The Old Sweet Factory

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Hi my names Jane and this is the story of how I died

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012



My name is Jane, I had everything I want until October 21st when I was eaten by crocodiles. That soundss like I was some living on the edge type of girl who lost a fight in a croc-infested swamp. I wasn't, I was just your average girl on her way to a job interview. Let me explain.

The Old Sweet Factory is the biggest sweet factory in the whole country. Its been stood surrounded by that moat since I can remember, I think it used to be a castle back wjen kings ruled the country and a womans job was to make babies. There is only one way to get to those huge iron gates and that's across a bridge. Its not a nice bridge either, its still made of wood and it dosent have any rails up the sides. I'll give it some credit though, the old mouldy slats are always being replaced so there's no chance of falling through. It is easily a 25ft drop to the moan and there are crocodiles swimming about in that moat. Scary just dosent describe it!

I had a job interview at The Old Sweet Factory. There was only one problem, I'm terrified of bridges, always was. I saw a man fall through the broken slats on a bridge and he got swept away by the current and died. - stood at the edge of that bridge. -t was a very long bridge, it takes about 10 minitues to cross it by foot, or so I heard. I was staring at the other end of that bridge wearing my grey skirt suit and my favourite non-sparkly stilletos, with my broken umbrella over my head, just trying to stay as dry as I could in the downpour. It was so cold and I couldn't just stand there and stare all day. I would be late for my interview for starters.

I gripped my shaking hands tighter onto the umbrella, took a deep breath and stepped out onto the bridge. First step, I was terrified. Second step, I didn't want to go any further. Third step, it seemed to be safe enough. Fourth step, I could do this! Fifth step, I am doing this! Sixth step, the slat beneath my foot creeked as I put my weight on it and I admit my response is not one to repeat. I threw my umbrella down and ran. I was running along the wooden bridge, in a downpour, in stilleto heels.

I made it halfway across before my heel broke. I went down. I heard my ankle snap as I went crashing to the floor. My chin smashed against the side of the bridge and I felt my body continue to roll. I went rolling, rolling, unabke to stop myself, right off the bridge. I didn't have chance to grab anything to stop me before I started falling. I remember everything being in slow motion as I fell. It's funny, the last thing I thought of before I died was how I wasn't getting that job now was I!

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