Brotherly Love ( A tragic love-comedy) Continuded....

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Submitted: September 10, 2008

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Submitted: September 10, 2008



Scene 6

Scene Description: (There is a couch and there is a phone sitting on the couch. There is also a television and game controllers. George is pacing around the room.)

(Elizabeth and Jake walkon stage. George sees Jake. George runsover and hugs him.)

George: Man it’s so great to see you. How are you?

Jake: Yeah, man I’m great. You look like you are doing really well.

(They let go of each other at this point)

George: (laughing) Yeah I guess I’m!

Elizabeth: Okay, so what are we going to do? It’s only about 10:30.

George: I have a good idea. You guys can play my game!

Jake: Yeah that is a great idea! I was reading about it in a gamer magazine the other week. I have been dying to play it. First I have to call my aunt’s house. George can I use your phone, my cell phone is dead.

George: Yeah, the phone is on the couch.

Jake: Okay thanks, is it okay I go in the other room?

George: Sure, Mi casa es tu casa.

Jake: (chuckling) Thanks bud.

(Jake walks past the couch, picks up the phone and exits to the left of the stage.)

Elizabeth: George, so what is the name of your game again?

George: (Angrily) Shouldn’t you know this already?

Elizabeth: You know I’m not into video games. Even if you made it.

George: It’s called Protector. It’s about this body guard that swears to watch after this princess. The Princess is then kidnapped and the body guard will go to any measure to get her back. You can earn money to buy what ever it is you need to get her back.

Elizabeth: That sounds really cool.

(Elizabeth then sits in front of the television and starts to play the game. Jake then comes back into the room and just looks at Elizabeth. She doesn’t notice but George does.)

Elizabeth: (looking at the screen) George, I don’t get what to do here. Oh wait never mind. (There is a brief pause. Then Elizabeth screams and throws the controller. She then looks back at George.) Sorry there was a huge bald guy throwing ninja stars at me. He just came out of no where!

(Jake laughs and moves to sit on the couch to be closer to Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks at Jake and smiles. This makes George twitch.)

George: Hey Jake, come talk to me. Let’s catch up.

(Jake gets up and walks to the back right corner of the stage to stand next to George.)

George: You don’t have a thing for my sister, do you?

Jake: I’m not to sure. She does look really grown up now. Yet she is still the fun loving chick I knew when we were young. To tell you the truth I use to have a thing for her back then. I just thought it would be weird dating my best friend’s younger sister.

George: Good because I don’t really think I would be okay with that.

Jake: Why?

George: Well like you said. It would be weird to see you dating my younger sister.

Jake: You are talking about back then right?

George: (suspiciously) No. I mean I want you to stay away from my sister.

Jake: Calm down man. You brought it up. I don’t know if I could even like you sister like that any more. It was just a high school crush, okay. There is nothing going on between us, but she is old enough to make her own decision.

George: She will never be old enough to make that decision.

(Elizabeth turns around to look at Jake and George.)

Elizabeth: Jake do you want to play?

Jake: (Side glancing at George) No I’m good. You can still play.

Elizabeth: Actually I’m kind of tired. George, do you want to play?

George: (Side glancing at Jake) No I’m good. I should probably figure out the sleeping arrangements.

Jake: Well I will sleep on the floor and Elizabeth can have the couch.

George: (Barely after Jake finished his sentence) NO! Elizabeth can sleep in my bed. I’ll sleep on the floor in my room and Jake, you can have the couch.

Jake: Well aren’t you are generous host.

George: (eyeing Jake suspiciously) I try.

(Jake lies on the couch. Elizabeth and George walk off stage. The lights go out.)

Scene 7

Scene Description :( There is a reporter and a person with a video camera. A gamer is being interviewed. There are other people just standing around presumed to be talking. Jake, George and Elizabeth enter from the left side of the stage.)

Elizabeth: Wow! There are a lot of people here. The store isn’t even open yet.

George: This is great!

(Some of the gamers that are standing around talking hear George. They then come running over to them.)

Gamer 1: James Edwards! I can’t believe you are here. Dude I would just like to say that you are a video game god.

Gamer 2: This is so cool. I heard you lived near here but I thought it was a rumor.

Elizabeth: (To George) Who is James Edwards?

