Quest Chapter 1

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A romantic fiction book where the characters are based on people i know and care about.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012




Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the purple wood, lived brave fairies. They were amazingly talented and felt the need to help the human race to survive and care for their broken world. Bowser the fairy of reptiles loved helping nature and hoped she would find a pixie who shared her passion towards it. When she is not in her human form she wears a beautiful green dress made from carefully chosen leaves found on the floors of her home planet which was over two million light years away. She understands and can control snakes, lizards and dragons these powers become very helpful when on her quests. When she was a little girl she saved the purple snakes that lived next to the river in the purple wood, as a reward she was given magical horns but she still has to master the powers they give her. Her eyes are bright green and are why and how she controls the different types of reptiles in the world. The green stripe in her hair shows the people of her planet that she is royalty but can only sustain it when she is in her original form, a fairy. A few years before she came to earth her planet was under attack by Kraken and his army, the day she became queen she heard her mother scream out for King Justice, Bowser’s father he ran past her. Bowser remembers that he told her to stay where she was, he would be back, one day. That was the last time she saw or heard her parents. Without them even though Bowser tried her very best, her planet started to fall. Her people were dying and they felt the need to help Bowser so they sent her to the beautiful planet of earth. This automatically made it possible for Bowser to create the illusion to people that she was a normal teenage girl.


During the school year she had to sustain her human form one hundred percent of the time, but in the holidays she and her three best friends attend Farixe, a school designed to teach fairies and pixies there many skills and how to use them for good. Over the years she, Sonia, Cat and Goldie had become very close, sadly this was the last year they all could attend Farixe together as they had all turned seventeen. They were all upset about this but they were looking forward to the last ball, unlikely for everyone except Sonia nobody had a date many have asked but nobody was right for the fairies. There were six days left until the ball but the girls couldn’t think about there dates, they had a more pressing matter to attend, Kraken has been spotted on campus and a pixie called Lenny was missing from his room.


Jason was Sonia’s boyfriend and Lenny’s best mate, he pleaded help from Sonia, Bowser, Cat and Goldie. They accepted, the main reason Bowser accepted was to catch Kraken and find out what happened to her parents on the day they went missing. The teachers at Farixe didn’t want the students to go, but they believed that they were the only people that could save Lenny and destroy Kraken. They went to go investigate Lenny and Jason’s room, near Lenny’s bed Goldie found a shiny green object. Bowser quickly identified it as being Kraken scale, found on the feet if Krakens and there slaves, like a disease that spread all over his planet. Bowser’s magical horns gave her a vision, of the last place Kraken must have been before he napped Lenny”I know where to go.” Bowser said, she had never sounded so sure before and she had never had such a clear vision before.


 Everybody followed Bowser even Jason. After 6hours of flying everyone was getting very tired so they decided to find a place to rest, Sonia and Cat decided to make a plan while everyone slept. “What if he doesn’t have Lenny, what would we do then?” Cat said confused. Cat was a beautiful individual she doesn’t know what planet she is from; she lives near the purple forest with her human step parents. They don’t like her practising magic around the house that’s why she enjoys going to Farixe so much because she can practise there freely. Bowser and her are amazing at there magic but can’t get to the top of the class. Cat’s magic has been developed as they are purely because cats are her favourite animal and always have been. Not surprisingly her outfit is a grey and orange cat suit she also has a tail which isn’t the most helpful thing when doors close suddenly.


After ten minutes of discussing there plan Bowser over heard Cat Saying “What if Bowser get carried away, we can’t kill him, she can’t kill him.” Sonia looked at her in confusion then realised what she meant, Bowser has been searching for him since the day her parents were killed. “She wouldn’t kill him surely, she is not a murder! I mean.” She suddenly stopped as Bowser Came in. she started shouting at Cat “He Murdered my parent, he needs to know what it is like to die don’t you dare tell me that he deserves to live or any of that rubbish, he deserves to die!” she walked out closely followed by Sonia, the weather outside was cold and it was raining, fairies can not fly when there wings are wet. Sonia Suddenly started to yell at Bowser “What are you going to do walk there, you can’t leave its not just you that would be in danger its Lenny too, or did you just forget about him in all your baggage,” her voice suddenly became calmer “Bowser I am sorry I know he’s evil and may of killed your parents but your not a murderer.” Sonia then went to hug Bowser but Bowser quickly rejected as a tear fell down her cheek she muttered “You don’t understand what it is like, when I have to go to school with humans you get to go back to your beautiful planet, when he killed my parents he killed everything that I cared about now I am here with new people that I care about and I am taking all of you to him.”


