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I have recently lost my daughter for a while due financial and hard tines

Submitted: December 06, 2006

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Submitted: December 06, 2006



Being alone

Swept away next to water that doesn’t enclose me

Staring out a windowpane I see not anything through

Why I am still searching for him to come home and set me free?

Why GOD; Oh why GOD won’t you let me be?

Baby is crying, I hear her yet

I ‘m not responding for I am alone

This is ironic for she is my clone

Why won’t I touch her and feel her Pain?

All I can feel is horrid shame

I have now lost her, just for a while

When I call on the phone I do hear a smile

Meanwhile I remain strong

She will never hear me cry or know that I’ve died

Together a day will arise when we will be once be reunited

This will occur for I am a fighter

Everything I didn’t see will now leave me better sighted

As she grows older our relationship can only be tighter

For my Baby Jade

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