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what happens with white lies

Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Submitted: June 16, 2011



So lately I have been going to other people's pages and I have been seeing interesting stuff. From story's to poem's and sometime's even journal entry's. But when I leave comment's on people's wall's I usually say good job but also.... read my story. I say that for advertisement. I know sometime's when I add that on it might make you guy's feel like oh Aria you don't like my writing your just saying that so I'll read your's. But sorry to break it to you if your writing suck's I'm not going to say it doesn't so if I ever ask any of you to comment on my story give me the truth. It help's us all in the end. This journal thingy is going to be kind of like my blog. I guess. Not really ,take this how ever you want but I'll give you some first hand advice be honest.

There is this skating rink in my town where I live and I usually go with my friend's and one Friday night this dude that work's there started talking to me. Only because he almost ran me over while skating and he told me\"watch out.\" I thought he was really!!!! cute so I kept watching him. He kept watching me I was flirting with him vise versa. This was back when I was thirteen. So I spent the night at my friend's house and she told me \"We should go back skating again tonight.\" so we did and guess who was there. (im going to nickname him joe ) Joe was there skating around but this time he wasn't working. He was jam skating (Dancing with skating) with a group of guy's and everytime he came by me he would get so close he was almost touching me. My friend Taylor asked him if he liked me he told he I was cute and he had been looking at me all night and then it was time to skate backwards. He motioned for me to go over and skate backwards with him. Which that's the one thing I can't do. So I went and got water but he just stood there in the middle of the rink I shrugged my shoulder's so he shook his head. I went to sit at the booth in the food court area. He came to sit next to me and it played out a little like this...........

\"So are you just going to avoide me?\" The mystrey guy asked. \"Um no I just.. can't skate backward's.' I told him \"Do you think I wouldn't be able to catch you If you happen to fall?\" He asked I looked at him and looked at my cup of water and just shrugged as he watched my every move. \"I have trust issues.\" I told him. \"Well what's you name?\" he asked \"I'm Aria.\" I told him with a smile. \"I'm Joe nice meeting you.\" Joe got up smiled at me and went back to the skating floor. \"OMG!! What did he say?\" Taylor asked \"What my name was.\" I told her

So Taylor went up to Joe asked him how old he though I was he said 16 she said sure which was a lie. She asked how old he was he said 18 so we continued with skating he would talk to me and he would tell me to help him skate. so I did. He ended up giving me his number because he was done with getting fake number's from pretty girl's like my self.

So all week I thought about when the next time I would be able to see him. I sent him a text asking if he was going to work on friday he told me no.

Friday night : I sent joe a text saying: it's not fun when you dont have a guy jam skating right next to you every second he get's. his reply: ill be up in a min ;) So he got up there and we talked for a few min's then he said tell me something I dont know about you. So I told him the truth about my age and he told me It was illegal for him to talk to me which it wasn't it was illegal for him to knock me up and we havent talked since.

so Ive learned not to lie and be myself. He tought me a lesson I didn't think I needed to learn but I did. Yes for the girl's who are reading this. He was far past being hot! But why should I lie about who I am to a person I don't even know. I left that night feeling sick and did end up getting sick. but moral of the story that I had to live. Dont lie. Be your self for better or worse. In my case worse. ~xoxo Aria Williams

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