Walking the Line

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Tightrope walking

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Tight rope walking. One foot in front of the other, walking with a stiffness she has never known before. Toe first, never allowing her heel to touch exactly. Caress, and tempt, the wire but no more. Pointed toe. Easy step. Above all else, she can't look down.

His arm is around her waist, his palm flat against her stomach. It is not gentle. There is no time. Harsh realities sometimes have to be seen abruptly. Just like the stripping of a band-aide.. fast, and painful makes the eyes widen, drinking in all the sights. "You think too much! Let me guide you, or I will let go! You will fall on your ass!", he growls into her ear.

Below them there is no net. He doesn't believe in practice. Only do or die. He's lost many apprentices this way. Still, he is stubborn and refuses to change. It is amazing, a man of his broadness, can bound across this fine wire without even a moments hesitation. Muscles flexing without a thought, not a moment of balance seeking fear. Everyone says that he's simply been walking the wire so long, he forgets that land is anymore stable. He walks the same way on the safe surface. 

"Pay attention!", he growls in her ear as her eyes threaten to scrape the ground. Instead, she looks straight ahead and walks with him. He is supposed to lead her, as if they were dancing, across this wire. This is to teach her many things at once. Balance, of course, but more than that. Posture.Trust. Safety. And, above all, fearlessness. He has told her, with fear she will most certainly fall. "Maybe not the first time, nor the fiftieth, but eventually.. with fear, they all fall.", his voice holds no emotions as his eyes stare at hers. 

Once in the middle there is no turning back. The only way off the wire is down, or to keep going. She wants to close her eyes, but knows that his arm will release her. The idea is almost convincing, as he is nearly suffocating her. His arm, his body.. so warm.. but, too close. Too tight. She can't complain, however. He'd release her and she'd fall. Closing her eyes, well.. it'd speak of trust, yes, but also foolishness. He has told her many times not to lay her life in the hands of anyone. No one is safe. No one can be trusted that completely.

And, when she slips because her muscles are too tense..because she is thinking too much, he grabs her hand and pulls her up. He doesn't even wobble. He only barks at her, asking what her mistake was before she has even allowed her toes to grace the line. She replies, though the entire staff is watching with eyes wide...

...he's let others fall for less, at a much higher line.

 At the other side, he doesn't make her go again. He bombards away from her, leaving her to melt within her shame. Better. She has to do better. There are bruises on her rib cage, from his arm being too snug. Her wrist, weak as ever, has been sprung from the sudden jolt of him catching her. She won't dare say anything, however. He saved her from broken bones, after all.

 As he left, all eyes looked at only her.. until she dismounted the tall ladder. They ask if she's alright, the ask what happened. They ask everything, except what they want to ask. Their eyes ask for them. But, she doesn't answer. She doesn't know why..

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