Carnies R Us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Read to find out haha

I dive into my bowl of cereal, it tastes like pure perfection.

My phone vibrates against my old-as-heck barbie bowl that should of been thrown out over a decade ago, I looked down at it to see a text from my friend Kyle.

I wondered what he wanted as I clicked the center button on my phone to see the message.

\" Hey Eleanor Stacy said she can't come with me to the fair tonight and I don't feel like going by myself, you think you could come along with me so I could have a friend around at least?\"

I tap my finger against the bowl as I take another bite of cereal. Well I thought, I do love fairs.

I finished off my bowl of cereal then carried it over to the sink and filled it with water. Then I made my way back to the end of the house where my mom's room was. I knocked lightly on her door.

\"Yes El?\" she called from inside her bathroom, she was busy curling her hair for a date she had tonight.

\"Kyle is going to the fair tonight but Stacy can't go with him and he was wondering if I could go with him so he wouldn't be by himself. And you know how I love fairs and all...\" I drifted off waiting for her response.

\"I guess you can, do you need a ride there?\"

\"nah\" I replied as I backed out into the hallway \"I can walk, thanks mom, see you once I get home\"

I texted Kyleas I walked out of the house and made my way down the street. I could be at that fair in about 5 minutes. I lived right by where they held it every year.

I waited by the entrance for Kyle. He made his way through crowds of people and waved to me. I bought my ticket and we headed towards the rides.

\"What do you want to ride first?\" I ask as we pass a vender who is selling caramel covered apples. My mouth watered at the yummy sight.

\"Well actually, I didn't buy the wristband that let's you ride everything, I got only one ticket to ride the ferris wheel with Stacy, since all couples do that, but she ended up not being able to come here, sooo.\" He rocked back and forth on his heels. Clearing stating that I was just there to make sure he wasn't bored to death. I sighed.

\"well then-\" but I was cut off by his phone ringing. \"one sec El\" he said walking off a couple of feet I sat and waited, occasionally hearing a couple of \"mhm\" 's and \"I see\"'s. I was growing a bit weary and impatient but I bit my lip knowing better.

\"Well\" he said closing his flip phone and putting his phone in his butt pocket.

\"that was Stacy, apparently she can come, and is on her way...\" He got quiet.

He knew I would be upset.

But since it wasn't the first occurrence for something of this matter, I let myself blow it off.

\"oh, that's totally fine. I don't need you to ride rides with me anyway! Bye Kyle!\"

I waved as I walked off and headed for the caramel apple stand.

\"One please\" I asked as I handed the vender a dollar. \"sure thing sweetie\" she said with a thick accent I couldn't quite place. I took the apple and started walking around the fair, surveying the rides trying to decide which one I would take on first.

I threw the stick that had held my apple away as I walked up to the biggest ride in the fair.

\"The fire ball\" I coohed as a huge smile ran across my face as I approached the huge ride. I am going to love this, I told myself. I hopped into one of the seats, then they lowered the thing that would keep me from falling to certain death. Gotta love fair rides.

I rode that ride for I don't know how many times, never getting dizzy or sick and never-ever feeling queasy.

I finally made my way over to a different ride, the ferris wheel. And that's when i met him. But I didn't realize the impact of this meeting at that moment of course. I don't think most people realize how relevant some incounters can be.

I stepped up on the platform that connected to the ferris wheel and waited my turn. As I got closer the guy operating the ride turned around and looked at me. My left eyebrow raised in confusion.

I found myself asking \"What?\"

The guy smiled slightly, then turned back to the ferris wheel and loaded the couple ahead of me onto the ride. Then he backed up and hit the switch that caused the ferris wheel to start turning. Well that's rude. I thought as I leaned on the railing next to where I was standing.

I ask him something and he completely ignores me, then also doesn't let me get on the ride when clearly there is enough room for me.

\"My name is Truman, since you were wondering.\" I looked up to see the guy leaning on the operating stand with his back to me, but I could feel him smiling somehow.

\"I never asked your name\" I said trying to sound annoyed.

\"Maybe, but you were thinking it\" he replied.

I couldn't be too upset, seeing as I had wondered his name, but that was so I could complain to his manager or whoever that he wasn't too good at his job.

The ferris wheel slowed down and he turned around and faced me \"Care to get on?\" he said lifting up the bar on the seat.

I said nothing as I slided in and he locked the bar as the ferris wheel started up again. I rode it for around 15 minutes, just gazing out at the fair. Fairs and carnivals could look pretty dingy, but at night, with all the lights turned on, it was breath taking. I felt as if I could reach the stars, and nobody could stop me.

This was abruptly ended by the carny Truman ushering me off.

\"The name is Eleanor\" I said as I walked past him to the exiting side of the ride, \"since you were wondering\" I finished as I stuffed my hands in my jacket pockets and left the fair.

Submitted: July 04, 2011

© Copyright 2022 jadeisawesome. All rights reserved.

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Wed, July 6th, 2011 8:40pm


that was great and read my new story a step ito happiness chapters 3 and 4

Wed, July 6th, 2011 8:41pm

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