Bound By Blood

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My brother has just had surgery and lost his Gallbladder, 2 Ft of his large intestine, and his appendix.
We have never seen eye to eye and had lost our friendship and relationship when I was a child.
When I saw him so helpless in the hospital I had instantly forgiven him, Blood is thicker than water.

Submitted: November 21, 2006

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Submitted: November 21, 2006



Bound By Blood

Today I saw a part of myself through your pain; I would have taken unto me

If this would release the fear of the unknown I saw in your face,

I am sad though to say feeling your pain gave me peace to feel free

No longer shall I feel such rage towards you, No longer disgrace.


I once again saw my Brother,

Years have swept beneath us; so much we have missed.

Let us consider our kind hearted Mother,

For if she were still living amidst us she would be pissed.


The pain I live daily seems not to compare,

My mind doesn’t ache as non stop as does your physical pain.

One must first learn to mindfully share,

Only then you will find strength to defeat the physical anguish,

Open your mind, set it free, it is the only way you can gain.


I find it ironic how similar you and I suffer,

My mind, your body, completely the other.

I would not trade my illness for yours,

My body is strong, I am thankful for this.

Now you must find a way to open the doors,

Use your mind to heal what you miss.


We are of the same blood,

They haven’t taken what binds us together.

We are bound as sister and brother,

No surgery, no person can take this away.

I wish and I pray that soon you too will want that glorious day.


I miss my Brother from so long ago,

Why did you leave me afraid and so lost in the cold?

Let us find peace and forgiveness, the time is here,

For we have no idea how close the end is near.

Little Sister


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