She then looked into the distance, the wind started to speed up, it became so strong it pushed the both of them over, the rain became as strong as rubber bullets hitting there skin as if they were being attacked, then everything went calm. Just a slight wind blew past; it sounded repetitively whispering in a voice Bowser recognised “Soul mate.” After that Bowser suddenly felt the need to use Sonia and Cats plan to save Lenny. They awoke early that morning there was no rain nor wind, the sun was shining on them all thought it was a traumatic weather change but Bowser thought differently though she didn’t seem to know why. They were not one hundred percent sure what time it was but they were sure it must have been around six am, only because of the sun, bright but it felt so much further away. After a few miles it became foggy and Sonia flew into a tree so they decided it would be a good idea to walk.


They walked all day then most of the night until Cat dropped down from tiredness closely followed by Bowser, then Sonia, then Jason then finally Goldie. Bowser had a dream about Lenny though she had never seen nor heard of him before she could vividly picture him appear as if he was right in front of her yelling but she didn’t understand what he was saying, but they seem to interact until suddenly he disappeared like smoke fading away, unnervingly replaced by the face of Kraken. It frightened Bowser and she quickly awoke to find Jason had awoken from the same nightmare. “He didn’t deserve this, Bowser if I tell you something you promise not to tell Lenny WHEN we find him he’d kill me if he found out.” Jason told Bowser in a tender voice “Of course I won’t tell him, When we find him.” I answered quickly he replied with something I didn’t expect “I Lied to the teachers when I said he unexpectedly disappeared.” He took a long pause then got a smashed watch out of his brown broken man bag “This watch was Lenny’s dads, Kraken killed his father in cold blood in front of Lenny he needed to know why so he went in search of Kraken I never thought that he would find him in a million years, so I did nothing,” He suddenly became agitated and his voice become stronger he stood up and yelled “It is all my fault, he probably dead because of me!” him shouting this awoke everyone except Goldie who was singing the cha-cha slide in her sleep that broke the tension a little. Jason hid the watch quickly from everyone Sonia new something was wrong, she looked at Bowser with disappointment on her face as if she had made Jason believe something that wasn’t true.


There was a very long pause as everybody gathered there bearings, this was soon broken by Bowser “I am so confused why did you tell me that?” she looked at Jason with confusion, he responded with “He’s just like you.” This made Bowser upset not because of what he said but she realised kraken could of easily snatched her not Lenny, and if he had captured her how different it would have been, “Would Lenny have helped find me?” she accidentally said out loud, everyone was astonished by her thought “He would have.” Immediately said Jason he then followed with “He’s liked you since he found out what happened to your parents and your planet. I guess he felt kind of connected to you in that way.” Bowser was confused and amazed, and then she suddenly started thinking about her nightmare again and what it may have meant. “His face being replaced by krakens face that could mean anything like,” Jason interrupted Bowser “Like him being killed, him being turned evil.” Bowser quickly shook her head “Or he’s been captured and what he was muttering has something to do with what is going on!” they carried on walking, Goldie spotted something in the distance, hidden in the fog a crippled castle falling apart “That looks suspicious.” Goldie said in an immature voice trying to break the tension, it didn’t seem to work very well.


