Deceitful Paranoia

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Deceitful imaginings..

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



I can't hide from your delusions. The paranoia you left with me breeds, and I am faced with the children of its deceit. They giggle, whisper, and gather in the shadows. I venture out into the darkness only to feel their fingers caress me, and I shudder at the intimacy they feel obliged to give me. The woods about me are no longer the haven they used to be. In the rustle of the leaves I hear footsteps, in the silence I feel eyes, and in the dark.. my heart races, for I am not alone.

I have nothing that any of your imaginings could want, or even use in justifying these obsessings. I know so little about you, and all your new moves. How can I be of any use? They come near and whisper of my worth; deluding me into thinking your residual feelings for me make me an expensive prize. Should they ever need to manipulate you, having me in pocket would be a financial asset .. they don't continue their thought process. Though, let's face it. They don't have too.

In my confession, I have to tell you.. its worsening. I seem to notice this car, or that following me. My brain tells me, however, that they needn't have a chaser car. What would the point be, in a town this small? After all, computers these days are an easy cheat. A GPS device puts out a signal, I guarantee. Its easy to see how they could follow, and find, me this way. No, no car needs to risk the chance of being seen. Technology has brought the strange galloping into my world of dark passengers, and paranoid dreams.

But are they dreams? Am I truly losing sanity? Or could it be.. even a slight chance..

Someone out there truly is watching me.

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