The Perfect Girl

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It's about a girl who is seemingly perfect until she falls.

Submitted: December 15, 2013

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Submitted: December 15, 2013



~~Tammy Green was often described as the perfect girl. She had honey blonde hair that curled slightly, huge bright blue eyes, perfect acne-free skin, kissable pink lips and she was tall, skinny and had a sort of sexy-glam aura around her. She was in the student council, the netball team and a language club as well as cheerleading and art. She was aiming for head girl and head cheerleader. She was smart and funny and was friends with everyone. She always had perfect relationships with popular guys and they always ended on good terms and no-one cheated.
In her spare time, she went shopping, did all her homework perfectly, went to the café with her friends, walked her dog round the park, hung out with her younger sister, played guitar with her older brother and went swimming or played tennis. She lived in a huge house as her parents were rich but it never affected her and as she grew into a beautiful seventeen year old, she didn’t change.

Tammy curled a blonde tendril of hair around her manicured finger and breathed in the scent of her new perfume. Rose Delight. The name had her heart beating fast. Rose. Rose. She couldn’t help but remember that day in January. The day after New Years’ Day. the day when Rose Wilson ceased to exist.
Checking her phone for the time, Tammy locked her bedroom door and unlocked the box underneath her bed. She had two hours. The box contained photos, so many memories. Photos of a dark haired girl laughing and smiling at the camera, of Tammy hugging the girl, of random things such as their picnics or their clothes. Then Tammy lifted the secret layer where more unnerving things were laid. Locks of their hair entwined together. A painting of Rose with bloody hair. The photo of the pond with Rose’s body floated, swollen and unrecognisable. Tammy lay on the floor, clutching that photo for an hour until the ping of her computer interrupted her depressive trance. She slowly got up and walked to look at the screen. A single message had popped up. From Rose. It said: Remember me.

Tammy had fallen. She knew that. So when she woke up in a white room, she thought she was in hospital. But no. no hospital had the face of her best friend and her obsessive crush at the window. Rose was watching her, waiting for a sign. Then she vanished and so did the room. The pond. Tammy looked across it and saw Rose and herself arguing as they usually did over something trivial. Rose’s hair was longer than it had been in real life, flowing onto the floor, a dark writhing mass. Tammy’s blonde hair was short, hacked violently and it hung dull and dead on her pale skull. This wasn’t real life. This was a distorted memory. But it seemed so real. Rose turned to face the lake, and therefore faced Tammy, and her eyes flashed a bright green as the water turned black. Black inky water enveloped the fake Tammy. The real Tammy watched as Rose pushed her in, as Fake Tammy drowned, as Rose walked away, that day after New Year’s. but this wasn’t real. Rose had drowned. Rose had died. Or had she?

Tammy woke up with a start. She was still in that white room, with Rose watching her from the window. Where was she? She looked for a door but the only exit and entrance was the window where the ghostly pale Rose waited. Waited for her prey.

Tammy woke up again and this time she was home. In her bedroom, the box lay empty next to her. Empty of the memories, of the photos, of the locks of hair. She tried to sit up but in a blink, Rose was sitting on her, chaining her to the floor. “Remember me.” she hissed and when Tammy blinked, she was gone. Next came the other Tammy. The one who was perfectly sane and perfect. the one with the long blonde hair, wearing Gucci and Chanel and Jimmy Choo, the one who passed by Tammy without looking at her, lying on her bed, playing music. Then the Fake Tammy who had drowned. The one with short hair, dark blue eyes, mascara stains running down her face. That Tammy was crying, her body bloated and was staring at Tammy.
“Remember me.” she sobbed and she was gone. Everything was gone.

Except from a new room looking like a hospital with the sign saying Psychiatric Ward.

And Tammy screamed. 

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