George: (To Elizabeth) My gamer alter ego so no one can interrupt my life.

Elizabeth: How do you know who he is?

Gamer 2: We saw him on a gamer channel talking about the game. (Looking Elizabeth up and down.) And who are you little miss hot stuff?

George: Hey! That is my sister! If you weren’t helping me pay for my new house I would murder you!

Gamer 1: He didn’t mean any thing by it. He just was complementing your god like genetics.

(George takes a swing at gamer 2. Gamer 2 flinches away, George laughs. Elizabeth grabs his arm and pulls him away.)

Elizabeth: Come on before you loose all of your fans.

Jake: I can’t believe they called you a god. I think you want to watch out George. You might have a stalker.

(After this a reporter then comes over and addresses George.)

Reporter: Hello I’m Maggie Fitzgerald, from channel four news. You are the creator of the game, yes?

George: (looking sideways at Elizabeth with a smile.) Yes that would be me.

Elizabeth: Well we (looking at Jake) are going to leave you. George, call me when you are done.

George: (Non-attentive.) Yeah sure whatever Elizabeth I will talk to you later.

(Elizabeth and Jake walk toward the left side of the stage and the lights go out.)

Scene 8

Scene Description: (There is a bench. Jake and Elizabeth are already sitting down. There is a dim light but there is also a bright spot light set on Jake and Elizabeth.)

(Jake isfanning him self and occasionally pulls on his collar.)

Elizabeth: So how are you this fine Arizona summer’s day?

Jake: I’m pretty good, but I defiantly need to get use to this weather again. I was just getting use to the weather on the east coast, now I’m back in the oven.

Elizabeth: (giggling) So do you miss being out here?

Jake: Yeah, I miss the constant sun. The fact that you have to use an oven mitt to get a grocery cart, not so much. But yeah I miss friends and my family. I really missed you and George.

Elizabeth: (taken aback) Aw Jake I missed you too, so did George. Jake can I be straight forward with you?

Jake: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I have liked you since I was in ninth grade and it almost killed me when you moved.

Jake: That is really straight forward.

Elizabeth: Is that all you have to say?

Jake: Well other than that I have loved you since the same time period, no.

Elizabeth: If we both liked each other why didn’t we do anything about it?

Jake: Well I was nervous you would only go out with me for two reasons. One you wanted to get back at your brother for being so strict and two I was older. That would make you queen of all the girls your age.

Elizabeth: (Sarcastically) Well don’t you just think you are all high in mighty. Who says any one other than me liked you?

Jake: Well I guess no one.

Elizabeth: (giggling) Only joking. Half of the girls in my grade asked to sleep over every weekend because there was a chance you could be there.

Jake: See that is why I like you. You were always so calm and collected. Yet you were still the most hilarious girl I knew. Even if you were younger I admired you.

Elizabeth: Well why don’t we do something know? We have all summer.

Jake: Well I told your brother I wouldn’t do any thing. He sort of knows I have a thing for you. It’s kind of funny. Your brother could tell but you couldn’t.

Elizabeth: Well George also likes to kill good things before they even get started.

(Elizabeth moves closer to Jake. The lights dim and Jake puts his arms around Elizabeth.)

Jake: That is something I also missed about being out here. It can be around a hundred and fifty degrees out during the day. Then when the sun starts to set it gets around forty.

(Elizabeth’s phone rings and the lights go out.)

Scene 9

Scene Description: (There is a couch, table and a phone on the table. George is on the couch lying down. Elizabeth is sitting in front of it.)

(The door bell rings, twice.)

Elizabeth: Okay fatty, I will get it.

(George just grunts. Elizabeth walks over to the front right corner of the stage. Jake is standing there waiting for some one to answer the door.)

Elizabeth :( shocked) What are you doing here? George is here, you can’t stay.

Jake: I know I just missed your face, I know that is corny but it has been almost a week.

Elizabeth: I know, I know. I miss you too. It’s just George seems like he is trying to keep me busy. Making me get stuff for my dorm and helping him pick stuff out for his house. It’s driving me crazy, I think he knows.

Jake: He can’t know.

Elizabeth: How do you know, he is a really good actor. He could get away with murder, even if they gave him a polygraph test. It’s uncanny.

