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This is a quick poem I wrote

RIP,My friend...


I saw her, lying there...lifeless.

No breath left inside her. 

A rag doll, blue and frozen.

A shiver down my spine.

She was the best friend in your dreams.

She knew everything about me.

I knew everything about her.

We were like sisters.

We even have the same name.

She was cold.

Her spirit will be looking down on me.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. 

I thought back to the good times.

The first time we met.

She was so quiet.

Her voice used to be a whisper.

Then in Y6 she spoke.

Not to many people, as she was shy.

I was the first non-family member to hear her voice. 

She laid there in her coffin.

Back to the present.

RIP, my friend...









(Sorry if I upset you, the girl in the poem is NOT dead...Don't worry!)




Submitted: December 05, 2015

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I hope you know who it is! *grins*

Sun, December 6th, 2015 6:18pm

D.F. D.

I liked this poem and think it’s got a story in it. (I thought the additional comment was a good touch.) Good job!

Thu, April 16th, 2020 3:28pm

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