The lost thoughts of the unheard.

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Okay this poem is about how at night I can never sleep because I have so much running through my head. Random thing, the future, the past, my worries, my hopes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I hope you enjoy, because frankly I am proud of this one. =P

Submitted: January 17, 2009

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Submitted: January 17, 2009



The sights,
The sounds,
The flavors,

And oh, so many ideas.

I want to show the world,
What I have done.
If they only listened….

It’s dark,
I can’t see.

“Open your eyes.
I want to show you something.”

I hear the swoop of a hand,
Motioning to what should be seen.
I see blackness.

“What am I supposed to see?”

“Whatever you want to see, my dear.”

“Why do I not see a thing, but an abyss of darkness?”

“You are unknowing.
You do not trust.
In yourself.
In others.
The world can not show itself to those who are blind.”

“How, will I become able to see what you show me?”

“If I told you, would you believe me?”

"Though seeing isn’t what makes life.
Life is wake makes you want to see."

I can’t exactly see what is in front of me.
I see a blur of lights and shapes,
But at least I can see.

I’m Going Insane.
But isn’t it gorgeous?

Look at the vivid images.
Don’t you see them?
Oh, I do.
And they are wonderful.

My, my,
And the words.
They flow quite lovely.
Like a buffer fly.
In the current of a stream.

The words, the waters.
They bubble .
They explode!
The Pictures,
The future,
They rain down in liquid drops of ash.

It delicious,
I wish you could taste.

The snosberries,
they actually taste like snosberries.

I grab my pen,
And rummage for paper.

I want to draw you a pretty picture.
Of what I see in you,
And what I see of me.

Of what the world
could be.

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