, like a pot of boiling water threatening to spill over the top but never quite reaching it. I grabbed a hold of the metaphorical pot-handle and flipped that baby sky-high.

“Okay, here is the deal, you better start explaining your questions a bit better because I am really confused right now,” My frustration was evident in every word I said.

“I mean, I wake up on a pleasant train-ride, and then get emotionally scarred by a scary trolley lady. Then I realise I’m sitting next to a beautiful girl, next thing I know; she’s giving me the third degree. Somebody give me some middle-ground here.” Okay, Connor, point received. Time to pack up shop.

“And then you start blabbering about a Shraba? Like I’m supposed to know what that means. You’ve got some real nerve lady, confusing a guy you don’t even know, someone you’ve never even met before! Think you can just turn up all high and mighty with your shiny hair and do what-ever you want. Well I’ve got news for you honey, you’re hair isn’t even that attractive,” Okay, so maybe sky-high was a little too high to have thrown the metaphorical pot, my bad.

The girl looked at me for a moment, her eyes widened in a mixture of disbelief, pain and confusion. Then she did something any logical teenage girl would do after having her hairstyle insulted: hit me with an open-hand hit to my windpipe so dang hard that I almost passed out. Then the palm of her hand lit up as tiny 3D hexagons appeared, and pushed into my chest like a tetanus shot, but more painful. Then I did pass out.


Muffled laughter and voices woke me, once again, from my sleep. I remembered the trick, and opened my eyes slowly. Then realised it was unnecessary, since the train had dimmed its florescent light into a warm yellow glow, that must mean it’s getting late. I pulled off the black headphones that were once again on my head, I have to stop doing this.

“So you decide to join us again sleeping beauty,” A rough voice said in front of me.

The two seats in front of Kayla and I had been – wait a minute; that strange girl had never told me her name, how did I know it now? Anyway – the two seats had been swivelled around so that now they faced us.

On the seat to my left, facing me, sat the person that had spoken before. He was a teenage guy about my age with heavily tanned skin and buzz-cut dark blonde hair. He wore a loose singlet, board shorts and grey slip-on shoes. Jason, the name came to me instantly.

On the seat to my right, facing Kayla, was a thin guy with long black hair. He wore black rimmed glass with thick lenses and a full red and white tracksuit set that was a size too big for him. Cederic, I remembered.

How do I know all these people that I’ve never met before?

“I don’t know how you stayed asleep for two hours man, the train was lurching around like someone had been tickling the tracks,” Cedric said, as I struggled not to laugh at his weird simile.

“He was leaning on me for most of it,” Kayla said bashfully, putting her arm around me.

“Aw, you two are so cute, what has it been; two months now?” Jason asked, leaning forward.

Kayla nodded. I wonder how many times she’s made me unconscious in our relationship. That reminded me, what were those weird hexagons that had come out of her palm? Had I just imagined that? I nonchalantly looked down to see her hand resting on the left side of my stomach, the more I looked at the elegant fingers and pale skin, the more my mind accepted that the hexagons had been a figment of my imagination.

“Dude! You didn’t even eat your chicken… may I?” Jason said, gesturing to the Styrofoam container that was still on my lap.

“Um, sure, go for it buddy,” I handed him the container. He opened it and after producing a plastic fork from his pocket, dug in to the ‘chicken’.

“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Cedric noted, grimacing.

“It isn’t that bad,” Jason said in his defence, through mouthfuls of the grey chicken.

“What’s with the trolley lady anyway? What is this, the train to Hogwarts? I mean, where’s the dining cart?” Cedric rambled.

“Getborough High is famous for its high results in budgeting. Why in fact, just last week we managed to get a whole train carriage full of kids to their Practical excursion for only $10 per student! Too bad they died of food poisoning before they got there,” Kayla said sarcastically, pretending to be a proud teacher bragging to a parent.

Both Cedric and Jason both burst out into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Kayla seemed too good to be true, it was as if the conversation had been laid out for her and she got to script her lines. She never fumbled a word or had to pause to think about a joke she was trying to make. Everything about her personality was flawless and fluent, reminding me of an undercover spy in a James Bond movie.

