The perfectionist's Imperfections

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just my personal veiw

The Perfection's imperfections: Inspired by MM

I closed my eyes, and saw the darkness this my mind. I breath and open my them slowly and dramatic, the sounds of all things alternative bleed into my ear from tiny ear phones into my mind as I loose myself in it's words, that are one with the beets. Slow and steedy the beats that came along with the bands I've fallen so deeply in love with. I stare up at the crake in my ceiling, perfection in imperfection, and as the lyrics of the song take me for all I am. Imperfection.The crake astounds me as I find it to be a reflection of all we are, attempts at perfect, modest imperfection, the only thing that seams to evolve in the human race. My hands lock on my chest as my fingers remain entangled with in each other. Than for a moment I finally get it. I see what is wrong with all of us.

Than I relize, it wasn't till my 13 th birthday that I did actually "lash" out. It was there on the floor , in that room at that moment of staring up at the ceiling that I finally found myself. But I geuss I am still lost down the winding road of confusion and utter ignorencce. But than again we always spirel out of contol, woundering who we should be, or what to look like. So we ark infront of the telle and stare mindlessly hoping to find our selves in what we are told to be by society, of corse breaking the bond from who we are, and whom it is we want to be.Than, some day, some day to late, we stare into a dirty mirror wondering what the hell happend, to you. Skittish, yes but vary true. We are so bussy tring to be perfect that we dn't see the greatness in ourselves. we are lost, in fate, hope, and ourselves, like dust in perfect rows on white paper covering up all that you are. That is who you have made yourself, unlike some of us, dust scattered sweetly across a a black page, showing every flaw, with out a problem .

We are as shattered glass, trash left to rott away in a waste land.

The Glass being us, and the waste land or land fill, is the television

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Jade Scott. All rights reserved.

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Imagine Words

Great words love the las line it means alot because it's true. Keep writing :)

Sun, June 17th, 2012 10:37am


Thank you

Sun, June 17th, 2012 8:50am

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