Never Been

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I could lose myself..

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



If I give myself to you, tonight

I could lavish in the feel of those

rough, manly hands scraping kisses

against my flesh

feeling every story I've yet to hear,

since you're new adventures began

I could lie back in ecstasy, as memory

and current time entwined before my eyes,

your lips leaving the trail down a figure

you have well memorized

I could grasp at the straws that were

left behind, and call you "Baby" all through the night,

and in the morning pretend not to mind

when you're not holding me nearly as tight

I could let you have me, til the dawn became black,

but despite the feelings that never die..

I could never bring us back.

Disrupt my body, mind, and life..

scar me wickedly with your lust all through the night,

dance with me, as sinners do, underneath a harvest moon..

Still, when our day is through..

I would leave, and so would you.

Remembering, and trembling, with want so strong and true..

Still knowing, though you had me...

I could not allow myself to remain with you..

One night you had me, one night you loved me..

And in a night, you lost me..

No matter how right it felt or..

how the feelings never left..

You are yours..

and I have never been



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