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This is an essay I wrote last year. My computer is doing something freaky with the text so I don't know what you'll get.

Submitted: November 26, 2008

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Submitted: November 26, 2008




It took me … forever to think of a symbol. I was literally thinking about this paper at the stroke of midnight. Then, it finally came to me: words. They are involved in almost everything I love to do: writing, reading, and music.

I have loved to write since I was in sixth grade when I had to write a story about a constellation. I write everyday and hope that one day it will pay off. I love putting strings of words together until I have a story sitting before me (even though sometimes it takes months!). Then, once I am done with a story, I can spend hours with a thesaurus cracked open, looking for synonyms and trying to decide if it looks natural when I put “conundrum” in the place of “riddle.” Writing helps me express my true self, which cannot always be revealed under the mask I put on for the world. It helps me get away from my hectic life when I need to clear my head. Writing gives me a sense of freedom that I cannot find elsewhere. I credit my hobby to all of the reading I do, which is probably where one sees the most words everyday.
Reading is a big part of my life, especially during Lent when my mom and I give up T.V.! I love to read so much that when I was younger, I often dreamt of living in a bookstore and reading all of the wonderful books. I could roam Borders or the library for hours, trying to find the perfect book to read. The books intrigue my mind and make me wonder whether it is science fiction or a tragedy. The author’s styles help me develop my own writing skills. I even keep a list of the words I did not know, which I define later so that I can improve my vocabulary and add them into my stories. I have learned words like “feckless” and “anthracite”, “juggernaut” and “tourniquet.” The words that I learn help me with my creative side, but so does a good song now and then.
Music is almost as big a part of my life as reading and writing are, and if we didn’t have words, imagine what the music industry would be like! I have been in chorus since I was in sixth grade, and I love to sing. I often have my iPod playing while I am reading or writing. Once, I even wrote a song, which, believe me, is harder than one might think. Piecing together the melody and the lines took me about an hour for a song that takes two minutes to sing! (It was probably because I started with the melody before the words.)
You might be thinking that words are a big part of everyone’s life, but as a writer, they make up my life. As a reader, they invade my mind. As a singer, I can make beautiful melodies with them. Words are an integral part of my life in many ways.

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