As they edged closer to the castle Bowser started feeling nervous about what they were doing “What if it’s a trap?” she asked the group, Goldie quickly said “Oh Bowser, nervous, well I guess there’s a first time for everything” She coughed then responded saying “Me nervous, that’s a good one Goldie” she laughed and carried on walking, she tripped on a tree root that seemed to move, everyone helped her up, suddenly they all heard a growl in the bushes, though they couldn’t see anything they new they were surrounded “its okay if we get attacked we can fly away” as soon as Cat said that it started to poor down with rain like rubber bullets again “That’s Convenient” Bowser said looking up at the dark sky. They heard a creek coming from the dying bush when unexpectedly something scratched Sonia, she fell to the floor in pain, and Jason went to go and help her but the same happened to him. The monster that was doing all this had deep black and yellow eyes, claws as long as street lights, raggedy brown fur all over, its eight feet tall and it only travels in packs. “It’s a Larkin; I didn’t think they still existed.” Said Bowser “Mother used to tell me about them and how they used to be kind until” she stopped not wanting to tell the others the rest Jason encouraged her to do so “ until Kraken became stronger and took over, Larkin’s planet fell 2 months before I came to earth,” Bowser looked to the floor “look at his feet.” When she said that he swiped at her which made her black out and claps on the floor, “I will grab her then we run!” yelled Jason, and that’s exactly what they did.


They got to the castle Sonia and Jason slightly behind because of there injuries and the carrying of Bowser. As she awoke she realised that they were there and that it couldn’t be a trap from now on. Bowser stood up and couldn’t open the door “It’s locked” she pointed out to the others then Goldie realised there was a door bell “Lets just ring?” she asked the members of the group, she went to go touch it everyone thought it was a bad idea but before they could say anything it was to late she had already pressed it, the ring wasn’t an average ring it had been change to the chorus of the popular song ‘Highway to hell!’ Everybody went silent “Is it to late to turn back” Goldie muttered to herself. Everybody looked at her “Maybe if you hadn’t pressed the doorbell!” Bowser said angrily. Just then the door began to open.


Although the door began to open nobody was there answering it, Jason got pushed in first “What and I suppose to do.” He asked the girls nervously Cat quickly Responded “I don’t know, you’re a boy for some reason boys seem to think they can do anything, now would be a good time to prove it.” She said with a fake smile on her face “Urm guys” Goldie said pointing upwards “I’ve found Lenny.” Around the girls was a spiralling stare case at least twenty stories high with a gap in a middle leading up to a red eyed Lenny, “We have to go up!” Bowser said without a second thought, everyone looked at her in amazement “Urm but our wings are still a little wet. And twenty stories high!” Jason started to run up the stair case but he was quickly hit with a bolt of electrical waves from the hands of Lenny. “Don’t come up!” Lenny shouted at Jason almost caring but obviously frightening! “Just Leave! Before I have to hurt you!” Bowser looked at him astonished in what he had said she replied sternly “hmm now is that a fret, or a warning Mr Lenny.” She said waving at him. He made a slight side smile then his eyes shimmered black then back to red, Lenny screamed and fell to the floor, everyone put one foot forward to go to him but as they did the door behind them slammed.


