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About a deaf girl explaining how her life has changed.

Submitted: December 16, 2013

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Submitted: December 16, 2013



~~Alison Byrne was deaf. She had been deaf since the car accident last summer and she was still adjusting. She wore a hearing aid for a while until the hearing went completely and nothing could bring it back. She still hadn’t learnt sign language or lip reading. What was the point? She reasoned, when I won’t talk. She could talk, she used to giggle and chatter all the time but since the accident, she was mute.

All she could hear was silence. The silence was overwhelming, like when you went deep underwater in a pool and all you could hear was the faint yells of people. Except all she could hear was the silence and sometimes a rushing noise. It didn’t help that she wasn’t pretty. She had a normal looking face and body but maybe a bit fat. She had dull brown curls that hung lankly over her shoulders and she had dark brown eyes that used to light up but now stayed as dull as her hair. Her skin was a bit pale but normal. Overall, she was average.

Alison remembered how it used to be. How she was pretty enough back then to secure a boy who not only liked her but was very attractive. Sam Dales. He had asked her out on a date to the pictures and for a pizza afterwards. Then they had kissed at the park before she went home. Then they started dating. She could still remember his deep laugh, the small sigh he used to give when he talked about his parents and his family, the sound of his voice and the brightness he used in his tone of voice when talking about her or football or mechanics. Now she had seen him with Tess. Her best friend.  Ex best friend. Tess was always pretty with golden blonde curls and cornflower blue eyes that never dulled for a moment and that pretty Colgate smile. She and Alison used to always rant about their parents and school, gossip together and do everything together. Now Tess ignores her. Dating Sam, taking over their social group, becoming best friends with Stacey, Alison’s best friend from primary. She didn’t know why Tess had become friends with Stacey anyway. Tess used to complain about Stacey’s freckles and her wild hair and how her cute smile took attention away from Tess’.

Alison sighed. A sound she couldn’t hear anymore.
Everything was silent.

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