“Turn those seats back around! It’s past 7:30, that means no conversation except with the person next to you,”

The troll was back again.

This time she held one of the football jocks by his collar in one hand and in the other she held a deflated football.

“Catch you later,” Cedric and Jason said in unison, jumping out of their seats and turning them back around to face the front of the train carriage again.

As soon as the mechanism clicked in to place, I turned to face Kayla with a serious look, and then grabbed her wrists in an iron grip.

“Okay, no more avoiding, time for talking; who are you?”

“Kayla, your girlfriend,” She said slowly, stretching each word out to make it sound demeaning.

“Yeah, right, you can drop your cover now; no-one’s listening,” Letting go of her wrists and making two speech marks with my pointer-finger and middle-fingers when I said cover.

“That wasn’t the cover I was referring to, jerk,” Her steel glare told me she was telling the truth.

Wow, I am a horrible boyfriend. How did I get a girl like this anyway? After scanning her pale denim jeans and close-fitting grey sweater my suspicions were re-confirmed.

“Well, what was with the hand thingy,” I flustered, mimicking how she palmed me.

“The hit was to test your defence reflexes, to see if I needed to reboot the cognitive and physical memory stores,”

Smart words say what?

“So the hexagon thing was to reboot my memory?” Feeling even more confused at the turn of events.

“Yeah, it was Segrate energy, usually used for mind control,” The way she said such ludicrous things in a casual manner made me believe her so quickly.

“How come I still can’t remember anything though?”

“It takes time for the energy to repair it; whoever or whatever wiped your memory had to be at least a level three. You brain would’ve eventually repaired it by itself but it would have taken too long,”

Is level three good or bad? It sounded bad. None of what she was saying was really making any sense, my memory might be a bit shaky at the moment, but I’m sure humans didn’t usually have powers.

Just then, something clicked, a faint memory nudged at my mind. I saw a man with a finely clipped beard, yelling at me. Push your wrist forward, fingers curled forward like a claw to gather. Choose a colour. Remember not to…

Push wrist forward, check. Curl fingers like a claw, check. Energy appeared in my hand, a fury of lights scrambled together like a clump of electric hair. It flashed red, then, yellow, then blue and then black. Then it cycled through the colours again.

Kayla tried to tell me something, but it was like my headphones were back on, everything was muffled. Everything had slowed down as well, like the energy in my hand was my only focus.

I looked at the trolley lady; she’d moved on from the football jocks and was bullying one of the computer geeks. She had him pinned up against the wall and was screaming at him like a demon.

How dare she treat someone weaker than her like that? I felt rage bubble inside of me.

Then the energy in my hand turned blood-red.

It grew hot in my hand, almost too hot to hold. I opened my hand for relief from the pain, and then the rest of the memory clicked …Remember not to outstretch your fingers until you’ve taken aim.


The ball of energy flung forward like a slingshot, just touching the left edge of the pinewood chairs in front of me. It obliterated everything it touched, reducing the wood to splinters with the faintest touch. Luckily, it didn’t hit anyone. Well, not until it reached the end of the carriage and swerved slightly to the left. Then it slammed into the back of the evil train-hostess.

Kayla yelled.

The trolley-lady roared in pain. Not a scream, an inhuman guttural roar. She threw the geek she was holding back into his seat, the girl-geek next to him dropped her laptop and blue sparks lit up the train.

Then she faced me with murder in her eyes. She roared again, her mouth open wide. Then wider and wider. What the…

Her jaw dislocated and kept dropping lower, her teeth elongating into sharp spears. Her entire physique morphed. Her skin peeling off in bloody heaps to expose obsidian skin, 7 long spines sprung up from her spine. Her legs growing until her grotesque head brushed the ceiling, and then the muscle exploded to reveal black muscled legs with sharp talons for toes. All that remained of her human form was the matted mane of orange hair, her pudgy brown eyes, and her bad breath.

My growing memory recognised her: Shraba, level two, found on the technologically advanced planet of Set.

