Life can take you through hell and back (prisoners of Love)

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it is manely about how your parents ,friends and even your beloved say things to hurt you but also it is about finding romace and feeling joy through all the pain and streass of day

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



I look into your blue eyes and forget that I'm alive I gaze beyond the gloom of this chamber of which we were prisoners I look past all the anguish of being trapped in over baring darkness that even now is laughing at us,c choking both you and I with fear. I look into your azure eyes and although it is bitter ice-like room I find that I endure the feeling of great warmth . We know not our crime only that we are to die before dawn tomorrow,though we cry and the pain of hunger eats at us at every second, we fought the great fight and failed and we together are prisoners of love

Silences fills the room, and you become some thing of a dream and you forget that you are alive and off in the distance you hear the screams of a small child and you and you alone hear the blood hit the floor and the steel blade passing hatefully through the flesh and all you can do is cry and some how you remember that your alive you gaze into the flame and you know they are coming for you, the bang on the wooden door that once kept you hidden away in secret, is taken down with one blow from a battering ram, than all you can hear through the sound of your breathing is some one screaming; witch! They flood in and all you can do is laugh, laugh at them as they become plagued with hexes of unimaginable pain and misery. You turn from the fire and look at them and you see their eyes, so full of hate, mouths proving it with every sailable voiced. And as they fall before you, you die.

how you loved me, you kept it a secrets from me, hiding it in the shadows of evil you protected me, captivating you are, your love for me,for her, dies with you but still I forgive you and as the tears pour out of my green eyes as I watch you die in my arms, I sing,"Amazing grace how sweet the sound," But I stop and press my forehead against yours and give in to my sadness, and I whisper, I love you

we learn that those who will fight are far different than those who are strong enough to give in and be prisoners of self hate we fought the great war and lost, carried off on a gurney of complete agony, we use our hair to hide our tears and our shame, we cry , as we die on the inside of our retched sole and we bleed, like you and we tear like you but we, are nothing like you and will never become you (For the wrist cutters such as myself, for those who sit in the corner of darkness and agony, for those who are tired of the public telling you what to do and who to be, to the revolution of broken hearts)

Go ahead; leave it on the floor, let it be forgotten there on the floor. let our memories, our love if there was any, and my heart... leave it there on the floor let it be stommped on it is okay, I don't care so you should not have to care either. leave it there, leave it on the floor in it's rightful place.

drown me some put rocks in my pocket , and let me sink to the bottem of the river, drow me some to stop the suffering, please I begg you drown me some put roks in my pocket nd give me death, so I can give you joy, let me sink to the bottem to end your suffering

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