Jake: Because every time we go out he tries to hook me up with chicks. (A shocked face crosses Elizabeth’s face.) Don’t worry though, every time I tell him I have a chick back home waiting for me. Actually, do you know what? I’m not lying.

(Elizabeth and Jake then kiss. The phone rings, shortly after you hear George answer.)

George: Hello? ---------- Yeah one second Mandy let me get her.

ELIZABETH! (Jake ducks down) Elizabeth it’s your little friend Mandy.

Elizabeth: (to Jake) I have to take that, come back later tonight. (Jake leaves. Then Elizabeth talks to George.) Coming! (Elizabeth walks over to the couch and takes the phone. She angrily answers.) Hello------------- What is it you want Mandy? I’m still not over what you said about my brother and friend. --------------- Yeah I know that it was almost a week and a half ago. So what, that doesn’t make it any easier to forgive you. ------------ Well I’m sorry that there was over two hundred dollars worth of damage done to your house, but that really isn’t my fault. -------------- Well that makes sense but couldn’t you have blamed me. I know you were upset but why did you have to hit so low as blaming my brother and oldest friend?-------------- I know you care about me, but I care about them------------ Well I guess my brother and I do have a bipolar type relationship----------- Yeah that’s true too. You did just meet Jake and you had no idea I was that close with him. (Elizabeth moves away from George. To indicated that he can not hear her.) Well actually Mandy, things are a lot different between me and Jake. ------------- No we are still really close, actually even closer. ------------ Yep you are right. We are dating, but you have to promise not to tell any one. If my brother found out I’m not sure what would happen. ---------------- Mandy I missed you. --------------- Yeah I want to hang out too, it’s just George is running me ragged. I haven’t even been able to get enough time with Jake. ------------------ Yeah we will figure something out. Well it’s getting late I will talk to you later because George is leaving soon and I want to try to see Jake for a little. ---------------- I know Mandy, I forgive you. But I really need to go. (Elizabeth hangs up then walks back over to where George is.)

George: Well I think I’m going to go. I have a meeting tomorrow about a new game design I came up with. Wish my luck.

Elizabeth: (absent minded) Luck.

George: Lizzy?

Elizabeth: Yeah George?

George: You are all I have.

Elizabeth: We have to watch out for each other. I know.

(George exits and lights go out.)

Scene 10

Scene Description: (It’s the same setting as before. Couch, table and phone. This time it’s just Elizabeth.)

(The door bell rings. Elizabethgoes over to the door ‘the top right corner of the stage’.)

Elizabeth: Jake! I’ve missed you.

(They hug)

Jake: Wait let me say some thing. I love you. I want you to know that, but I have to leave.

Elizabeth: What do you mean there is still a month and half of summer left.

Jake: I know, but the firm that is offering the internship has a big case and they need all the man power they can get.

Elizabeth: But what are we going to do?

Jake: Come with me.

Elizabeth: What about school?

Jake: Like you said there is still time before school, you can transfer to a school near me.

Elizabeth: When do we have to leave?

Jake: Tomorrow, early in the morning. Around four

Elizabeth: That doesn’t leave me much time.

Jake: I know but we still have time to work things out. Let’s get out there then we will figure things out.

Elizabeth: Okay I trust you.

Jake: I have to go but I will come get you around three tomorrow.

Elizabeth: Okay, I love you.

Jake: I love you too.

(Jake leaves. Elizabeth looks out from where Jake exited for a short while then goes to the phone. She pretends to dial a number.)

Elizabeth: Hello?---------- Yes sorry for calling so late but I really need to talk to Mandy.--------------- Oh thank you I’m so sorry.---------------- Mandy? Oh Mandy I have to tell you something. I’m not sure if I can tell you the whole thing but in the short I’m leaving. I just wanted you to know that you are one of the best friends I have ever had. -------------------- I wish I could tell you. ---------------- I do trust you its just too risky. There are so many elements working against me. I just had to get some of the pressure off my chest.--------------- I know none of this makes sense I just wanted you to know I will miss you.

(Elizabeth hangs up, lights go out.)

Scene 11

Scene Description: (Mandy’s house, she has a phone in her hand.)

(Mandy is pacing back and forth.)

