A horror of a life 2

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she will watch her life crumble...

Submitted: October 28, 2015

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Submitted: October 28, 2015



Chapter 2


After the huge party we went home. I fell asleep in the limo.

I woke up in our bed. I was all wrapped up. I smelt my favourite...pancakes!

I got my pjs on an glided downstairs. There was freddy cooking breakfast! I smiled as he served me. I felt like I was ten."Morning sleepy head!" he said whilst smiling.

We drove to my parents. 

"Hi darling...did you have a safe trip home?" 

"I don't know I fell asleep...!"  we all burst out laughing.

"I love you darling you know that right?" my mum was acting strange....she was staying closer to me than ever.

When we were leaving she asked, "Do you have to go?" she looked worried. I was very confused.

When we got home, freddy asked if I had noticed my mothers odd behaviour. I told him I had.


A month later he took me to lidias whilst he went to his mates.

"Hiya rose!" she opened her door,she got he new house two years ago. It was huge!

"Hi lidia...hey have you been eatin' alot?"

"No rose...I am pregnant!" She whispered

"Yay...How long?" I asked.

"I can't remember...umm...oh..I have 8 or so months left!" "I am glad you came rose...Today is a Scan day!"

Of course she has a limo, so it saved us a job.

After the scan ,we went to hers again. She went to bed. I  cooked her her favourite...apple pie. One hour later she woke up..."Rose you just kow me to well!" she smiled.

When I got home I ran myself a bath. "Fred honey, do you need the toilet before I go in the bath?"

"No love am fine!" he shouted back up. After my bath I went to bed.


8 months later


Dear Rose and Fred,

I am glad to say I gave birth to healthy baby girl, now I know I usually text or phone you but my phone was dead and I did not get the chance to text you. My little lady is called misty. I hope you come to see her tomorrow! P.s when you get this it will be tomorrow so come today! 


I got dressed and left the house. I left fred in bed because he has work every Monday evening. I text Lidia: Hi lid can u send me a limo plz,fred needs the care 4 work,an i am sure i will stay at urs 4 a while.

She replied: sure,misty is asleep (finally) so be quiet plz.an do not ring the door bell cos it is loud an it wakes her up, c u soon.
About fifteen minuets later the Limo showed up. What will the little baby look like?




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