The Artificial Fangs

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A pedophile goes as far as dressing up as a vampire to attract a middle school girl.

Submitted: July 01, 2014

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Submitted: July 01, 2014



 I’ve always liked teenage girls, especially their young little figures. Oh how my heart beats wild as I watch them pass my car and never even take a second look at me. I guess I just wasn’t what they were looking for. They were looking for a fairy tale. So I decided I’d give them one.
I had heard of the franchise of the Twilight Saga, vampires, and mythical creatures. Those were in. I had to be in to get a little lady. 
I began my research, read the books, watched the movies, and it just amazed me how these people just had love running to them. It never went that way for me in High School.
I can recall a humid day in my junior year, I wore my hand-me-down overalls as always.. couldn’t afford anything else. My mother didn’t work, she was too busy intoxicating herself, but I took care of her… anyway, that’s a different story. But I approached a nice girl, Lilly Avery, who was a junior too and wasn’t completely out of my league, and asked her to Prom.  She eyed me weirdly, “Why can’t you leave me alone?!” she muttered and walked away. I couldn’t understand what she had meant, It’s not like I was a stalker, I had every right to her. I liked her. She was mine. I couldn’t understand why now the whole vampire watching you as you sleep is okay to girls now, I tried it with Lilly and she threatened to call the police!
But times have changed. If I was to get a girl, I’d need to be like Edward Cullen.
I began the transformation.  I rented a gray old fashioned suit and picked up all the necessary products.
I put the suit on, made sure all of it was neat and matched the movies. Gelled my scarlet colored hair back and up to create that tall haired look. Placed the white foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, and bronzor accordingly on my face.   Finally, the artificial fangs. I was ready.
I was in the city, in the car, waiting for the perfect little lady to walk by. Suddenly, a girl appearing to be around the age of 13, with ever so perfect skin, and glossy blonde hair happened to catch my eye. She even had vampire badges all over the book bag she was carrying. I quickly stepped out of the car and smiled at her. She hesitated.
“What’s your name?” I asked politely.
“Anna.” She replied hesitantly again, probably breath taken.
“Why do you hesitate dear?” I questioned.
“I don’t know you.” She said.
“Sure you do, in a past life. You’re my soul mate. Don’t you remember?”
I sighed, “Sorry, I guess I must refresh your memory. It’s me, your  vampire love, Tony.”
“W-what?” she asked, her eyes lighting up. She was buying it.
“Come with me, we can go home together, I will use my powers to bring your memories back, my love.” I said, smiling wide, making sure to show my fangs.
She smiled wide and nodded as I grasped on to her hand and took her in to the passenger seat of my car. It was the last time she would get in to a car.
So don’t hate me because I’m evil. Hate her for being an idiot.

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