Mandy: I get it! Okay, okay what to do? (Pause) Yes! George, he is the only one that would know what to do. (Mandy pretends to dial a number.) Hello? ------------- George, yeah sorry for calling so early. I just really needed to tell you something. -------------- Yes I know you don’t like me very much, but it’s is about Elizabeth. -------------- Well nothing has happened yet. ---------- I mean she called me about a half an hour ago. --------- Yeah around 12:30, but yeah she told me she was leaving. ---------- I know weird right? I didn’t get it at first either, then I thought about it. You don’t know this but she and Jake are dating. I think he might be making her do something she doesn’t want to do. She sounded nervous, no more scared than nervous.--------------- I hope you get to her on time.------------ No I didn’t tell any one else, you were the only person I could think of. Should I call the cops? -------------- Okay, no I won’t. I hope you get to her. (Lights go out.)

Scene 12

Scene Description: (There is a Laptop and a desk. George is in Elizabeth’s room.)

George: (Looking around.) What is he making you do? Okay so your traveling luggage is gone. ( Looks at the audience with a shocked face, and then he gets very angry and runs off stage.)

Scene 13

Scene Description: (The air port very early in the morning.The lights are on enough just to see the couple. There are two back packs sitting right beside each other. Jake and Elizabeth are standing there embraced in a hug.)

Elizabeth: We aren’t even out of here yet and life already feels better.

Jake: I know I’m so excited, now all we have to do is get out of here.

(George then walks onto the stage from the side.)

George: How could you Elizabeth, you are all I have.

(The lights then go out but you still hear people wrestling and voices.)

Elizabeth: George please, don’t! STOP!

Jake: I love her, I won’t hurt her!

George: But I’ll hurt you!


Scene 14

Scene Description :( Elizabeth has a chain around her ankle that is leading off stage. She is also wearing underwear with a lock over a pair of jeans.)

Elizabeth: Jake?! (Silence) George?! (George comes from the side of the stage where the chain leads.)

George: Yes?

Elizabeth: Where am I?

George: Don’t you remember?

Elizabeth: Remember what?

George: You and Jake tried to run away from me.

Elizabeth: No, wait I think I do remember. (The lights go out.)

Scene 15

Scene Description :( The stage is completely black.)

Reporter: On July 20, 2008 the car of Elizabeth Jane Martin was found driven off a cliff, 15 minutes out side of Sedona. Right near where her brother George Lee Martin is said to live. The car had been engulfed by flame, killing two passengers and the driver. The driver was George Lee Martin and the two back seat passengers were Elizabeth Jane Martin, owner of the car and Jake Edward Smith. There bodies were sadly burnt to unrecognizable status. During the collision they’re heads also received major damage, causing the use of dental records useless. The only way that we are sure that these were the victims was from a close friend Mandy Spencer. She verified that George Martin had gone out to find Elizabeth Martin and Jake Smith. They were said to be at the Mesa Airport. Here we found security tapes of the victims getting into the car and driving away. It was very early in the morning when the crash occurred so the police concluded that George Martin had fallen asleep and driven off of the cliff.

(Lights go out.)

Scene 16

Scene Description :( Elizabeth is lying still on the floor and George is standing over her. .)

(George shacks Elizabeth. She comes to.)

George: Elizabeth, you fainted.

Elizabeth: (weakly) You are a monster.

George: Don’t say that. I did it for you.

Elizabeth: (Sitting up) How George, how in any way did that help me?

George: You are all I’ve ever really had. Mom is always working, Dad left. It has always been you and me.

Elizabeth: (crying) I know George, but why did you have to kill him?

George: He tried to take the only thing I had left away from me. Now you are all I have and I’m all you have.

Elizabeth: Now we really have to look out for each other.

George: I have always looked after you. Do you remember at Mandy’s party that big mess? Well I did it, I was testing you. I wanted to see how well you could handle peer pressure.

Elizabeth: (wiping away tears) George that is crazy. I don’t get any thing you do but I know you do it for the right reasons. But where are we?

George: In my basement.

Elizabeth: But we are “dead”.

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George: No George Lee Martin is dead, but not my alter ego. James Edwards is an amazing game designer you might have heard of him ?

Elizabeth: But wouldn’t other people know that name?

George: (With a huge smile) No, James games don’tsell in Mexico.

(lights go out.)

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