Loss of Innocents

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Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011




He nodded his head, but that wasn't good enough for the older boy. And, he told him so, with a fire in his eyes and a hurry in his voice.

"No, you have to say it! Com'on, the train is almost here!"

 "I swear!", which to the smaller boy meant that he would prefer death than not to live up to those two words. A swear, after all, was a man's word as his Papa had told him. And, a man never went back on his word.

 As the train passed over the pennies, both boys watched and expected blue lightening to brighten their faces. Instead, the sealing of one's promise, and the other's swear, was much more anti-climatic. The clatter of the rails, and the rusty heat that radiated off of them never ignited anymore than hope, and a little fear, in a pair of boyhood hearts.

 And, as they watched the last train cart speed away, the air changed. The train had placed a period at the end of the previous segment of their lives, and had placed a large capital letter at this second portion.. And, the first word to begin this new chapter was, of course, "Hot".

 From small hand, to small hand the misshaped pennies hopped, until they had finally cooled. Mr. Lincoln's face unrecognizable, now, would forever be a reminder of their secret pact, and souvenir from the last part of their lives.

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