People started screaming from all angles. The she-beast roared again, this time even scarier than the last.

She charged. A graceful gallop on four legs that shook the entire carriage every time it touched down, I was fear frozen into my seat.

“Barriers up!” Jason yelled as he lurched forward from his seat.

Everything went back into slow motion as he shot a blue light from his hand; the light landed two meters before the beast. For a terrifying moment, it did nothing but sizzle on the ground. Cedric jumped up from his seat as well, and shot another blue light that landed parallel to Jason’s.

A blue translucent force-field erected between the two points, blocking our area off entirely from the beast.

The beast rammed its whole bodyweight against the wall of energy, Jason and Cedric both bent forward in exertion.

“They can’t hold it for long, are you ready to fight?” Kayla said.

Her voice was rushed.

“Wow bring it back, I’m not fighting that thing!” I replied, my voice squeaking.

“You have to, you’re the only one here capable, I can only give you support if you get hurt,”

“But I don’t remember anything! I won’t know what to do,”

“You’ll figure it out, I believe in you,” She told me reassuringly.

She cupped my face with her hand and pulled me close, kissing me on the lips.

“And if you get hurt Connor, I’ll kill you,” she said with an ironic smile.

I glanced at Jason and Cedric, they were both drenched with sweat as they struggled to hold their force field together. I knew it was time, so with unease, I rose to my feet.

Everyone on the other side of the train-carriage had run out the door, those on my side cowered in their seats.

It was deathly silent, save for the rhythmic thump…thump…thump as the alien slammed against the blue wall of light.

“Now!” I yelled as I ran at the force field.

At the same moment, the beast had been trying to break through on the other side. So when the force field dropped it fell forward with an unstoppable momentum. I slid forward onto my knees and reached out my right hand. I felt my fingers close around something slimy and pulled my hand straight up with a power I never even thought I possessed.

The beast did an unplanned front flip, landing on its head at such an angle and speed that would have instantly crushed a man’s neck and spine. It’s back slammed down onto a pair of vacant seats that were instantaneously reduced to scrap-wood.

Not wanting to lose the fights momentum I picked up the seven-foot beast by its hair with my left hand.

“This is for invading earth you slobbering piece of space debris!” I yelled patriotically.

For a moment the creature looked at me in a confused manner, but I assumed it was just pain.

I gathered the red energy in both my right-hand and then let it unleash into the aliens face. The alien shot backward as if hit by an invisible truck. It ripped through the panelled wall and into open space. For a moment everything froze: the alien roaring at me from in front of a pure white backdrop, shattered pieces of wood suspended around it.

Then everything sped back up again, and the alien plummeted uncontrollable towards the ground.

I stepped forward towards the edge of the crude hole it had made in the wall; wanting to make sure the beast was gone.

As I reached the edge and looked down, I saw something that made me freeze in my tracks. An undeniable cold feeling of dark surprise settled upon me.

I looked down at an alien city. Large round buildings with sharp points made up the infrastructure, lights darted around the city like a power circuit. I assumed they were some form of transport. The train I was on was suspended high above the city, instead of the usual tracks there was a non-solid white electric bridge.

All around the city, the fear-inducing sound of gunfire could be heard. Two main types of the harrowing noise: one an electric pulsing sound, the other a vicious cackling.

Large silver jets patrolled the area, shooting missiles at buildings. The buildings the missiles hit exploded, reduced into screaming carcasses of fire.

Several foot soldiers wrestled with Shraba aliens, but the giant beasts were outnumbered almost ten to one.

A man with a finely clipped beard appeared to my immediate left, Kayla appeared at my right as she slipped her hand beside mine and squeezed.

“Congratulations Connor, even with your handicap you managed to take down a full grown Shraba, and make your way out of the hostage situation. After your success with this controlled event, I’m sure you’ll do extremely well in your practical assignment,” He said, resting a hand on my shoulder proudly.

The realization hit me like a knockout punch as I remembered: They aren’t the ones invading, we are.

“Thank-you, sir,”

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