His Final Act

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If there are any young children that may stumble upon this. Please do not read unless there is a parent or guardian present. I wrote this one sleepless night.

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014



He waited for the right time to end it all. His descent from the bridge was one to be remembered. He fell faster then he anticipated. Splattering his blood and guts in front of thousands of children,  men, and women. Scarring them for life. He felt his life was worthless. Cutting quit working after he had covered a majority of his body in scars and blood. The drugs no longer made him numb. And alcohol only made him more depressed. He couldn't face himself anymore. The ugly scarred freak that stared back at him everytime he looked in the mirror was to much to bear. Everyone was always making fun of him. His mind was constantly racing. But when he let that blade glide across his wrist, he felt a peace within. It was like the blood was a messenger taking away the bad news. But it would never be enough. He wouldn't ever have enough blood to carry away every ounce of pain he felt. So he decided that he would have to do it all at once. That is when he decided that he would have to do it all at once. That is when he concluded to show those that wronged him, what they'd done. He had to take his life to release everything he felt. That is when he came up with the plan to gather the families of the people who bulliecd him, and he would make them watch this gruesome event. He would make them endure the hell he suffered. The would be forever be scarred. His blood would be on their hands. Their dreams would vanish and nightmares would invade. Stealing their lives and forcing them to end their suffering, and anguish. And his name will be the last thing to escape their lips.  As his final words penetrate their feeble minds. Sending them to their doom. Where they will burn in hellfire for eternity. Serving their life sentences. They will be dammed by the man that they condemned.

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