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I am looking into a mirror of the past,
and I hate what I see. 
Ashes scattered all about me. 
What can this mean? 
I reach for the young girl, 
who is she?
Is that really me?
I have really grown and transformed.
That sad little girl died so many years ago,
surronded by ashes.
The flames consumed her,
but yet I am looking at her in this mirror.
How can this be? 
I can feel her cold touch upon my cheek.
I hear her whispering in my ear,
her screams have fallen so long on deaf ears.
But here she is talking to me,
the one who destroyed her.
Because I didn't think that I could fight 
my demons any longer.
So I killed the old me and put a disguise on,
and became someone else.
It was so simple until she surfaced again.
Why did she have to come back?
Is she here to haunt me again? 
Or is she here to tell me that I my disguise will
soon fade away and the old me will be revealed?
I can taste ash in my mouth and I realize that the new me,
is killing itself.
So the old me can surface and show the world up,
but I don't want to be reminded of the past.
I don't want the ashes to surround me any longer. 

Submitted: July 29, 2014

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