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Christmas Eve without your family as they layin the hospital almost near once dying.

Submitted: December 25, 2006

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Submitted: December 25, 2006





It is the hallow of the saint we know as CHRISTIMAS

As you lay in your hospital bed with no memory

I am sorry for your pain for I know how you miss us


I believe things happen for a reason

How unfortunate this was your season

I never knew how much I could miss you

Especially all that we have been through

God has chosen to blank your memory

This is how you will regain all of your sensory

Strength is rebuilt by love for ones self

Maybe SANTA has sent you one of his ELVES?


Your daughters need you to regain who you are

Have you finally learned not to stretch yourself too far?

I am just starting to see who I am

I need you around to realize it was not just a scam


Jade needs her uncle, a man to be proud of

Jade needs a mother that her brother helps guide

Let us get over when push gives to shove

Show her we can be family and just enjoy the ride


The thought of once loosing you was too much to bear

Let this be every ones time to share

Fight as hard as you must to come back home

For if you don’t we will forever endlessly roam


Little Sister

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