They all turned to see who it was even though it was pretty obvious to them all; the thing that stood there had scales all over, not just his feet. He was wearing a long red robe with a green stripe to “show” royalty, fake royalty, trickery. “I told you to go, now you are going to die!” Lenny said in pain. Suddenly Lenny stood up, his eyes shimmering again but staying black. He put his hands together and produced an electrical wave, more powerful then before. It hit Bowser in the arm, it made a clean cut that began to bleed uncontrollably, she fell to the floor in a puddle of her blood, as she held it she looked up at Lenny and mouthed “Help.” He flew down picked her up and threw her against the wall, he held her shirt collar, held her tight and whispered in her ear so nobody could see “I’m so sorry, please help me.” He took a step away they looked at each other, Bowser looked into his eyes, for one second, just for a second his eyes turned a bright green just like hers but then back to black. Lenny ran off everything became slow in Bowser’s eyes; everything blurred until she heard Sonia scream “Kraken!” everything went bright then pitch black. Lenny found Bowser and quietly “Shh.” In her ear. That was quickly followed by the sound of a heart broken Jason “Help, I need your help.” the room was suddenly surrounded by light, everyone saw a crying Jason holding a blood covered, motionless, pale Sonia. Everybody’s jaws dropped, Lenny’s eyes became Green and tear filled. Kraken was up on the next floor laughing “That is what happens when you find me!” Bowser’s anger pushed her over the edge she screamed, cried and went for Kraken, she was held back by Lenny “Its not going to help if you get killed to.” He said to her watching Kraken with caution. Bowser fell to the floor crying then went to Sonia’s side. “Maybe we could take her back to Farixe, Miss Webb might be able to help I mean.” Bowser tried to reassure Jason but ended unexpectedly when Lenny came next to her and held her hand. “What happened, what did he do?” Goldie said trying to keep her tears in. Jason was just sitting there tears down his face with a vacant expression. “I might be able to help.” Lenny expressed to the others. “I am the pixie of leaves and nature; I can bring plants back to life maybe people to. I mean it is worth a try right?” everyone then looked at Lenny then Jason who was nodding his. “Okay, but I can’t do it here, we have to take her back to school I need my pixie dust. For a chance it may work!” Bowser grabbed Lenny’s hand and started pulling him towards the door “Come on then.” Lenny and her started running “Jason have you got Sonia?” Bowser yelled to Jason, she looked back and saw he was nodded, close behind him was the others. They started flying, but something held Lenny’s leg and pulled him down, this also pulled Bowser down because she wouldn’t let go of his hand. “Kraken!” Yelled Cat, they all flew the bottom of the forest, where Kraken, Lenny and Bowser were standing. “I am so totally going to kill you!” Bowser told Kraken with anger. She went for him and got pulled back by Lenny, he whispered in her ear “Don’t, He could kill you, do you really want your race to be completely gone?” they put there heads together and looked into each others eyes “Let me.” Bowser quickly shook her head and touched his shoulder, “No, you need to go back to school to help Sonia.” Kraken interrupted, he coughed sarcastically “How about I help you out, none of you are going to kill me. I am pretty much immortal.” Bowser shook her head and looked at the ground, Kraken came close to her, and he pushed Lenny out of the way. “I remember you.” Kraken said in her ear, he then lifted up her hear with one finder so they were looking at each other. Lenny quickly tried to help but couldn’t get to them; it was as if they were inside an invisible force field. He grabbed her chin and said to her in a very evil voice “Do you scream as much as your parents, or better yet do you bleed as much as them?” Bowser’s eyes became red then she started crying, she suddenly lashed out on kraken “What did you do to them, why did you do it!” She shouted in his face. Lenny new they needed to get in there but before they had a chanced to do much Bowser’s eyes shimmered a lighter green, “I’ve got my mothers eyes, don’t you think?” she said to kraken then her hole body began to shimmer and if by magic the force field shattered like glass, well it felt like glass to Bowser and Kraken. They both fell to the ground Lenny quickly came to Bowser’s aid. Kraken and Bowser were both now covered in cuts and blood. Lenny helped Bowser up, she went over and kicked Kraken, she then whispered in his ear, “I would never murder.” He looked up at her and said “That’s why your parents and your planet fell!” she went to kick him again but Lenny stopped her and gave her a hug. Jason was still there holding Sonia “Guys can we go now? She’s cold; I don’t want to loose her.” Bowser and Lenny held hands and flew but not before Bowser knocked Kraken out. After a few hours Farixe was in sight. “Ouch.” Bowser said holding her stomach. She started to fall but Lenny soon caught her, and then they flew back to Farixe as quickly and possibly.


The next thing Bowser remembered was waking up in her room, Lenny sitting next to her bed side, everyone else standing in various places around the room, but the only other person she noticed was Sonia, standing there with a smile on her face, she then came over and gave Bowser and hug and everyone else joined in to. “Group hug then” Bowser yelled from the bottom of the pile, they all laughed then got up. “Now that you are awake we can go shopping for prom dresses!” Goldie said so excited. Bowser then felt her hand tingle, it was being held by Lenny “Yes prom that reminds me.” He then smiled and looked at her, almost in fear. “Will you go with me, to prom, which is soon, its to late for me to ask, I shouldn’t of left it, sorry,” she pulled him and felt she needed to answer. She shook her head and then the word “No.” surprising everyone, “I am only joking of course, and I would love to go with you Mr Lenny, Pixie of leaves and nature.” They then kissed, hugged and then a teacher came bursting in “I need your help!” 

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